CSGORoll Plinko Betting Guide

CSGORoll keeps innovating and that’s why they have a new game named Plinko. If you like high-risk, high-reward games, then you will love CSGORoll Plink… but how do you play it? What do you have to do to win big time?

That’s why we have put together this CSGORoll Plinko guide, to let you see how you can ace it when playing this new gambling game, to win lots of coins and skins.

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Now, let’s check what you must do to play and win in CSGORoll Plinko.

The Odds of CSGORoll Plinko: How Risky Is It?

Being completely honest, Plinko is quite a risky game. Sure, it allows you to fine tune the risk with 3 options – Low, Medium and High – but the odds are still kind of risky. Here’s what you need to know.

Plinko at Low Risk Level

We’ve built a table that shows you everything you need to know about the odds of the Plinko at the low risk level.

Max. Win 71.0x
Min. Win0.45x
Odds of 0.45x bucket19.63%
Odds of 0.91x bucket17.45%
Odds of 1.10x bucket12.21%
Odds of 1.20x bucket6.66%
Odds of 1.40x bucket0.85-2.77%
Odds of 2.00x bucket0.18%
Odds of 9.00x bucket0.024%
Odds of 71.00x bucket0.0015%

In conclusion, the further a bucket is from the center, the lower the odds will be. This is the set up for 16 rows, so keep this in mind at the hour of playing.

Plinko at Medium Risk Level

Likewise, we have also created a table for the Medium Risk mode, so you can stay aware of the odds of every bucket, and hence, the possible results for your bet.

Max. Win 170x
Min. Win0.25x
Odds of 0.25x bucket19.63%
Odds of 0.41x bucket17.45%
Odds of 1.00x bucket12.21%
Odds of 1.50x bucket6.66%
Odds of 3.00x bucket2.77%
Odds of 5.00x bucket0.85%
Odds of 10.0x bucket0.18%
Odds of 41.0x bucket0.024%
Odds of 170x bucket0.0015%

Once again, we’ve built this table made on the Medium Risk mode for 16 rows. The odds remain the same, but as you can see, the percentage you lose on the lost-paying bucket is 75% of your original bet.

Plinko at High Risk Level

Finally, here we have the odds and payouts for the highest risk mode – which is the one that will pay you the most if you’re lucky enough to land the ball in a great bucket like the mythic 1030x!

Max. Win 1030x
Min. Win0.12x
Odds of 0.14x bucket19.63%
Odds of 0.12x bucket17.45%
Odds of 0.20x bucket12.21%
Odds of 2.00x bucket6.66%
Odds of 4.00x bucket2.77%
Odds of 9.00x bucket0.85%
Odds of 26.0x bucket0.18%
Odds of 130x bucket0.024%
Odds of 1030x bucket0.0015%

How to Play CSGORoll Plinko in 5 Easy Steps

The game is even easier than CSGORoll roulette or crash because you only have to do the following:

  1. Set your bet amount (e.g. 10 coins)
  2. Select the number of rows (from 8 to 16)
  3. Choose the Risk Payouts (Low, Medium or High)
  4. Click “Place Your Bet”
  5. Let the ball fall to discover what your prize is.

As you can see, it’s very similar to a typical slots game, but instead of getting a winning combination, you need the ball to fall into a high-paying bucket such as x2, 4x or perhaps a whooping x1030!

Therefore, if you want to play a game that’s easy and purely driven by luck, then you will love CSGORoll Plinko. We will talk about the odds in the next section, so that we can start discussing the best strategies for winning at Plinko.

Once again, the odds remain the same but the payouts are notably higher. To be honest, the only drawback is that you can lose up to 88% of your original bet, but if you are wagering just a little bit in every bet, then it’s completely worth it to play at the high risk mode.

Best Strategies and Tactics for Winning at CSGORoll Plinko

Now that you are aware of the odds of CSGORoll Plinko, it’s time to talk about the strategies and tactics that will bring you an advantage over the rest of gamblers. Here’s what you need to know.

Set Up Your Bankroll for Plinko

Since it’s a high-risk game, we recommend you to keep an exclusive bankroll for Plinko. This way you can protect your coins from bad streaks that can happen when playing Plinko. Since it’s purely driven by luck, assign a small bankroll.

Define Profit Goals and Loss Limits

We mention this for every CSGORoll game, because it’s essential to remain profitable in the long run. Be it that you hit a profit goal or a loss limit, it will let you know when it’s time to end the gambling session and come back another day.

Martingale (Low Risk)

If you’ve decided that you will only play in low risk mode – with only 8-10 rows – then a Martingale could work nicely. Essentially, since the max you can lose is 55% of your original bet, you can mitigate the risk of doubling down every lost bet. 

So, you will keep doubling down every bet until you come back to square one, unless you hit a loss limit. 

This strategy is not rocket science, and we feel like it would work best in low risk mode with max 8-10 rows. If you try this strategy in Medium or High risk mode, then chances are you will lose it all. Be cautious. 

Shooting for the Stars (High Risk)

If you don’t want to settle down for low profits, and you are comfortable with increasing the risk, then you should follow this strategy (only for high risk mode with 12-16 rows).

All you need to do is to choose an initial bet size and keep it for at least 10 rounds. If you have lost more than 50% of your wager for the day, then quit it and come back the next day. 

Now, increase the bet size by 20% for the next 10 rounds.  If you have lost more than 50% of your wager for the day, then quit it and come back the next day. 

If you still haven’t achieved a good profit (according to your goals), then top it up once again by 20% for the next 10 rounds.  If you have lost more than 50% of your wager for the day, then quit it and come back the next day.

You’re essentially trying to hunt down a high-paying bucket. By using small increments – with a minimal bet size – you can mitigate the risk and at the same time you’ll get a shot at getting a good payday.

If you want to keep it less risky, then you could try this approach in the Medium Risk mode. Because the High Risk mode can make you lose up to 88% of your original bet, but you can also win a huge prize of x1030 times your bet!

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGORoll Plinko

If you still want to know more about CSGORoll Plinko, then this section will bring the answers you are looking for. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Is CSGORoll Plinko legit?

Yes, CSGORoll Plinko is a Provably Fair game, which means that all the results are 100% results, thus they are completely legit and fair. 

Can I claim a welcome bonus to play Plinko at CSGORoll?

Yes, you can sign up using our CSGORoll promo code to claim a nice welcome bonus of free coins that you can use to play Plinko.

What’s the best bet for CSGORoll Plinko?

We recommend you to make a bet in high risk mode with 16 rows, because the odds remain the same but the payouts are evidently higher. Remember to reduce your bet size, so you can get as many tries as possible until you get a high-paying bucket.