How to Withdraw on CSGORoll

Founded in 2016, CSGORoll got back from a shutdown in 2020 and is currently listed among the world’s most popular CSGO gambling websites. 

While the website’s layout is clear and does not feature a complex deposit/withdrawal system, many players may need additional guidance to navigate the process smoothly. We’ll explain everything so you can do it today. 

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How to Withdraw From CSGORoll – An Introduction

CSGORoll allows players to withdraw the skins won on the website. All the items won by a player go into his or her inventory. When it is time to withdraw a specific item, the player just needs to redeem it for an actual skin into his or her Steam account.

The process is quite simple. The first step is to click on the “Withdraw” tab at the top of the page. Before withdrawing, you must have a balance. If you do not have a balance, it is impossible to withdraw skins.

Instant Skins vs. Escrow Skins – CSGORoll Withdraw Skins

CSGORoll has specific requirements and limits for withdrawals done on the platform. All website items can occupy the “Instant” or “In Escrow” categories. 

If skin is listed as “Instant,” the item is available as soon as you request it. You are free to withdraw the chosen skin if you meet the withdrawal and eligibility requirements.

The basic requirements include making at least one successful deposit to the website and being eligible for skin trading through a valid Steam account. Instant items can be available in “stock” or through the website’s P2P trading system.

If a skin is listed “In Escrow,” it will be available after a waiting period. The waiting time may vary from a few hours to days. The maximum waiting time is seven days, counting from the date and hour when the request was made.

This issue is not necessarily the website’s fault, but it’s part of the restrictions imposed by the 7-day lock on skin trading. After ordering an item listed “In Escrow,” you can track how long it will take until the skin is available.

Is CSGORoll Allowed to Cancel Withdrawal Requests? 

In specific circumstances, the website reserves the right to cancel withdrawal requests. Examples of situations that would allow CSGORoll to cancel your request include:

  • If the requested item cannot be delivered to the player due to a third party’s block (as long the situation is out of CSGORoll’s control, they can cancel the withdrawal request)
  • If the user requesting the withdrawal has the profile flagged during the process
  • If the user fails to meet the requirements to receive a P2P trade offer

For further guidance on which situations may result in CSGORoll canceling your withdrawal request, email them at [email protected]

Are CSGORoll’s Skins Always Available When You Want to Withdraw One of Them? 

Not all CSGO skins are always available when a user requests a specific item. If a skin is not available, the website has a solid refund policy. Hence, the user receives the full amount of the value of the skin and an offer that the customer may appreciate.

For example, CSGORoll may suggest another skin that is currently available for an instant withdrawal. Please note that Steam has its particular set of requirements and rules for withdrawals, which are not necessarily the same as CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Can’t Withdraw – What Should I Do?

If the requested skin is available for withdrawal but the process is not going right, you can go through a basic checklist to find out what is going on. First, your Steam account must be fully trade-ready with a correct Trade URL.

Second, check whether you have received a skin on your Steam inventory within the last week. If it happens, your account may be restricted from trading for at least seven days.

If everything is normal, give it a few minutes and make another attempt. Otherwise, contact support by emailing [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Withdrawing skins on CSGORoll is not rocket science. As long as you meet the website’s requirements and keep your Steam account out of trouble, you are free to cash out CSGO and Dota skins won in CSGO crash, roulette, case opening, dice, or coinflips. 


Yes, the website is a legit CSGO gambling platform that features provably fair gambling and secure withdrawal methods. In the event of failed withdrawal requests or any other issues, feel free to reach out to CSGORoll’s team by emailing [email protected].

Are Withdrawal Bots Allowed for CSGORoll Users?

CSGORoll has strong policies against the use of withdrawal bots. This type of resource is strictly prohibited for users, as the platform considers that the practice results in unfair competition and a negative user experience.

Other prohibited practices include advertising or selling third-party services within the platform, which is punishable with a permanent ban from CSGORoll with no appeals available.

What Happens If the Skin Does Not Feature the “Withdraw” Button?

If a CSGO skin does not feature the withdraw button, the item is not stocked by CSGORoll. In such a case, the player has two options – select items in stock or sell items for coins and request something in CSGORoll’s P2P section.

Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
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