Duelbits Crash Betting Guide

Duelbits has recently gained massive public attention due to the great selection of games, great odds, and generous welcome bonuses. One of the website’s highlights is the game of Crash, which is causing a feverish trend among online gamblers. 

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How Does Duelbits’ Crash Work?

Playing Duelbits Crash is simple to understand and visualize. The game runs on a graph. When you click on “Bet,” a small rocket will start rising in the graph line. This rocket starts at a 1x multiplier, and as the graph line goes up, the value of the multiplier grows exponentially.

While the multiplier goes up, you have two options – to cash out the amount won so far with the multiplier climb or wait for the multiplier to rise further. 

For example, if you bet $50 on Duelbits Crash and you choose to cash out when the multiplier hits the 2x multiplier, you will win $100.The biggest paradox of CSGO crash sites is:

  • If you cash out too early, you will miss profitable opportunities, or 
  • If you let the multipliers go up until it crashes, you lose the wagered amount and go home with your pockets empty.

How to Play Duelbits Crash – The Key Elements  

It is hard to find something more exciting than playing crash online. This simple yet so catchy game can be the reason for joy or fury for gamblers spread across the world. Wagering on Duelbits’ Crash is not rocket science. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Duelbits
  2. Make sure you are properly registered to log in
  3. Select the game option you want to play – “Manual” or “Auto”
  4. Enter the amount you want to wager
  5. Fine-tune the setup options available (e.g., “Total Bets,” Auto Cashout,” etc.)
  6. Click on the “Bet” button to start

At first glance, the screen may look monotonous and not different from other crash websites. However, once the multiplier starts rising, the gambler’s heartbeat goes up and a mix of enthusiasm and thrill will start running through one’s blood like a lifeline.  

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Are There Strategies Available to Win on Duelbits Crash? – Realistic Tactics Only 

When it comes to finding a proper strategy to boost winning chances, crash games are a mix of the best and worst in the gambling world.

In no time, the multiplier can rise up to the sky and make you a millionaire. Conversely, a simple turn down in the multiplier and all the player’s chances are gone in a second.

While Crash depends heavily on luck and chance, a good analysis of the mechanics behind the game and strategic practices can help to boost your gambling performance. 

Emotional Bets, Hard-to-Swallow Losses 

The key principle to win on Duelbits Crash is to never wager with your emotions. Gambling is not only about entertainment – it is about the art of controlling your emotions when things are not going the way you’ve expected.

It is not hard to find internet videos titled “Massive losses on Crash” or “Player Loses Everything on Crash.” Why? Because many gamblers do not know how to control their emotions and get a cold-hearted approach to the game.

It is fundamental to understand that the algorithm behind the game was created to make gamblers feel thrilled, excited, and amazed. When the game plays a big “bait” to lure gamblers to wager more just to crash the multiplier a second after, it may result in frustration and anger.

Use Setup Controls in Your Favor

One of the most underrated aspects of Duelbits Crash is to select which mode you want to play on – “Auto” or “Manual.” In the “Manual” mode, you must control each bet and choose when it is time to cash out manually.

The “Auto” mode permits you to set up the total number of bets and at which point of the graph line you want to cash out automatically. Both modes offer a good gambling experience, but the “Manual” feature allows you to be in control of the game 100% of the time.

If you tend to cash out too early or too late, the “Auto” mode can be a good tool to set your emotions apart and let the game roll with specified setups. Be smart, test the control settings, and use the different wagering modes in your favor to boost winning chances. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Duelbits Crash

At the end of the day, winning on crash games is almost 100% about luck. Martingale, Reverse Martingale, or any strategies will probably not bring the results you expect. As long as you keep your mind focused and your heart cold, you can still win big prizes when the multiplier hits the moon!

In the following section, we answered the most frequent questions about the Duelbits Crash experience.

Is Duelbits Crash Legit?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to wager on Duelbits Crash. With the recent explosion in the popularity of crash games, many scam websites are deceiving players into financial traps. 

If you want to wager on a safe crash site with provably fair results and multiple payment options, the best choice is to enjoy Duelbits Crash.

Can I Withdraw Skins Rewards on Duelbits Crash?

Duelbits allows players to deposit CS:GO skins to wager on Crash and cash out skins after a big win. The only withdrawal options available on Duelbits are CS:GO skins and cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC)

After winning a skin on Duelbits Crash, you can withdraw it to your inventory and sell it for profit on skin marketplaces or trade it for other skins on trading platforms.