Farmskins Upgrade Guide

Since Valve Corp. allowed players to change and exchange different skins on CS:GO, these virtual items became a hit. Currently, there are CS:GO rarer than diamonds and more expensive than a sports car. 

While not everyone is necessarily interested in getting rich with skins, it is always good to get rid of low-value skins and obtain new skins in exchange. Farmskins is one of the best sites for case opening and skin upgrades.

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Read on for a full guide on skin upgrades and how you can level up your skins on Farmskins.

How Does Skin Upgrade Work? – What You Need to Know

Besides the aesthetic aspect, CS:GO skins do not affect a player’s ability. Hence, why would anyone upgrade a skin? It is not hard to understand. As CS:GO grew increasingly popular, skins became valuable assets.

Depending on certain skin characteristics, it can be worth thousands of dollars. To determine the value of skin, users must look at several aspects, such as the rarity of the item, the demand for it, the existence of stickers attached to it, etc.

It is not rare to find players with portfolios filled with low-value skins, only occupying space while not providing any benefits. The upgrade process is simple: 

  1. You must connect to the upgrade site 
  2. Upload the items you want to update via Steam
  3. Select the percentage of the upgrade 
  4. Click on the “Upgrade” button

Your winning chance depends on the percentage of the upgrade – the higher the upgrade, the fewer the chances. 

What is the Process for upgrading CSGO Skins on Farmskins?

Generally, the skin upgrade process is done through a trade-up contract. The player must put up some form of value to upgrade a single item. It can be skins, money, or credits obtained with the upgrade site.

The process to upgrade skins on Farmskins is not hard to understand:

  1. Visit Farmskins.com/upgrade using our special link
  2. Make sure you are properly registered and logged in 
  3. Click on the “Upgrade” tab in the upper center of the website
  4. The items you own will be shown on “My Items” 
  5. The items available for upgrades will be shown on “Upgrade Items”
  6. Select whether you want to upgrade your skins with other skins, money, or credits (“Bullets”)
  7. Click on your option of choice and continue the process

On Farmskins, there is a wheel that spins to determine whether you win or lose the upgrade. When you click on “Upgrade,” the wheel starts spinning. If the arrow stops within the “winning range,” the player won and can get the upgrade.

If the arrow does not stop within the winning range of the wheel, the players cannot upgrade the skins and will lose the skins, money, or credits wagered. 

Can I Use Farmskins Upgrade to Get Rid of Unwanted Skins?

If you want to get rid of low-tier skins and get more valuable items, you can deposit them on Farmskins and use them to fund the transaction. Please note that the items chosen from your inventory must be eligible for an update. 

Farmskins is one of the world’s leading case-opening websites. As most case openings often result in low or mid-tier skins, Farmskins allows you to exchange them for better skins.

Can I Upgrade on Farmskins without Owning Skins in My Inventory?

When you select the “Money” option, you can use the funds on your account balance to buy new skins and upgrade your portfolio. The system is simple – you put an amount of money you want to wager, select the skins you want to obtain, and click on “Upgrade.”

Then, the wheel will spin. You can get the selected skin if the arrow stops within the winning percentage area. Farmskins offers several deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and many others.  

Is it Possible to Obtain Free Credits on Farmskins to Upgrade Items?

Several skin upgrade platforms offer free credits and other promotions that permit you to upgrade your skins without laying your money on the line. Farmskins is no different, offering credits in the form of “Gaben Bullets.”

These bullets are the site’s virtual currency, that allows you to upgrade items or buy items from the “Gaben’s Store.” For every case opened on their site, Farmskins grants you some bullets.

Once you have enough bullets, you can use them to fund upgrades and get high-value skins without spending a dime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring a cool design and great user experience, Farmskins offers you the possibility to upgrade skins in different forms. You can deposit other CS:GO items, use money, or even gather as many “Gaben’s Bullets” as possible to use as free credits.

The winning odds are on the player’s side, as it is possible to get good upgrades without wagering a house or a car. In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about Farmskins’ upgrade facts and features. 

Is it  Possible to Upgrade CSGO Skins for Free on Farmskins?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient “Gabben’s Bullets” in your balance. Farmskins is also a case opening site. The more cases you open, the more bullets (credits) you can get. With sufficient bullets in hand, you can exchange these credits for exclusive items on Gabben’s Store or upgrade skins for free.   

Is Farmskins a Legit Upgrade Site?

Established in 2016, Farmskins has one of the most solid reputations in the CS:GO upgrade segment. Licensed and registered in Estonia, the platform offers a good upgrade experience with feasible odds and great rewards. 

Can I Use Cryptocurrencies to Upgrade CSGO Skins on Farmskins? 

Yes, Farmskins allows players to use several payment methods for deposits, including cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are four options of blockchain-based assets available on the site – Bitcoin (ETH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).