How to Deposit on CSGOEmpire

Considered one of the segment’s most traditional platforms, CSGOEmpire was a pioneer skin gambling site. It is hard to determine the impact of the website so far, but millions of players have already won and withdrawn skins through their P2P system. 

Be it that you want to deposit skins to try match betting on CSGOEmpire, or if you want to try their gambling games, this guide will cover all you need to know.

However, how players must proceed when depositing funds to the platform? Read on to discover how to deposit on CSGOEmpire.

Funding an Account on CSGOEmpire – Background & Other Factors

When depositing funds to CSGOEmpire, users must click on the “Deposit” button located in the top right corner of the screen. Compared to its withdrawal section, the page used to deposit funds into CSGOEmpire is huge. 

The payment methods available for deposits vary according to the gambler’s location. Each user must go to the bottom of the page and select their home country to see which deposit options they can rely on.

Countries, where CSGOEmpire is blocked or not available for any reason, are not part of the list. After choosing the country, the player can select the best means of payment to fund one’s account.

Let’s take UK gamblers as an example. British lads have several options available on CSGOEmpire’s deposit section, including CSGO skins (Steam), Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Astropay, Rapid Transfer, Jetton, and Gift cards. 

Cryptocurrency options include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT). After clicking on their favorite deposit method, the player can redeem the special coupon given by CSGOEmpire to claim a deposit bonus. 

Fortunately, there is no fixed deposit amount, which allows players to deposit as much as they want without restrictions. In the following topics, you will find an overview of each deposit method available on CSGOEmpire. 

Depositing Skins on CSGOEmpire 

If you decided to fund your account with CSGO skins, click on “CSGO” in the “Deposit” section and follow the proceedings to open your Steam inventory. It is impossible to deposit skins without a valid Steam account with no restrictions on trade.

Then, the next step is scrolling down the inventory and selecting the items to be listed on the site. After choosing the skins, you just need to select them and click on “Deposit Item,” following the instructions to complete the trade.

When an item is first listed on CSGOEmpire, it will be displayed through the auction system. Hence, when withdrawing their winnings, other players can place bids on one’s deposited items following a starting bid. 

If no one places a bid on the item, it will automatically turn into a non-auction item and will be displayed until another gambler decides to withdraw it. 

Depositing Real Money on CSGOEmpire 

While CSGOEmpire does not support real money withdrawals, it is possible to deposit fiat currency through different payment methods. As explained in the beginning, different countries offer distinct payment options for cash deposits.

Visa and Mastercard are fan favorites, but PayPal and other e-wallets also stand higher in the rankings of most sought-after payment methods to deposit funds on CSGOEmpire. Depending on the chosen deposit method, a player may be subject to fees that are not controlled by the platform (e.g., credit card fees, PayPal fees, etc.).

Depositing Cryptocurrency on CSGOEmpire

After registering, clicking on “Deposit” and choosing the option of cryptocurrency to fund one’s account, a user can follow the steps to complete the transaction using a crypto wallet of choice. All countries listed on the website have the same catalog of crypto options for deposits.

After depositing with crypto, the amount may be processed instantly but issues in certain blockchain networks may result in a momentary delay. If this delay happens, users do not need to be afraid and just check whether the network is “clogged.”

CSGOEmpire Deposits F.A.Q 

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand specific aspects of the deposit process on CSGOEmpire: 

How to Deposit Money on CSGOEmpire?

Fortunately, CSGOEmpire allows gamblers to deposit with CSGO skins, cryptocurrency, and real cash. The options to deposit money vary according to the user’s location. For example, certain fiat-based methods available for Japanese gamblers are not the same for Brazilian gamblers.

After choosing the right payment method, users must follow the instructions of the platform to complete the transaction.

What is the Cheapest Skin to Deposit on CSGOEmpire? 

Theoretically, there is no minimum deposit amount on CSGOEmpire – whether you are depositing money, crypto, or skins. The price of the deposited skins is shown in USD, which is based on pricing data from third party marketplaces.