CSGORoll vs. CSGO500: the Best Choice For You 2023

Choosing where to gamble online is not as easy as it may sound, especially after the growing interest in CSGO skins resulted in the creation of a plethora of platforms with game modes, cases, and sportsbooks. CSGORoll and CSGO500 are respected sites in the segment, but each of them has its particularities.

In this article, you will find a full comparison between CSGORoll and CSGO500.

CSGORoll vs. CSGO500 – All You Need to Know

Here’s an in-depth look into the pros and cons of CSGORoll and CSGO500. The more you know about each platform, the better chance you have to choose the best gambling site for your case. Check it out:

History & Stats 

CSGORoll was one of the first skin gambling sites in the industry. Founded in 2016, it became a reference for several platforms founded in subsequent years. The website is operated by Feral Holdings Limited, a company registered in Belize.

Similarly, CSGO500 has been around for quite a while as well. The platform was also launched in 2016, following the boom of CSGO skin trading and the 7-day trade lock. Also referred to as 500 Casino, CSGO500 has three different domains, which can be quite confusing for new users.

Throughout the years, both websites have had no history of scams, fraud, or hacker attacks. Either option offers reliability and safety in gambling.

Provably Fair

When a gambling site has a provably fair system, it means that the platform runs on top-tier encryption technology that allows users to verify the results of bets through a hash system. Older platforms did not offer provable results at the dawn of the industry, but websites eventually started to adopt the system.

CSGORoll was one of the first “old-school” gambling sites to become provably fair, which contributed to solidifying its image as the world’s reference to skin gambling. CSGO500 also adopted provably fair technology within the same period, making itself part of the select list of 100% transparent CSGO gambling sites.


CSGORoll and CSGO500 have solid reputations earned after years of steady performance. The first site became a hit since its launch, boasting an immense number of loyal customers and attracting new ones every day.

The website is quite active on social media, which contributes to a better relationship with customers. CSGO500 is not different in this matter, as the platform has thousands of positive reviews posted on independent sites, as well as web traffic numbers that prove users are willing to go back to wager more and more. 

Game Modes & Cases

In terms of variety, both sites offer a good number of game options. CSGORoll’s gambling catalog includes Roll (a fancy name for CSGO Roulette), Crash, Plinko, and Dice. Gamblers also have the option to open cases through the “Unboxing” feature and face other players on Case Battles.

However, it is hard to compete with CSGO500 when it comes to variety. Divided into two sections – “Casino” and “Sportsbook” – the website allows players to indulge in Crash, Duels, Plinko, Slots, Duels, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and several live dealer games.

Determining which choice is better for your case depends exclusively on personal taste. If you like the game mode and cases combo better, CSGORoll is the way to go. For those who prefer hundreds of games combined with a top-notch sportsbook, CSGO500 acts as the definite solution.

Payment Methods & Coin Exchange Rate

The number of payment methods supported by CSGORoll is quite impressive. From CSGO skins and cryptocurrency to Trustly, the website covers a broad range of payment solutions for deposits.  The only option available for withdrawals is cashing out CSGO skins.

The list of payment methods available on CSGO500 includes CSGO skins, debit/credit cards, several e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), and EOS (EOS).

CSGORoll has an exchange rate where 1 coin is equivalent to $0.7, which requires additional attention from users when planning their bankroll. Conversely, CSGO500 allows players to wager with BUX or real money. $1 is worth 1000 BUX, an interesting exchange rate. 

CSGORoll vs. CSGO500 – Final Thoughts

A comparison between CSGORoll and CSGO500 makes it plain to see that both share similarities with strong differences in particular aspects. CSGORoll is more “skin-oriented,” while CSGO500 offers a more “general” casino solution.

Players seeking a well-rounded online casino will certainly choose CSGO500 instead of CSGORoll, but the first will be on the must-do list for lucky gamblers who like to open cases or dispute Case Battles.