CSGORoll x G2 Partnership: A Game-Changing Collaboration

Are you ready for new massive giveaways, exclusive events, and lots of free CSGO skins and prizes? You better be because this is exactly what the collaboration between CSGORoll and G2 will bring you, to take your CSGO gambling experience to the next levels.

Let’s check all the details of the CSGORoll x G2 collaboration and partnership to see how it will benefit you as a CSGO gambler.

How Did the CSGORoll x G2 Collaboration Happen?

CSGORoll has partnered up with G2 Esports juggernaut, the most exciting and fastly growing Esports organization in the world. It’s only logical for a world-class organization to seek out the sponsorship of a giant in the universe of CS:GO such as CSGORoll, a company that has been dominating the CSGO gambling scene since 2016.

G2 arrived at the conclusion that skins = wins, and hence partnering up with CSGORoll was the perfect move. Meanwhile there are other big operators in the CSGO gambling industry, none can come close to the level of activity, liquidity and engagement of CSGORoll. And since they strive to always bring their fans the best, here we have the CSGORoll x G2 collaboration.

How the CSGORoll x G2 Collaboration Will Benefit You

This partnership is all about upgrading your experience at CSGORoll, so here you have all the benefits that you will enjoy thanks to this collaboration:

More Prizes and Giveaways for CSGORoll Users and G2 Fans

This partnership will go beyond seeing the CSGORoll on jerseys of the G2’s CS:GO team. Be it online or at offline events, CSGORoll will increase the stakes and host more giveaways and exclusive promos where you will have a chance at winning rare skins, lots of CSGO cases and free money. 

Special Events for Even More Prizes

The first event will be the G2 Booth at the BLAST.tv CS:GO Major in Paris, where attendees will have the chance to spin the CSGORoll Slot Machine to win exclusive and expensive CSGO skins and special prizes. And this is just the beginning, because CSGORoll is the most generous CSGO casino out there thanks to their massive giveaways that are usually worth $500K or even more. 

Best Moment to Get Started with CSGO Gambling

If you’ve never played CSGO gambling games or gambled with CSGO skins, then this is the best moment to get started, especially if you’re a G2 fan. CSGORoll is the most beginner-friendly platform for gambling with skins because the casino and the games are easy to use and play. And since CSGORoll will release new bonuses, promotions and giveaways, this is your best moment to get started.

Innovation Driver for a Better CSGO Gambling Experience

Because this partnership will drive lots of new users to CSGORoll, we’re sure that they will implement new changes and innovations that will take the CSGO gambling experience to the next level. Be it new games, even faster withdrawals or an upgraded mobile gaming experience, there are a lot of possibilities ahead.

The Plans of the CSGORoll x G2 Partnership: Exclusive Insights

CSGORoll is yet to release all the upcoming events in the roadmap thanks to the collaboration with G2, but so far now we know that it will start with G2 Booth at the BLAST.tv CS:GO Major in Paris. Attendees will be able to play the exclusive CSGORoll Slot Machine, which will pay out in rare skins and fabulous prizes.

Therefore, we can expect plenty of these events from now on, because CSGORoll will reward CSGO gamblers and G2 fans with lots of prizes and skins. Because the CEO of G2, Alban Dechelotte, has commented that this will allow the fans to get a shot at winning the rare skin they always dreamed of. 

CSGORoll announced that they’re still waiting for the perfect time to release the big reveal, which will completely transform the CSGO gambling experience.

A Game Changing Collaboration that Will Revolutionize the CSGO Gambling Industry

As CSGORoll’s team has stated, they will show G2 and its fans what it means to be part of the biggest community in the CSGO gambling industry. Considered as a new chapter in the history of this famous CSGO casino, you can expect lots of new giveaways, special events, free skins and more benefits for you as a CSGORoll user or G2 fan!