Duelbits Mines Betting Guide

It is hard to find anyone who did not like to play the classic “Minesweeper” game, in which you must explore a grid of clickable square-shaped tiles and dodge the mines hidden on the board.

With the growing popularity of online casinos, developers created an exclusive version of the game for gamblers. Duelbits Mines offers you a rousing gambling experience by mixing effortless gameplay, nice odds, and a feeling of thrill when victory finally comes. Read on to find a full guide on Duelbits Mines.

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Playing Mines on Duelbits – Understanding How the Game Works 

Duelbits Mines is a game of chance and luck where you need to explore the different spots on the board and avoid hitting a bomb as much as possible. Compared to the 1989 classic version of “Minesweeper,” Duelbits Mines is based on a 5×5 square grid with 25 square-shaped tiles.

After placing a bet, you must uncover each tile on the board. The goal is to turn as many tiles as possible without hitting a mine. The more mine you dodge, the longer you will stay in the game.

If you manage to explore all the possible titles without hitting a snaky mine, you will be awarded maximum prizes. 

Duelbits allows you to choose the number of mines hidden on the board. Like other gambling games, the higher the risk, the higher the rewards are. The more mines hidden underneath the grid, the higher the rewards are. The fewer mines you choose to play with, the smaller the rewards will be.

In addition to the mines, the tiles also have gems randomly hidden underneath them. The more gems you find, the higher the multiplier grows on the wagered amount. If you unassumingly hit a mine, the game is over, and you lose your stake.

How to Play Mines on Duelbits – Behind the Games’ Mechanics 

All you need to do to enjoy this exclusive version of Mines is to join Duelbits and follow a few simple steps:

  • Visit duelbits.com/mines using our special link
  • If you are already registered, click on “Login” to enter your username and password 
  • If you are not registered, click on “Register” and follow the instructions to join the platform 
  • Once you are properly logged in, enter the amount you want to bet
  • Select the number of bombs hidden under the grid
  • Click on “Bet” to run the game

You are free to gamble on Duelbits using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The website offers a mobile-friendly experience, which allows you to wager on Mines and enjoy yourself on the go. Currently, the maximum payout for the luckiest winners is $1,000,000. 

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The Gambler’s Fine-Tune – All You Need to do to Chance Your Miners Gaming Experience on Duelbits

Similar to other games available on Duelbits, you can play Mines in “Manual” or “Automated” mode. The “Manual” way is the simplest way to play Mines. All you need to do is to enter the bet amount, choose the number of mines, and click on “Bet.”

Conversely, the “Automated” mode offers more advanced options. As the player will not place each bet manually, it is fundamental to choose the maximum number of consecutive bets.

If you want to play until your balance is no longer, you just need to click on the “Infinity” symbol to put everything on the line. Another pair of interesting option controls are the “On Win” and “On Loss” boxes.

With these options, you can determine at which percentage you must increase or reset bets based on a given result. You can also use the “Stop on Profit” and “Stop on Loss” functions to define at which amount you want to stop if you lose or win.

How to Win on Duelbits Mines – Feasible Strategies Only

A unique aspect of Duelbits Mines is that this is one of the few casino games that allow you to decide your odds. Considering the grid has 25 tiles, you can choose to insert 1 to 25 mines hidden underneath them.

Ultimately, Mines’ players are free to take as much risk as they feel comfortable with. In this section, you will find solid tips to boost your gambling performance on Duelbits Mines.

Plan the Amount You Want to Wager on Mines 

Even though the result of bets on Mines largely depends on algorithmic combinations and the player’s luck, you must play smart to keep gambling constantly. Laying everything on the line in a single game is neither smart nor sustainable.

The best approach is to define a bankroll before wagering and split the total amount into smaller bets. 

Seize Opportunities to Cash Out Moderate Amounts 

Many players fail on Mines because they wait too long to cash out in specific situations. Depending on the number of remaining tiles and mines hidden on the grid, the odds may be against the player in a massive proportion.

In such cases, it is worth it to cash out moderate wins and avoid losing everything by dropping a big mine.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Duelbits Mines

In the following section, we answered the most frequent questions about Mines’ gambling experience on Duelbits. If you need additional information, feel free to reach out to us for further guidance.

Is Duelbits Mines Legit?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to bet on Duelbits Mines. If you win, your Duelbits withdrawal is guaranteed as long as you comply with the platform’s policies. All games available on Duelbits are Provably Fair, which allows you to check bet results by clicking on the “Fairness” tab.

Is There a Solid Strategy to Win on Duelbits Mines? 

Unlike card games, roulette, or other gambling classics, Mines is a game heavily dependent on luck and chance. Hence, there is no “ultimate strategy” to uncover all tiles with prizes and exclusively avoid mines.

If you play smartly and consistently, you have legitimate chances of winning on Duelbits Mines.