Drakemall Promo Code

Having been launched in 2017, Drakemall has done well for itself. Part of its success is due to its reward system that allows gamers to save up to $13 on selected products. On the website, gamers and geeked can claim up to 30% discounts.

This exclusive $10 promo code is awarded to first-time members only. To add a cherry top, there’s a VIP lounge that grants unimaginative rewards, from additional discounts, free cases, cheaper cases, and a lucrative partnership.

Now and again, these offers undergo regular revamps to maintain the operator’s top-ranking position. If you’re tired of untrustworthy CSGO websites, you may want to consider Drakemall as the way to go! Here’s why…

More Drakemall Codes

Drakemall offers some of the most exciting bonus codes in the market. New members can claim anywhere between 10% and 30% off Drakemall products. This allows you to save up money that you can use to access additional skins.

Note that Drakemall runs multiple discount offers at one go, but you’re only allowed to choose one. So, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each offer before putting your money on the line. Apart from the welcome bonus codes, the operator provides a list of other codes to keep regular members satisfied.

You’ll find cyber Mondays, Mystery boxes, free cases, and much more. For the avid e-sports enthusiasts, the Drakemall VIP lounge is like none other. In the VIP lounge is a blend of every single bonus offered through these CSGO gambling websites. That being said, if you want to save up and take advantage of these freebies, take note of the following promo codes.

  • Top100List
  • ES100
  • CR100

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

As mentioned before, Drakemall is big on rewards and this serves as their primary strategy to retain customers. As such, regular members are also treated to enticing giveaways and raffles, starting with the 15% discount mystery boxes.

If you purchase any mystery box using the code ES100, you’ll be given a 15% discount. Moreover, Mondays are the best day to trade in skins. Cyber Mondays are characterized by lower prices on selected cases. Be sure to log in and get rid of the Monday blues in style!

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

To encourage daily trades on the website, Drakemall runs a splendid VIP lounge. Only regular members quality for the elite status. Once earned, gamers can enjoy up to 20% off on all products, including the latest and on-demand skins.

Also, you’ll be able to enjoy a partnership program that allows you to unbox Drakemall products in exchange for free cases. First aid kits tend to be expensive, but the VIP promo code offers the product for only $2.99. It’s important to note that Drakemall is an innovative website and so the VIP lounge is constantly undergoing revamps.

How Legit Are Drakemall’s Promo Codes?

Drakemall is a legit mystery box website that is run by Esports Kingdom LP – a well-established company that seeks to provide a great environment for gamers and geeks. Despite this fact, first-time visitors are often faced with the challenge of determining whether or not their CSGO promo codes are above board.

If you’re well-traveled, you probably know that Drakemall is a valuable resource across the European and Asian markets. You can find videos of customer reviews on social networks like YouTube, Discord Facebook, WeChat, and Instagram. Moreover, popular gaming streamers are known to review the operator’s latest promo codes.

Taking this into consideration, Drakemall appears to be a trustworthy and transparent brand so you can rest assured that their promo codes are legit.

How To Activate the Drakemall Code?

At this point, you’re probably sold on Drakemall and looking to join the action-packed gameplay. You’ll be thrilled to know that activating the promo code is quite easy and only takes a few seconds.

Firstly, become a registered member of the website and log in using your username and password. Go to the green ‘Get Funds’ icon located at the top right corner of the website. On the payment section, click gift cards and enter your promo code. The funds/free cases will immediately appear in your account balance.

Drakemall Free Code Summary

Drakemall is certainly one of the most interesting bookies out there. The site is safe and customer-oriented which is evident by the endless list of promo codes on offer. To date, more than 2.5 million users are registered to the website, with some players winning up to $10 million.

To take your piece of the cake, consider signing up with Drakemall. The site will award your first case free of charge. Simply use one of the promo codes on this page and claim up a generous offer. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about Drakemall Codes

How many promo codes can I use for each order?

Drakemall usually has up to 3 discount codes on a single product. However, this is not to say that they can all be used simultaneously. Gamers are required to use one promo code at a time. You can only use another code after exhausting the first one. So, try to browse through every code and select the one with the most value.

How can I know if a promo code is legit?

Tons of fake promo codes websites make it difficult to determine valid codes from fake ones. For legit Drakemall codes, bookmark our website and keep tabs on the Drakemall website. Moreover, there are customer reviews throughout social media networks whose sole purpose is to evaluate CSGO promo codes.

How often does Drakemall release new promo codes?

Drakemall has a blend of ongoing promotions and seasonal giveaways. The operator may have up to 30 codes at a time, depending on the time of the year. Holidays seasons and international days usually attract an increased number of codes.