CSGORoll Roulette Betting Guide

The CSGORoll Roulette has become one of the most popular CS:GO gambling games, because it brings you a fun, exciting, and easy way to win legendary skins and cash… but do you really know how to play it?

Playing it right goes beyond placing your bets, spinning the wheel and letting luck decide your fate – you need to use the same strategies and tactics that the pros use, and this guide will bring you that knowledge. Let’s get started!

How Does the CSGORoll Roulette Work?

Unlike your regular online roulette games, this one only has 4 betting options: red, black, green (zero), and BaitBet. You simply place your bets on the option you think will hit; if it does, you will win the corresponding price.

Here you have the payouts for the different betting options from CSGORoll Roulette:

  • Red: x2
  • Black: x2
  • Green: x14
  • BaitBet: x7

You can bet the amount of coins you wish, wait for the game to spin the roulette and that’s it. You will receive the corresponding prizes automatically.

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Know the Odds of the CSGORoll Roulette

In order to use the strategies and tactics correctly, it’s critical to learn about the odds of the CSGORoll roulette. We will check the stats for the standard betting options: red, black, and green.

The Odds of Red, Black and Green

Red and black pay x2 times your bet, whereas green pays x14, since it’s more elusive. The probabilities prove it:

  • Red: 46.66%
  • Black: 46.66%
  • Green: 6.66%

We’ve personally tested this over hundreds of rounds, and we’ve found that the odds remain the same in practice as in theory. 

Contrary to some gamblers’ recommendation to only bet one color, we will tell you that it’s a bad idea. From our tests, we found the following:

  • We’ve experienced times when RED didn’t show up for over 10 rounds
  • We’ve experienced times when BLACK didn’t show up for nearly 20 rounds
  • And we’ve experienced times when GREEN didn’t show up for nearly 100 rounds!

Just like red, black or green cannot show up for several rounds, the opposite can happen too. We’ve experienced times when RED and BLACK showed up for 10-15 consecutive rounds, whereas green hit 4-5 times (and that’s enough for you to win the massive triple green jackpot!)

This information is key to understanding that bad streaks can happen more often than you think, even if you play it safe. That’s why the martingale is the worst strategy for CSGORoll roulette.

This is why it’s important to cut bad streaks soon and collect profits as soon as you hit your goals for the day or gambling session.

Now that you know more about the odds that matter when playing on top CSGO roulette sites, it’s time to talk about the strategies that will help you to win.

What Are the Best CSGORoll Roulette Tactics and Strategies?

We will stay away from tactics and strategies like the Martingale – we will focus on approaches that truly bring results. Here you have our best methods for playing the CSGORoll roulette.

Define a Gambling Strategy

The first step is to define how much you are going to assign to your bankroll (the total number of coins), the size of your bets, your profit targets, and your loss limits. This will allow you to retain profits, cut losses early and keep a positive mindset, which is key for making the most out of your time playing the CSGORoll roulette.

Smart Double Down

Kick the Martingale to the curb, because now that you know about the odds of the CSGORoll roulette, you can see why it’s a terrible idea to double down on every loss, because you can burn your entire bankroll if you’re in a bad streak. 

On the other hand, the Smart Double Down strategy recognizes the importance of the odds, and brings you a much better approach to gambling on the CSGORoll Roulette. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wait for a color to have a streak of 6-8 consecutive wins
  2. Bet on the opposite color
  3. If you won, then withdraw your profits and wait for the pattern to show up again
  4. If you lost, then keep doubling down your bet until you win or you hit your loss limit.

This is similar to the Martingale, but instead of randomly doubling down any lost bet, here you’re looking for a pattern that’s based on the odds of the game.

You could start earlier, but we’ve seen the highest success rate after 6-8 rounds of consecutive wins. In the end, you should play it according to your initial gambling strategy (bet size, profit goals, loss limits, etc.).

As you can see, this strategy only works for bets on Red or Black. If you want to hunt down that precious Green, then let’s check the next strategy.

Hunt Down the Green

Since hitting the Green brings you an outstanding reward of x14 times your bet, you can play it safer. Unlike the previous strategy, here you won’t be doubling down every lost bet, since the odds for scoring the green is only 6.66%.

This strategy requires more dedication and patience since you will have to observe the results of dozens of rounds.

The goal here is to start placing bets on Green if it has appeared only 1-2 times during the last 100 rounds. If it hasn’t appeared at all, then it’s much safer to bet on Green.

Regarding the bet size, we recommend you to keep it the same for 10 rounds in case the green hasn’t appeared yet. Every 10 rounds, multiply the bet size for x1.5-2 based on your risk tolerance, profit goals and loss limit. 

For example, if I’ve noticed that green has only showed up twice during the last 100 rounds, then I’d start by betting 0.10 for ten consecutive rounds, and in case it didn’t show up by round #10, then I’d multiply it by x1.5, making it a bet of 0.15 that I’d keep for the next 10 rounds.

This is how you hunt down that elusive green. It’s only a matter of catching up the pattern, starting your bets and waiting for the green to show up to collect a massive payout.

Therefore, if you have the nerve to wait for the pattern to appear, then this strategy will prove to be profitable. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGORoll Roulette

If you still have questions about the CSGORoll roulette, then this section will come in handy. If you still need more assistance, then feel free to contact us and we will help you.

How do you beat CSGORoll roulette?

To beat CSGORoll roulette, you have to watch out for patterns such as consecutive wins of a specific color, so you can bet on the opposite, which is the basis for the strategies described in this guide. 

How does the triple green jackpot work CSGORoll?

If there’s 3 greens in a row, then you will win if you placed a bet on any of the three greens. The payout will depend on the amount of coins you wagered during that round.

Can I win real money by playing CSGORoll roulette?

Yes, you can always exchange the coins you win for cryptocurrencies or cash that you can withdraw with any of the supported payment methods.