DatDrop Review

Currently, CS:GO skins are not considered mere in-game items. If you want to open cases or battle with multiple opponents to drop amazing skins, DatDrop will surely keep you busy for a long time.

Read on for a full overview of DatDrop:

Currently, CS:GO skins are not considered mere in-game items. If you want to open cases or battle with multiple opponents to drop amazing skins, DatDrop will surely keep you busy for a long time.

Read on for a full overview of DatDrop:

Is DatDrop Legit?

DatDrop is one of the most reputable case-opening sites in the CSGO gambling segment. Looking back at the platform’s history, it is impossible to find stains related to hacker attacks, fraudulent schemes, or scams in general.

Compared to most case opening sites founded at the same period. DatDrop survived throughout the years to become a reference in the industry. Both new and seasoned users consider the platform a trustworthy choice for those seeking to indulge in case openings and other related features.

Another important aspect is that DatDrop uses no “bait bonus” strategies to lure new players into non-profitable deals. All the bonuses and promotions available on the site are 100% legitimate, granting players the opportunity to enjoy real rewards for free.

Is DatDrop a Reputable Site?

Over the years, DatDrop built a solid reputation in the CSGO gambling community. Since its inception, over 298 million cases were opened through the website.

Currently, DatDrop boasts a jaw-dropping 1.5 million active users, which is an impressive number considering the competitiveness of the case-opening industry. According to independent reviews from Trustpilot, the website has a score of 4.3 out of 5.

As a reputable website, DatDrop attracted players from all over the world, which resulted in an active community. No matter at which hour of the day you visit the website, you will find at least 100 users online. 

Is DatDrop Fair?

DatDrop is aware that the sole thought of being cheated on gambling casts fear into players’ hearts and minds. But how can players know if the outcomes of cases, battles, and upgrades are legitimate? 

To solve this issue, DatDrop runs a Provably Fair mechanism and educates players on how to use it to verify the randomness of all results. With Provably Fair, all results are generated out of the control of players and the platform itself, which ensures no party has the power to interfere in this encrypted mechanism.

DatDrop Case Games

DatDrop is not a conventional online casino or a platform dedicated to game modes like Crash, Roll, Plinko, Coinflip, or any other skin gambling standards. Instead, the website is exclusively focused on case openings.

If buying keys and opening cases of all types is just too boring for you, DatDrop offers other features you can indulge in such as “Battle Opening,” Upgrade,” and “Battle Royale.”

Following the same mechanics of Case Battles, the “Battle Opening” feature puts players face to face in fierce combats to see who drops the most valuable skins. 

The “Upgrade” has similar features to Jackpot and Roll, but players don’t depend exclusively on chance and luck. Players must deposit skins to accumulate a total value that is as equivalent as possible to that of the desired items. 

The “Battle Royale” mode is exclusive to DatDrop and cannot be found anywhere else. This unique game allows four to 72 players to go against each other simultaneously within tournaments of two to six rounds (depending on the total number of players). 

Round by round, players battle 1×1 (or 1x1x1) style, and the winner of each match advances to the next round until there’s only one standing at the end.

Are DatDrop Promotions Good?

The first special offer available on DatDrop is the regular promo code, which can be redeemed in the deposit (+) section right beside the user’s profile. Players also have the option to claim free cases based on each one’s respective level.

The more funds you deposit on DatDrop, the higher your level increases. Keep in mind that your level depends on the current amount on your account balance, which means this promotion is not cumulative.

Here’s how the levels vary according to how much players deposit on DatDrop: 

  • Level 1 – 3$
  • Level 2 – 25$
  • Level 3 – 50$
  • Level 4 – 75$
  • Level 5 – 100$

Every 24 hours, players who have actively deposited funds on the site can claim a case for free and take a chance on it to drop skin prizes. The higher the level, the better the rewards are. For example, lucky players who claim Level 5 cases can drop high-tier skins like the AWP Asiimov or AWP Lightning Strike. 

Does DatDrop Offer a Good User Experience?

The best term to describe DatDrop’s user experience is straightforward. A glance at the website and you will find the functionalities intuitively displayed throughout the homepage.

At the top menu, you will find the tabs well-organized, with the website’s flagships highlighted in brighter colors. The website is available in over ten languages, which makes the whole experience more accessible to a much wider audience.

As cases and skins are not regulated securities, DatDrop is not considered a gambling site and its platform is available in all but a few countries.

Coin Exchange Rate at DatDrop?

Many case-opening sites have odd exchange rates involving credits or coins that are not equivalent to a 1:1 standard. Hence, players tend to spend much more than they actually want, which ends up draining one’s bankroll sooner than expected.

To avoid this unpleasant scenario, DatDrop has no exchange system, as the standard currency used in the platform is the US dollar. This is an excellent approach as players know exactly how much they’re spending on cases.

DatDrop Payment Methods

DatDrop’s catalog of payment methods offers a decent number of options, which are:

While this list might look impressive at first glance, G2A Pay supports multiple payment options by itself, which vary according to the player’s location. Skin deposits are processed through Money4Skins, WaxPeer, and SkinPay,  so feel free to choose the most convenient method for your case.

For withdrawals, DatDrop’s payout system depends exclusively on CS:GO skins. Hence, players can withdraw the equivalent amount held in their DatDrop inventories in the form of skins to their Steam accounts.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between DatDrop’s advantages and disadvantages: 

Excellent cases, upgrades, and battles Limited withdrawal options 
Unique Battle Royale modeCustomer support restricted to email service
Fully Provably Fair 
Available in most countries 
Solid reputation 

Ultimately, DatDrop is a good website for those who want to open cases, upgrade skins, or engage in exciting battles. Withdrawals are limited to CS:GO skins and the customer support service is not ideal, but these two minor flaws are not sufficient to overcome the platform’s extensive list of benefits. 

DatDrop Customer Support

If DatDrop has a weak point, it has to be its customer support system. Unfortunately, neither live chat support nor even a ticket system is available. Consequently, the only way to request support is by sending an email to [email protected].

The waiting period can vary from a few hours to almost a day, which is not positive. Depending on how urgent the request might be, players can only sit down and wait to get their requests answered via email.

Even if the website offered a ticket system, it would still be outdated. Ideally, DatDrop should update this elementary aspect of the platform and introduce an instant live chat feature.