CSGOSociety.GG Review

Originally launched in 2016, Society.GG was fully refurbished and relaunched in 2021. With a little longer than a year of activity in a super competitive segment, the platform was designed to offer a charming gambling event where players can have endless fun wagering with CS:GO skins. 

Read on for a full review of Society.GG:

Originally launched in 2016, Society.GG was fully refurbished and relaunched in 2021. With a little longer than a year of activity in a super competitive segment, the platform was designed to offer a charming gambling event where players can have endless fun wagering with CS:GO skins. 

Read on for a full review of Society.GG:

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Is Society.GG Legit?

This is a common question every time CS:GO skin gamblers find a new platform that is quickly gaining popularity in the community. Despite being active for only a year, Society.GG is not a mystery. 

Within this short period, the platform was continuously tested by thousands of users who had the opportunity to review its game catalog, bonuses, customer support, and overall gambling experience.

Looking at the testimonials and reviews posted online, it is feasible to conclude that Society.GG is a trustworthy site for gamblers who want to wager on game modes with CS:GO skins.

Is Society.GG a Reputable Site?

Looking back at the platform’s short history, there are not even signals of hacker attacks, scams, fraud, or any similar events that would stain its reputation. Owned and run by Cyprus-based True Polygon Entertainment Limited, Society.GG has a license from CuraƧao.

Still, there are no specifications on the website by which players can identify which specific licensing badge applies to the platform. When it comes to cybersecurity, Society.GG has 256-bit encryption to shield the website’s communication with its server.

Other protective tools also prevent the occurrence of fraud and phishing against the users’ data and funds.

Is Society.GG Fair? 

Society.GG is a Provably Fair site. The mere mention of the word “cheat” in the CS:GO gambling segment can cast fear in the hearts and minds of thousands of players.

In the past, many scam sites ran by influencers and other figures with no good intentions managed to lure players into bait situations and caused a massive loss of skins and money.

Over the years, the segment evolved and now most CSGO skin betting sites run on Provably Fair systems. In layman’s terms, this algorithm-based technology allows users to identify the fairness in all results through a hash seed system that ensures no one is cheating on games or cases.

Society.GG Casino Games

While many CS:GO gambling sites boast large game catalogs, Society.GG follows the “less is more” motto. Instead of running several low-quality games, the platform prefers to deliver the best experience with a short-but-solid selection of games. Feel free to enjoy:

While this trio might not look like the world’s most impressive roster for a CS:GO gambling site, it is more than sufficient to keep players wagering for a one-year-long season of free bonuses, amazing skin rewards, and smooth withdrawals. 

Despite the limited options, all games are entertaining and can easily get any die-hard gambler going on for hours straight. The layout also looks good, which is another positive element of our review. In terms of rewards, Crash and Roulette offer better prizes than Dice. 

Society.GG Promotions & Bonuses

The first bonus you can claim on Society.GG is the promo code bonus. From time to time, the platform distributes these special “passwords” that grant players exclusive benefits that they could not access otherwise.

If you do not have it, you can still claim a free bonus when you take your first steps on Society.GG. After signing up with your Steam account, feel free to claim a subscription bonus in the form of free credits.

The more active you get in Society.GG, the better you will be rewarded. For loyal players, the website offers daily rewards that can be easily claimed in the “Daily Free” tab at the top menu.

Additionally, gamblers can indulge in regular skin bonuses associated with the platform’s social media channels, especially Twitter.

Does Society.GG Offer a Good User Experience?

Ultimately, the best word to describe Society.GG’s user experience is “smooth.” If you want an easy-to-handle experience, the platform has your back. In addition to a well-designed website with all functions displayed intuitively, gamblers can easily understand the mechanics of games and the steps to deposit and withdraw funds.

Society.GG allows you to buy and sell skins with a built-in feature on their website. A unique aspect that makes this website stand out is its mobile-friendly approach.

Available for desktop and mobile, gamblers can enjoy Society.GG’s games on the go as seamlessly as they would in front of the computer screen.

Exchange Rate at Society.GG

The virtual credits used to wager on Society.GG’s games are called “bananas.” The website’s visual design is all inspired on hip-hop-styled monkey mascots, which explains it’s a conceptual element. The currency exchange rate is 1:1.

Society.GG Payment Methods

Society.GG supports several payment methods for deposits, including:

  • CS:GO skins
  • Rust skins
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Visa
  • GPay
  • Apple Pay
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfers

A few options of cryptocurrencies are also available, which are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Stellar (XLM). Fortunately, there are no limited caps for both deposits and withdrawals.

When it’s time to withdraw your winnings, the only method available is through skins. Feel free to exchange your bananas for CS:GO or Rust skins using the website’s built-in store, which is an excellent P2P trading market.

Please note that Society.GG is one of the best skin gambling sites for Rust fans, as it is not solely focused on CS:GO items.

Pros and Cons

Like any other CS:GO gambling site, Society.GG has advantages and disadvantages for players. Most importantly, the share of benefits must surpass the negative elements, so let’s take a look at them separately:

Easy registration Customer support is not ideal  
Fun live chat experience Could feature more gambling options 
Free sign-up bonuses
Intuitive navigation 
Good games 

Depending on your priorities, Society.GG can be a good option for an entertaining gambling session. At first glance, you will certainly notice the website’s smooth navigation and seamless registration process.

The live chat where users can interact with each other 24/7 only adds up to the experience, especially to boost the competitive spirit and the players’ eagerness to wager more and more.

A free sign-up bonus without any wagering requirements involved surely gets gamblers rolling nicely from day one, as they do not need to take funds out of their own pockets to give their first steps.

Still, Society.GG lacks efficient customer support tools, which is not a positive factor in our analysis. Another aspect that could improve significantly is the game catalog, which features only a few options. Despite this, all game modes are fun and the platform’s popularity is growing. 

Society.GG Customer Support

One of the website’s drawbacks is the lack of a proper customer support system. While there is an email address dedicated exclusively to customer support, Society.GG offers no responsive backup, and users sometimes must wait too long to get their queries answered. 

A live chat feature is also available for support but only covers minor issues. In a competitive segment such as the CS:GO gambling industry, the “brains” controlling the website should know that this is not the standard.

Ideally, the best approach would be to feature a well-drafted FAQ section with detailed answers for questions organized in different categories and a live chat tool dedicated exclusively to technical or major issues.

Code: "ES100"