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HellTV.Store is one of the newest CSGO gambling websites focused on case opening. Their idea is simple - they want to provide you with the best cases with good odds of winning high-tier skins. The more cases you open, the more chances you have to win.

To boost your experience more, use the "CR100" promo code and claim an exclusive bonus on your first bet!

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Code: "CR100"

How to Enter and Use the HellTV.Store Promo Code

Whether you are visiting HellTV.Store on your browser or mobile, it is not hard to activate the “CR100” code. Please note that you must have a Steam account to log in and enjoy the website’s features. The process goes as follows:

  1. Visit HellTV.Store through our link and click on “Sign in”
  2. Log in using your Steam account 
  3. If you are using the browser, click on the “Promo” button at the website’s header
  4. If you are using the mobile version, click on the “Promo” tab on the menu
  5. In the appropriate box, enter the “CR100” code
  6. Confirm it and enjoy!

HellTV.Store Codes & Bonuses

The main promotions are available at HellTV.Store are referral codes. If you have already claimed the “CR100” bonus, feel free to choose one of the following promo codes from our exclusive selection:

  • CR100
  • CSGOR1

Benefits With the HellTV.Store Referral Code

In essence, HellTV.Store combines case opening with upgrade features. You are free to purchase and open CS:GO cases to get randomly selected items, or you can bet several low-budget skins for a chance to win a good one.

If you like variety, this website offers an immense catalog of cases. You can set the filter price between $0 and $350, which is the max price threshold on the website. On average, HellTV.Store sells around 400 CS:GO cases per day.

After winning a skin, you can withdraw it through your Steam account or exchange it for a balance on the website. The latter option allows you to purchase more cases and open them to increase your chances of getting superior skins.

In addition to the “CR100” code, the main promotions available on HellTV.Store are referral codes and referral links. Both alternatives refer to the same promotions but in different forms.

While sharing a link might be more convenient, it is not always possible to share a link depending on the context. In such cases, you need to share a simple code and the invitee will become your referral. 

Is There a V.I.P Club at HellTV.Store?

Considering there is no standard VIP club or loyalty rewards available on HellTV.Store, the closest feature you can enjoy is the referral system. First, you must create a referral campaign, using a unique code created with an exclusive link.

Then, you can distribute these links and codes to other friends and CS:GO enthusiasts. The higher the percentage of invitations, the higher the percentage you can receive from the website.

Instead of a fixed commission, HellTV.Store allows you to receive rewards based on each replenishment of the balances of the invited players. You can follow the status of your invitees to check whether you can receive a share of their balance replenishments:

  • If the status is “Active,” the referral has deposited funds on HellTV.Store and you can earn your part as a reward
  • If the status is “Inactive,” the invitee is registered but did not deposit any funds yet
  • If the status is “Lost,” the invitee becomes a referral of another person.

The best way to ensure a good source of referral rewards is to create multiple campaigns on different websites. HellTV.Store significantly relies on players for advertising, which explains why they focus almost exclusively on promo codes and referral links.

How Legit Are HellTV.Store Bonus Codes?

All promo codes from HellTV.Store listed here are legit and safe. One of the key aspects of the website is the referral code system, which permits you to create unique codes and share them with the maximum number of invitees.

The more invitees actively using your code HellTV.Store, the more rewards you can claim. Moreover, the website is a legit service provider owned and operated by HLTV Digital Surf Limited, a company registered in Cyprus.

If you are concerned about payment security, rest assured that you might not face problems with HellTV.Store. Whether you are depositing, withdrawing, or purchasing CS:GO weapon skins, they offer reliable payment methods and data security.

For utter privacy, you can deposit funds using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, Dash, Dogecoin, and Monero.

The website runs on an SSL-encrypted connection. All case opening results are provably fair, allowing you to check the results of any bet and determine the website did not predetermine the skin selection within cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

HellTV.Store features an interesting catalog of CS:GO cases, including limited edition cases with thematic skins. Overall, the website offers decent odds and the possibility to earn additional funds with referral campaigns.

Waste no time – join HellTV.Store today and activate the promo code “CR100” to start in the best way. In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions asked about HellTV.Store promo codes.

Are HellTV.Store promo codes safe?

Yes, all HellTV.Store promo codes are legit and safe. The website is validated by a huge number of followers and features provably fair results.

Can you get free money and coins with the HellTV.Store promo code?

HellTV.Store is exclusively focused on CS:GO case opening. Hence, it does not feature free coin promotions or bonuses. It is possible to create referral campaigns and get a percentage of the deposits made by each active invitee. 

Do HellTV.Store promo codes expire?

Most promo codes are not everlasting. If you have the opportunity to claim the {CODE HERE} code today, the best approach is to activate it as soon as possible. 

Code: "CR100"