Hellcase Review

Since the introduction of the "Arms Deal" update, CS:GO cases have become valuable assets. While the chances to drop a high-value item such as a Knife or Gloves depend exclusively on your luck, nothing beats the thrilling sensation of opening cases on Hellcase. 

Read on for a full review of Hellcase:

Since the introduction of the "Arms Deal" update, CS:GO cases have become valuable assets. While the chances to drop a high-value item such as a Knife or Gloves depend exclusively on your luck, nothing beats the thrilling sensation of opening cases on Hellcase. 

Read on for a full review of Hellcase:

Can You Trust Hellcase?

If you want to open cases and drop amazing prizes, Hellcase is the perfect place. So far, more than 240 million cases have been opened through the website, which offers both proprietaries as well as classic CS:GO cases.

Since its inception in 2016, Hellcase was never involved in hacker attacks, scams, or fraud. The website operates a 100% legit website with provably fair cases, in addition to a strong presence on social media and the endorsement of respected influencers in the CS:GO community.

Is Hellcase a Reputable Site?

Hellcase has been operating for over half a decade and managed to build a solid reputation in the CS:GO gambling community. Based on independent reviews from Trustpilot, the website scored 4.4 out of 5, which is excellent. 

Most complaints come from people who either abused the platform’s terms of service or did not read the rules before taking part in the website’s features. They have cemented their reputation throughout the years with strong partnerships like streamer Izak. 

In the current CS:GO case opening scene, there is a huge number of players that consider Hellcase as the best platform to open cases, engage in case battles, and upgrade skins.

Is Hellcase Fair?

Provably Fair is an algorithmic technology that allows users to verify the randomness of bets. As all results must be generated out of pure luck and chance, a hash-based system permits users to check whether someone has interfered in the process.

Hellcase was one of the few case-opening sites that did not adopt Provably Fair. However, since 2021, the platform runs on a Provably Fair system and publicly displays the hash numbers associated with all case results.

Hence, no one can predict or modify the outcome of cases, upgrades, or battles, as every feature has a unique ID attached to it. 

Hellcase Have Good Games?

Hellcase is neither an online casino nor a platform that offers CS:GO game modes like Crash, Roll, CSGO Coinflip, or Dice. Instead, the platform focuses solely on case openings, battles, and upgrades.

There’s no reason to complain about the non-existence of game modes, as Hellcase never proposed to be a standard gambling site. Players can also get rid of lower-tier skins or improve an item that is already good for a better one using the Upgrade feature.

The more equivalent the value of the skin deposits and the desired skin is, the higher the upgrade chances are. Still, the most exciting feature available on Hellcase is the “Case Battle.” 

Users can join an existing battle or create a new one, battling out with other players to find the luckiest player. The one who drops the most valuable items takes all the opponents’ wagered skins home.

Hellcase Promotions

Hellcase offers a decent catalog of bonuses and promotions. In addition to special promo codes, users can claim the “Daily Bonus.” This feature allows players to get anything from random items to a few cents on one’s account balance.

The requirement to take part in this promotion is to upload the Hellcase avatar to one’s Steam profile and deposit a minimum of $5 on the platform. Once the website has verified whether the player met the conditions, they will enable one’s participation in the promotion.

Another unique feature available on Hellcase is the Premium subscription. As its name suggests, players pay a monthly subscription to have access to:

  • Free monthly cases
  • Free tokens (exclusive to Premium users)
  • Access to Premium cases
  • Personal support (24/7)
  • Case battle Emotes
  • Early access to recently released features

Currently, there are 3 subscription plans available – Silver ($5/month), Gold ($15/month), and Diamond ($25/month). 

Does Hellcase Offer a Good User Experience?

In terms of user experience, Hellcase was smoothly designed. Once you get to the website’s homepage, it’s easy to find all functionalities displayed on organized tabs. The top menu concentrates on the most important ones, readily available with a simple click. 

There are no processing delays or lags, especially during withdrawals. Many users question whether they must keep a skin dropped if they aren’t interested in it. If you open a skin but do not like the skin dropped, Hellcase allows you to exchange it for cash to open more cases.

This is an excellent deal, as players can only withdraw skins. Keeping a skin you don’t have minimal interest in stored in one’s Steam inventory is a waste of time and resources.

Coin Exchange Rate at Hellcase

Unlike many case-opening sites with a built-in token system or virtual credits, Hellcase goes in the opposite direction. Players use real money to buy cases and wager them in case battles. In addition to money, players can deposit CS:GO skins and wager the equivalent value of the deposited items. 

Hellcase Payment Methods

If you like a good variety of payment methods, Hellcase was made for you. For deposits, the available payment options include:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • G2A Pay (200+ payment options)
  • ShadowPay
  • Sofort
  • PayPal gift cards
  • Kinguin gift cards

For withdrawals, the only method available is through CS:GO skins. While Hellcase allows players to sell skins on the website, it is impossible to withdraw the equivalent amount in the form of real cash.

Instead, players must use the funds obtained in skin sales to open cases, enter battles, or spend anywhere else within the platform. 

Strategically, a piece of good advice is to rely on trusted third-party cashout sites to exchange skins for real money. Depending on the value of the skin, Hellcase’s P2P marketplace system might not be updated, leading to a significant price loss.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table of Hellcase’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at it:

Great skin drops with cases & upgradesWithdrawals restricted to CS:GO skins
Exciting Case Battles Outdated customer support tool 
100% Provably fair cases 
Daily bonuses 
Relatively cheap Premium subscription

Do you want to spend your time opening cases, upgrading skins, and battling out with other competitors in fierce case battles? If that’s what you wish, Hellcase delivers it all with the possibility to claim daily bonuses and pay an additional amount for a Premium experience.

The only drawbacks of Hellcase are the limited withdrawal options and the lack of an updated customer support service. Still, these factors alone are not sufficient to ruin Hellcase’s experience as a whole.

Hellcase Customer Support

Hellcase operates a 24/7 customer support service. Still, the website offers no live chat support. This fact is a recurrent mistake made by some of the world’s most respected CSGO casino websites, which is not updating their customer support system.

Instead, Hellcase runs a ticket system for customer support. Does it work? Yes, but this solution is outdated despite the relatively fast service. Compared to other sites that require even 24 hours to respond, Hellcase solves most issues within a few hours.

The FAQ section is well-written and answers an extensive list of questions, so users should check it out before contacting the support system via ticket.