FlameCases Promo Code

The FlameCases promo code for 2023 is "CR100" and can be used for a variety of cases on FlameCases. The code is valid for all sections of the FlameCases website in all available countries.

The FlameCases promo code for 2023 is "CR100" and can be used for a variety of cases on FlameCases. The code is valid for all sections of the FlameCases website in all available countries.

With over 233 million cases opened through their website, FlameCases has had a well-established reputation since its foundation in 2017. 

Are you feeling lucky and willing to drop superb skins? This is the perfect time to give FlameCases a try and seize advantage of our list of scorching promo codes.

 We’ll provide you with a selection of valid codes and teach you how to redeem them properly. Here you have the exclusive FlameCases promo codes:

  • “CR100”

As expected, this list allows you to unlock exclusive benefits that would not be accessible otherwise. Do you want to find out how to redeem your promo code and make the best use of it? Read on for a complete guide! 

How to Activate Your Code on FlameCases

When it comes to redeeming promo codes on FlameCases, we got the hardest part done facilitating the whole process for our readers. All you need to do is to pick one of our selected promo codes and follow these easy steps:

  • Visit flamecases.com
  • Click on “Sign in with Steam”
  • Register using your Steam account
  • Once you’re properly registered, click on the “Add Funds” icon 
  • Enter the “CR100” code in the box
  • Confirm it and have a ball!

Why wait further if the right moment is now? Immediately visit the website to redeem the FlameCases promo codes and started opening valuable cases.

How to Enjoy the Promo Code Bonuses on FlameCases?

FlameCases is a case-opening site that allows gamblers to drop skins from CS:GO and Dota 2. While the stats show a clear user majority opening CS:GO cases, the number of Dota fans is not insignificant either. 

In addition to buying and opening cases, players can have fun with additional features, which are:

  • Battles
  • Percent Case 
  • Rolls

Here’s a description of how you can apply the bonuses obtained with our promo code list on FlameCases. 

Case Openings

FlameCases offers a magnific selection of cases. In the CS:GO category, players can open classic game cases like Operation Riptide, Operation Broken Fang, Shattered Web, Chroma, Bravo, Spectrum, and several other fan favorites.

The website also has plenty of options for those who want unique cases, including special cases like the cartoonish “Scream” or “Monster” crates and the exquisite “Dragonfire” and “Imperial” cases.

The website offers an exclusive store where they can also purchase items directly in addition to the standard case openings. This is a popular withdrawal method used by gamblers on FlameCases. 


Feel free to create a new battle or join other players in a brawl that is already set up with the “Battles” feature. Matches vary according to the number of rounds, the price threshold, and the number of players involved.

After joining the CSGO case battle, players must face each other in a singular dispute to find out who drops the most valuable skin. 

Percent Case

On FlameCases, gamblers have the opportunity to decrease the level of randomness involved in a successful drop. 

Hence, you are allowed to select which skin or skin category you’re most interested in and check your chances to drop the item before the roll. The odds are calculated based on the wagered amount.

You did not understand it wrong. This exclusive feature allows players to choose which specific skin or skin category he wants and put on the necessary amount to raise one’s chances to drop it.


Similar to Jackpot, the “Rolls” feature allows players to create a pool and associate it as a promo code. Other users automatically join the roll if they use that promo code to recharge their account balance.

The recharge amount must be equivalent to or over the amount set as a threshold for users joining the roll. The roll’s creator defines an end date when the winners will be picked. At the end date, only one user can win one item at a time.

Does FlameCases Offer a VIP Promotion Club?

FlameCases does not offer a standard VIP club but allows players willing to pay for a monthly $45 subscription to enjoy a premium experience. This special subscription gives several benefits that standard users do not have access such as:

  • The ability to make one’s profile private
  • Take part in free giveaways 
  • Have access to premium cases they wouldn’t otherwise 

If you are not willing to pay an additional amount, you can still enjoy a flawless experience with our list of promo codes and FlameCases’ well-developed features. 

Is FlameCases a Legit Case Opening Site?

Without a doubt, FlameCases offers a solid combination of intuitive functionalities, unique features, and a long catalog of high-quality cases from CS:GO and Dota 2. The website is all Provably Fair, which means users can check whether the results are random or not. 

It is also available in more than 190 countries, demonstrating how the platform complies with the required licensing and regulatory compliance rules. The website’s connection runs on an SSL-encrypted system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you still waiting for? Pick one of the promo codes from our exclusive list, sign up on FlameCases using your Steam account, and immediately claim the benefits of our unique deal. You will never regret it!

We’ve answered the most frequent questions about FlameCases and its promo code offers to close this guide.

Are FlameCases Promo Codes Legit?

All promo codes featured in our selection are legit and redeemable. Our team has a dedicated approach to collecting promo codes from the best case opening sites and checking their validity before recommending them to our beloved readers.

Which Types of Games Can I Enjoy with FlameCases Promo Codes Bonuses?

FlameCases features neither gambling nor casino games, as the website is exclusively focused on CS:GO and Dota 2. Feel free to redeem a promo code from our list and use the bonuses to open cases, battle with other players, or even personalize cases using the “Percent Case” feature.