Duelbits Roulette Betting Guide

When it comes to crypto gambling, roulette games are amongst the most popular options. That’s why we will talk about the Duelbits Roulette, because it’s become one of the top picks in the sector. 

We will show you all about it, so you can learn how to play, and more importantly, what strategies to use to win lots of coins and cash. 

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How to Play Duelbits Roulette in 5 Steps

Even if you’ve never gambled online before, you will find it pretty easy to play Duelbits Roulette by following these practical 5 steps:

  1. Go to Duelbits Roulette
  2. Enter your “Bet Amount”
  3. Choose your bet option (Red, Black or Green)
  4. Wait for the timer to start the game
  5. Let the game reward you if your bet was right!

The Duelbits Roulette spins every 10 seconds, so you will have 360 games available every hour, bringing you enough opportunities to run a wide myriad of strategies. Let’s show you how you can win this game.

What are the Odds of Duelbits Roulette?

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s time to learn more about the odds of Duelbits Roulette. And you will also learn how much the game pays based on the betting options you select.

The odds of Red and Black

Both options pay 2x times your bet. So, if you bet 10 coins and you win, then you will receive 20 coins in return. However, what are your probabilities of winning this bet? Roughly 47%, similar to what you’d expect in traditional roulette games. The green is what brings the house an edge, so that’s why there’s a 47% chance of winning instead of 50%. 

The odds of Green

Green pays x14 times your bet, so if you bet 10 coins and you win, the game will award you with 140 coins. This is the highest paying option but at the same time it offers the lowest odds, so it’s a riskier  bet. However, if you play it smart, it can yield a good payout. And that’s exactly what we will cover in this next section.

What Are the Best Strategies for Winning at Duelbits Roulette?

Before we talk about sequences and other strategies, it’s key to have a strong bankroll management. Therefore, we’ll start by covering that point and then we will talk about our favorite strategy for winning in this game.

Bankroll Management for Duelbits Roulette

There are entire books focused on bankroll management – as well as psychological and emotional control for gambling – but we will go straight to the basics, which are the most important at the hour of creating a plan for playing roulette at Duelbits:

  • Only bet money you’re comfortable losing, in the worst case
  • Set clear profit goals and loss limits so you know when to call it a day
  • Create a bet size that’s not higher than 1% of your bankroll
  • Track all of your gambling sessions, record your profit, losses, wagered coins, etc.

These simple tips will help you to administer your bankroll like a professional, so you can use the Duelbits Roulette to grow it consistently.

The Fibonacci Sequence for Duelbits Roulette: How Well Does It Work?

From all the strategies we’ve used, the Fibonacci is the most useful. However, we use a different spin on it, and that’s why we will explain to you how we use this strategy to win big time on Duelbits Roulette.

Watch out for patterns

Since you only have 3 betting options, it’s easier to scan the history to identify patterns. Once you’ve identified any of the following patterns, you can start using the Fibonacci in order to catch easy wins:

  • Black Pattern: Wait for 8-10 consecutives rounds of Black before you start betting on Red using the Fibonacci
  • Red Pattern: Wait for 8-10 consecutives rounds of Red before you start betting on Black using the Fibonacci
  • Green Pattern: Check the last 100 rounds, and if there have been less than 3 rounds of Green, then start betting on it using the Fibonacci.

Now that you’re aware of these patterns, it’s time to talk about how to use the Fibonacci. You will find that it’s pretty easy and straight to the point.

Apply the Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence is simply adding up the two previous numbers to form the next one. Here you have a practical example:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89…

So, once you’ve identified a pattern, you need to make an initial bet, and if you lose, then you move up one number in the scale, but if you win, you move down 2 numbers.

Let’s say that your initial bet is 5 coins and you’ve identified a pattern (8 consecutive reds), then this is how you’d run the fibonacci with a bet on Black:

Round NumberFibonacciMultiplierBet SizeResultProfit/Loss
#11x110 coinsLost-10
#21x110 coinsLost-10
#32x220 coinsLost-20
#43x330 coinsLost-30
#55x550 coinsLost-50
#68x880 coinsWin+160

After losing 120 coins during the first 5 rounds, and winning 160 coins at the round #6, you’d end up with a profit of 40 coins. You could keep running the strategy, but our focus is to wait for patterns to pop up. After winning this round, we recommend you to call it a day, especially if you have hit your profit goal.

Remember to stick to your bankroll management strategy, so you can protect your capital and have enough money to play another day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duelbits Roulette

If you still have questions about this game, then this section will come in handy. For more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to attend your inquiries. 

Can I play Duelbits Roulette for free?

No, you cannot play for free. You need to make a first deposit to play roulette at Duelbits, but if you want to increase your bankroll for free, then make sure to claim a welcome bonus using our promo code.

How can I claim a welcome bonus to play Duelbits Roulette?

All you need to do is to use our exclusive Duelbits promo code, and you will obtain a welcome bonus to play Roulette and other games on this crypto casino. 

Is Duelbits Roulette legit?

Yes, Duelbits Roulette is legit because it’s Provably Fair, hence, it generates a SHA-256 hash of 16 random bytes (cryptographic and secure). Therefore, all the results are 100% random, fair, and transparent.