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The Datduck promo code for the free gems section is "RADARCODE" and can be used across all sections on the DatDuck site, partiuclarly the CSGO roulette section. Head over to the free gems section at enter the code "RADARCODE" and get up to $1,000 + receive free skins!

The Datduck promo code for the free gems section is "RADARCODE" and can be used across all sections on the DatDuck site, partiuclarly the CSGO roulette section. Head over to the free gems section at enter the code "RADARCODE" and get up to $1,000 + receive free skins!

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Up To $1000

The CSGO gambling scene is proliferating, and new sites like DatDuck are seeing the light. With a great offer of gambling games, sweet bonuses and an excellent gaming experience, we’ve decided to share the DatDuck promo code with you, so you can join it to try it yourself.

Here you have the list of available DatDuck promo codes:


The main prize that this bonus code offers is a big loot of free skins, which you can cash out or use for gambling on the platform. 

If you want to learn more about the DatDuck promo code, the bonuses you can get and pro advice on making the most out of it, then keep reading.

How to Redeem the DatDuck Promo Code

Redeeming the DatDuck bonus code is easy and fast, just follow our short guide:

  1. Go to DatDuck.com
  2. Login with Steam
  3. Click on “Free Gems”
  4. Enter the promo code “RADARCODE”
  5. Click on “Claim Boost” to obtain your bonus!

Now that you’ve claimed your bonus of free skins or free gems, you can use them on any game at DatDuck, roulette being the main attraction right now. It’s still a new site, so there’s a lot more to come in the next few months.

Where to Use the Promo Code Bonus at DatDuck

Since DatDuck is pretty new, it only offers one opportunity where to use the bonus: Roulette. If you like this gambling game, then you’ll love the experience at DatDuck, because it offers you the following benefits:

  • One game every 10 seconds (during the 24 hours of the day!)
  • Provably Fair results
  • Record of previous rolls to run your own strategy
  • Exclusive Roulette bonuses
  • Easy to play interface.

When you spot the right patterns, it’s easy to generate a good ROI when playing CSGO Roulette. Therefore, it’s a good way to use your promo code bonus because you can see it grow, especially if you get one of the $100, $500 or even $1,000 bonuses.

The Advantages of Redeeming the Promo Code Bonus

Using this promo code costs you nothing and it offers you a complete set of benefits:

  • You get the chance to win up to $1,000 in free skins
  • You’ll receive free skins during 5 days
  • You can use these free skins/gems to bet big on Roulette
  • You can use them to increase your bankroll by making a first deposit
  • You can use the bonus money to bet on green (Duck) on Roulette.

After all, we’re talking about free money and that’s more than enough to motivate you to redeem the promo code. So, don’t wait any longer and claim it now to start playing.

Is the DatDuck Promo Code Legit?

Yes, the DatDuck bonus code is legit because thousands of gamblers have already claimed it and received the promised free skins/gems. Furthermore, since the platform is Provably Fair, you can use the promo code bonus and any deposit with total confidence.

We understand that it’s natural to be skeptical at first, provided that DatDuck is a brand new platform, but so far now there are no complaints about the promo code or the fairness of the Roulette game. In conclusion, it’s legit and safe to play at DatDuck.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

To properly close this article, here you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the DatDuck promo code. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Is the DatDuck promo code bonus only available for playing Roulette?

Nowadays the only game available at DatDuck is roulette, but when they include more games, you’ll be able to use the promo code to make bets on them as well. DatDuck is still a brand new platform, so there’s still a lot to come in the next few months.

Does the DatDuck promo code bring free skins?

Yes, it brings you free skins every day for 5 days. The value of the skins will depend on the card you pick once you redeem the promo code. It’s all a game of luck, so anything could happen. Remember that the maximum value of the code’s bonus is $1,000.

Do I get all the DatDuck promo code free skins at once?

No, you’ll get skins everyday for 5 days. You’ll find them in your inventory, and you can either cash them our or use them for making bets on Roulette. 

Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
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