Duelbits Plinko Betting Guide

Launched in 2022, Duelbits is one of the world’s leading crypto casinos. Recently, they started to offer Plinko games, a new gambling option for die-hard online gamblers. 

The game is simple, highly customizable, and offers an “Extreme Mode” to lead fans into a thrill. If you want to enjoy an exciting gambling experience with real chances to win, Duelbits Plinko is certainly a must-try option. 

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Playing Plinko on Duelbits – Learning the Mechanics of the Game

Simply put, Plinko is not a complex game. Duelbits works similarly to most versions offered in other online casinos, but with upgraded items and special features exclusive to the platform.

When you visit Duelbits’ Plinko page, you will see a dashboard in pyramidal shape featuring several small circles and a bottom line featuring different multipliers (e.g., 5x, 2x, 0.5x, etc.)

Essentially, when you click on “Bet,” the game will drop a ball that will fall over the circles. The ball will stumble down on circles until it lands on a specific multiplier. If the ball falls in the correct spot, the player wins the amount wagered multiplied by the number featured on the pocket.

For example, if you click to drop multiple balls and one of them lands on a 10,000x multiplier, you will win the amount wagered times 10,000. A lucky gambler who wagered only $5 would leave the table with a $50,000 prize. 

How to Play Duelbits Plinko – Step-by-Step

Plinko is an easy game by nature, but Duelbits’ version is a step above in terms of simplicity and excitement. All you need to do is to follow these intuitive steps to wager on this fantastic game:

  1. Visit duelbits.com/plinko using our special link
  2. If you are already registered, click on “Log in” and enter your username and password
  3. If you are not registered yet, click on “Register” and follow the procedures to register with Duelbits
  4. Once you are properly logged in, you can choose between the “Manual” and “Automated” modes
  5. Enter the amount you want to wager 
  6. Check the settings to identify whether you need to fine-tune them 
  7. Confirm your choices
  8. Click on “Bet” to run the game 

The maximum payout is $1,000,000, which is one of the most amazing rewarding offers available in the online casino industry. While this prize is not achieved often, it is more than sufficient to boost one’s eagerness to wager until the great lucky day finally arrives.   

Understanding Game Options on Duelbits Plinko – Fine Tuning Bets in Your Favor

You can choose between two different control options when playing Plinko on Duelbits – “Manual” and “Automated.” The options available in the dashboard are similar in both options. 

First, you must choose the mode you want to play in. You can play on “Normal” mode or go for extreme odds on “Bronze,” Silver,” or “Gold” mode. Each mode has different multipliers featured in the bottom lines, which drastically changes the odds for players.

The next option is the number of circles you have per row. You can choose to play in a dashboard with 8 to 16 circles per row, for a total of 9 options. You can also choose the level of risk involved in the game.

Players can choose between “Low,” Medium”, and “High” levels to change the multipliers and odds featured on the bottom line. 

Depending on the combination of mode and level risk, you may have several zero multipliers at the center of the dashboard with high multipliers at the edges of the line.

For “Manual” players, it is possible to choose the betting speed by scrolling the bar to the right for more speed (rabbit symbol) or to the left for less speed (turtled symbol).

For “Automated” players, you must enter the number of bets you want to make or simply click on the infinite symbol to play until your balance funds drop to zero. After entering the betting amount and fine-tuning these controls, you are ready to gamble and win on Duelbits Plinko.

What is the Best Strategy to Win on Duelbits Plinko? – Gambling for Victory

The key element of any strategy applied in gambling is emotional control. If you cannot control your emotions, you will never be a solid gambler. Why? Because gambling is all about cold-hearted, calculated, and assertive actions.

If you play with your heart only, it will expose you to hard-to-settle losses. Acting wisely and assessing your chances before each bet is fundamental to controlling your emotional abilities, taking advantage of winning streaks, and avoiding losing too much in bad luck streaks.

Once you have managed your eagerness and learned when to stop, you can use a special strategy to make your gambling last longer. 

At the end of the day, Plinko is about luck and chance. First, you need to define your bankroll. The higher the risk, the higher the bankroll must be.

Choose to play “Manual” to stay in control of the movements. Remember not to click too fast. Keep in mind that you must base the bet amount on the risk. For example, you can wager $0.10 to $0.15 for high risk and $0.20 to $0.25 for medium risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Duelbits Plinko 

In the following section, we answered the most frequent questions about Duelbits Plinko. For further guidance, feel free to reach out to us and we will be glad to provide you with more information. 

Can I Wager on Duelbits Plinko with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can use cryptocurrency to fund your bets on Duelbits. The website is one of the world’s leading crypto casinos, also allowing players to enjoy the best gambling games with multiple payment options. 

Is Duelbits Plinko Provably Fair?

Yes, Duelbits is a Provably Fair website. This unique system allows you to verify the fairness of all results. To check the results by yourself, you can click on the “Fairness” tab at the lower bottom of the website.