Farmskins Case Battles Guide

Farmskins is one of the world’s leading CS:GO case opening websites in 2022. The platform focuses on case openings, but it also lets you join Case Battles to win lots of skins and prizes.

Case battles allow you to turn on the warrior mindset and gamble until victory becomes a reality. However, don’t expect a walk in the park, as other competitors will also try to win as hard as they can. Read on to check our complete guide on Farmskins Case Battles. 

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What is a Case Battle? – Understanding the Concept  Behind the Game

Since Valve enabled the Arms Deal Update, CS:GO players are free to give their weapons a new look with skins. These in-game items became valuable assets in the CS:GO segment, especially those with unique quality and a high level of rarity. 

Joining a case battle allows you to fight with other players to win CS:GO skins. While other CS:GO case-opening websites also offer case battles, Farmskins gives you a seventh-heaven experience in terms of odds, gameplay, and excitement.

Considered a moderately fresh type of CS:GO gambling, case battles tend to favor luckier players. If you consider yourself a lucky gambler, you have the unique chance to win exclusive skins plus all the skins won from other competitors in a match.

Depending on the number of “case warriors” fencing in the Farmskins’ arena, you may have a 50/50 chance to win a case fight. In such a case, winning chances depend on chance, as this high-hazard scenario allows players to lose everything or bring all the prizes home.

How to Join a Case Battle on Farmskins? – Fighting Your Way to the Top

In essence, a CS:GO case battle is a mode available on Farmskins where you wager skins against other competitors to find out who is the winner of different matches. There is nothing complex about case battles – players must wager cases against each other, which will be opened simultaneously.

The value of the skins dropped by each player is totaled, and the player with the highest value in skins wins the match. Not only the winner can claim the skins dropped in the case, but the skins of the losing players as well. 

This mode is available in matches of two or four players. The number of cases opened in the game can go up to 30 crates, with each case added resulting in one more round in the battle.

Hence, if you choose to join a battle on Farmskins featuring 30 cases in total, you will have 30 rounds to get lucky. 

You can either join an existing battle or create a new one. If you create a new battle, you can set the number of players and cases, waiting for other case fighters to join the arena to commence the gladiation.

While the rounds are still going on, Farmskins keeps a running total for each case opened by players. When the last player opens the last-standing CS:GO case, the total is calculated and the players with the highest value in skins wins them all. 

If you want a fast chance to win CS:GO skins with moderate odds, the Farmskins case battle feature is a must-try for your case. 

Joining an Existing Case Battle on Farmskins

If you are feeling lucky now, you can wager some CS:GO cases and enter the battle arena on Farmskins by following these seamless steps:

  • Visit https://farmskins.com/casebattle/active using our special link or click on “Case Battle” at the website’s top center 
  • Sign in using your Steam account
  • In the “Case Battle” section, click on “Active Battles”
  • You will see a list of current battles available
  • Click on “Watch” to check the battle you want to participate in, and then press the “Join” button

Creating a Case Battle on Farmskins 

Some players prefer to define the game’s conditions, which they are free to do by creating a new case battle. This process is not complex as well, as all you need to do is:

  • Visit https://farmskins.com/casebattle/active using our special link or click on “Case Battle” at the website’s top center 
  • Sign in using your Steam account
  • In the “Case Battle” section, click on “Create Battle” 
  • Use the “Add Case” button to select the number of cases (and rounds) to the game
  • Use the settings block to select the type of battle, number of players, and visibility settings (if applicable)
  • Click on “Create Battle” and wait until other case fighters join the arena to battle for CS:GO skins
  • Once enough fighters have joined the arena, the battle starts automatically 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Farmskins Case Battle feature is an excellent opportunity for those willing to fight until the end to get the high-tier CS:GO skins. The following topics discuss the most frequent questions about case battles on Farmskins.

What Prizes Can I Get by Winning Case Battles on Farmskins?

Once all the rounds of a case battle match are over, the player with the highest value in CS:GO skins is awarded all the skins dropped, in addition to the skins wagered by the other players. 

At the end of the day, the game is based on the “winner-takes-it-all” approach, which tends to favor the luckiest players after multiple rounds. 

Are Farmskins Case Battle Feature Legit?

Yes, Farmskins is a legit website with thousands of positive reviews and a great reputation amid the CS:GO gambling community. Considered one of the pioneers in the CS:GO gambling segment, the platform offers case openings and case battles for players all over the world – except Belgium, Denmark, and Holland. 

Can I Get Free Credits on Farmskins By Wagering on Case Battles?

Yes, it is possible to get free credits by opening cases in battle. Farmskins has a unique virtual currency called “Gabben’s Bullets.” The more cases you open on the website, the more “bullets” you are entitled to. 

When you have sufficient “bullets” in your balance, you can go to the “Gabben’s Store” and exchange them for exclusive CS:GO items.