How To Play CSGOEmpire In The US

Founded in 2016, CSGOEmpire is one of the most traditional and respected platforms in the CSGO gambling industry. A pioneer in different senses, the website was responsible for creating an independent P2P (peer-to-peer) not dependent on Steam bots.

As of 2023, US players cannot have access to CSGOEmpire directly, but there are reliable alternatives to circumvent this inconvenience. Do you want to find out how to play CSGOEmpire in the US? Read on to discover how to do it.

Why is CSGO Empire Restricted in the USA? 

Since the massive popularization of CSGO skins created a multi-million market around the trade, commerce, and gambling of these purely cosmetic items, a good part of the public has been cultivating mixed feelings toward online gambling.

Indeed, the CSGO gambling industry does not have a good reputation. Going against this negative trend, CSGOEmpire has established itself as a reference in terms of fair, regulated, and transparent CSGO skin gambling. We cover everything that makes this casino a solid choice in our complete CSGOEmpire review.

Unfortunately, US laws and regulations restrict access within the country’s jurisdiction. Online gambling is not authorized in the USA, which explains why CSGOEmpire does not allow traffic from IP addresses from the United States.

In such cases, the only solution to access the website and enjoy the best skin gambling experience is to rely on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. 

How to Use a VPN to Play CSGOEmpire in the US 

In essence, a VPN service encrypts the user’s website traffic, routing it through an online server that works as an intermediary. When using a VPN, US gamblers must choose a server from a location where CSGOEmpire’s geo-restriction is not active.

For example, players from countries like Great Britain and Brazil do not have any restrictions when gambling on CSGOEmpire. After selecting the right server, the VPN will mask the device’s IP address, replacing the user’s location with that of the selected country.

It is fundamental to understand that not all VPNs offer compatibility with sports betting, gambling, or fantasy sports. Hence, users must pay attention to the service’s Terms of Use when selecting an ideal VPN option.

Before starting to search the internet for the best VPN services for online gambling, it is important to check and review the local and national US legislation on gambling sites.

A proper investigation allows you to decide whether it is worth the time and effort to use a VPN to engage in online gambling. If you are still unsure of the pertinent legislation in this case, it is important to seek more legal information online. 

When selecting a VPN service, there are essential aspects that cannot be out of one’s checklist. The first factor is robust online security, including DNS leak protection, internet kill switch, and automatic Wi-Fi protection.

Another important aspect is the no-logs policy. This way, once connected to the VPN, you will remain completely anonymous throughout the navigation. Lags and inefficient processing must be avoided at all costs, which requires a fast and reliable service as well.

Customer support is also essential, as customers may need further assistance if things do not go as expected.

CSGOEmpire vs. VPN Access – Attention to Detail 

The only methods for deposits and withdrawals on CSGOEmpire as a US user are CSGO skins and cryptocurrency. When registering on the platform, users need to write some basic information. 

There are no withdrawal limits or KYC requirements for deposits and withdrawals made with CSGO skins. Accordingly, this is the most reliable method to fund your account or cash out your winnings. CSGOEmpire requires KYC checks:

  • A user engages in suspicious behavior 
  • A user deposits substantial amounts of money, or 
  • A user attempts to withdraw over 2000 coins (cumulative) worth of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) 

How To Play CSGOEmpire In the United States – F.A.Q

Playing CSGOEmpire is not the hardest challenge in the world, as long as you proceed with proper diligence and attention. 

What is the Best Deposit Method for US Players on CSGOEmpire?

Ideally, US players accessing CSGOEmpire through a VPN should only use skins for deposits and withdrawals. Despite their value, CSGO skins are not regulated assets and do not have any restrictions on trade and commerce. 

Is it Safe to Play CSGOEmpire in the US?

With no history of fraud or illegal practices, the platform is one of the most traditional websites where players can enjoy Roulette, Coinflip, or Match betting wagering CSGO skins. As one of the first sites licensed and regulated to operate legally, CSGOEmpire is Provably Fair as well.

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