CSGORun Review

With the growing popularity of CS:GO skins, several gambling sites have transformed entertaining sessions into a thrilling rush for these golden items. Following this trend, CSGORun delivers an exciting gambling experience that allows players to run after amazing prizes.

Read on for a full review of CSGORun;

With the growing popularity of CS:GO skins, several gambling sites have transformed entertaining sessions into a thrilling rush for these golden items. Following this trend, CSGORun delivers an exciting gambling experience that allows players to run after amazing prizes.

Read on for a full review of CSGORun;

Can You Trust CSGORun?

Registered in Curaçao, CSGORun was never involved in events associated with hacker attacks, scams, or other gambling controversies. Despite being a bit scarce in terms of information, the website allows players to communicate with their team via Twitter, VK, and Telegram.

Besides enforcing responsible gaming, CSGORun also has a proper AML policy and runs on a Provably Fair framework to shield players against rigged results.

Since its inception, the website has been evolving to please a wider consumer base, especially considering the addition of multiple languages and legit promotions to attract new users.

CSGORun Review: Unveiling the Platform

Here’s an overview of the advantages and disadvantage of wagering on CSGORun. Let’s give a check at the table: 

Good gambling catalog with unique options Poor customer support service 
Enhanced interaction with live chat feature Bonus catalog could be updated 
Variety of payment methods for deposits 
Provably Fair 
Available in several languages 

Unfortunately, CSGORun lacks an efficient customer support system. Also, even though CSGORun offers regular giveaways, users would be pleased to have more opportunities to claim bonuses. 

Still, CSGORun is not a failed project of CS:GO gambling site, as it offers all the basic elements gamblers need to have a superb experience: solid games with Provably Fair results, efficient deposit methods, and a website available in different languages. 

Is CSGORun a Reputable Site?

Focused mostly on a Russian-speaking public, CSGORun recently expanded its roster to Western audiences and quickly became a major hit. Despite the rapid rise in popularity, the platform cannot be considered a “hype train.”

So far, the public reception has been positive, which is demonstrated by the huge number of independent reviews praising the platform’s benefits. While the site has a long way to run before achieving the solid reputation of the industry’s pioneers, it is safe to affirm that CSGORun is a reputable website.

Is CSGORun Fair?

CSGORun is a Provably Fair website. Three elementary factors make this system works – a Random number generator (RNG), a seed generator, and a hashing mechanism. 

RNG is responsible for determining the outcomes of games, generating countless numbers per second. On the other hand, the seed generator fees the algorithmic system that determines the results of bets, which have unique number IDs generated by hashing. 

All players have access to a seed number to verify the randomness of results, which guarantees no one (including CSGORun itself) can interfere with the results.

CSGO Casino Games

CSGORun offers three gambling modes and a match betting section dedicated to eSports. Players can wager on Crash, Double, and PVP game modes. 

The Crash game has a unique layout inspired by the platform’s name. Instead of a standard multiplier rising further and further, the graph shows a small NPC running up a hill. The faster the NPC runs, the higher the multiplier rises. 

As expected, if you do not cash out timely, the NPC will suddenly stop running and the multiplier will crash, which results in a loss of the wagered amount.

The Double game is a CS:GO-themed roulette game with 15 spots – Terrorists (T) and Counter-Terrorists (CT) have seven spots for each team (2x multiplier), while the last remaining spot features the platform’s running man symbol (14x multiplier).

The PVP section features four different game modes – Rollrun, Kanobu, Runflip, and Jackrun. These proprietary are uniquely designed and make CSGORun stand out among competitors with gambling options that make players go directly against each other to win. 

Are CSGORun Promotions Good?

Despite not being the “greatest bonus champion of all time,” CSGORun features a decent list of bonus offers and promotions. First, players can redeem promo codes and immediately claim a top-up percentage bonus on deposits.

As a way to privilege players who prefer to use skins as a form of currency, CSGORun grants a 10% bonus for players who deposit with skins, as well as players who add “csgorun.pro” to their profile nicknames on Steam.

There are also seasonal giveaways, which allow players to drop exclusive skins. For example, with the ESL 2022 just around the corner, CSGORun allows players to guess which team will be the great tournament winner and have the chance to claim a nice skin. 

Keep in mind that all the predictions can be made for free, which makes the promotion even better. 

Does CSGORun Offer a Good User Experience?

It is impossible to get lost trying to find the right tabs or sections on CSGORun. At a glance, the website is clean and has a straight layout. All features are clearly displayed and organized on the site’s dashboard, so there’s no hardship involved in navigation.

Besides the fluid navigation, CSGORun also enhances the whole gambling experience with a live chat section where players can freely interact and cheerfully celebrate each other’s victories. 

Located at the website’s extreme right of the screen, the live chat allows players to talk while they are wagering. Depending on how crowded the chat is, it can be difficult to follow the rhythm of messages coming one after another.

At the end of the day, it’s pure fun. CSGORun is available in several different languages, such as English, Russian, German, Polish, Turkish, and Portuguese to name a few options.

Coin Exchange Rate at CSGORun

The coin exchange rate applied to CSGORun’s system is 1:1 with the US dollar. Hence, if you deposit a skin worth $1,000, you will have 1,000 credits to wager on several games.

Fortunately, this system helps everyone to wager smartly, as players can see how much they are spending on bets. With odd coin exchange rates, most players simply keep wagering on and on while thinking they have more funds in their accounts than they actually have.

Payment Methods

There’s no scarcity of payment methods available for deposits on CSGORun. Feel free to fund your account balance using: 

  • CS:GO skins (P2P)
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Yandex
  • AliPay
  • QIWI
  • AlfaClick
  • Mobile
  • AdvCash
  • GameMoney

For players fonder of cryptocurrencies, there are several options available for deposits like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC), Dai (DAI), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

To withdraw the funds held in one’s account balance, the only method available is through skins. The process is simple and requires no third-party intermediaries, as players just need to go through a simple P2P trading process. 

How Would You Rate The Customer Support?

When players click on the “Contact” tab, they are immediately redirected to a section that displays information about the company, including an email address by which it is possible to contact them.

Another way to request the platform’s support for technical or any other issues is to submit a message using the ticket system. Depending on the day, it may take a few hours for them to respond, which definitely is not a good deal.

At the end of the day, both systems are outdated and players would be better served with a live chat support tool. The website’s FAQ does not help either, as it covers general questions and answers that will not be useful in most scenarios that require technical support.