CSGORoll Levels Explained: how to level up

CSGRoll became a fan favorite when it comes to skin gambling and trading. Users not only can enjoy the best games like Coinflip, Dice, and Roll, but also open cases through the “Unboxing” feature and go head-to-head against other players in fierce “Case Battles

Another unique feature of CSGORoll is the possibility to trade skins with other players through the platform’s P2P withdrawal system. The website offers a unique level-based system that allows players to enjoy unique benefits. Read on to understand how this system works.

CSGORoll Levels? – Introduction

Different gambling platforms offer distinct types of benefits to stand out from competitors in the marketplace and boost the player’s eagerness to keep pushing until they win. Any gambling site failing to do so will likely lose customers and eventually go bankrupt.

CSGORoll was created in 2016, but the team went through management changes that have affected the website positively. Incentivizing gamblers to stay around became a top priority, so they developed a unique level-up system based on points. 

In essence, loyal players are rewarded through the “Daily Rewards” mechanism, which allows the most active users to claim prizes based on their respective levels. Players can open one or more free cases based on level every 24 hours.

The number of cases varies according to the player’s level. Each case has its timer, which means it will start counting down as soon as a user opens one of them. After opening a case, you can only re-open it 24 hours later.

What Are the Levels to Attain on CSGORoll? 

Once you register on CSGORoll, you are automatically at level 1. The first “Daily Reward” case is available for users who reach level 2, and then the number of cases increases according to the increasing levels. 

After reaching level 2, players will only unlock more cases at level 10. The following unlocking levels follow a decimal scheme, from level 10 to 20, and then 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100. The last possible level is the 100th one. 

For players willing to stay around for long enough and wager the required amount to reach level 100, they earn the right to open all daily cases to claim free skins. Additionally, they can earn up to 150 coins for free every day (average rate).

When explaining their levels system, CSGORoll clarifies that this mechanism may be subject to future changes as they are still adapting their website to better serve customers.

CSGORoll – How To Level Up? 

Climbing your way to the top of CSGORoll’s level system takes multiple hours of gambling and thousands of coins wagered on games. As of 2023, players must deposit more money on their balances and wager on game modes to gain XP.

The more XP they gain, the more they level up. Reaching level 2 is not hard, as you only need to wager a few coins to unlock the first “Daily Rewards” case. Getting to level 10 is a bit harder, as it will require you to wager at least 288 coins in total. 

Each coin wagered will reward users with 400 XP. The website layout has an experience bar to show players how much XP they need to reach the next level. Every coin cost $0.7 in real money, which allows players to calculate how much they need to wager to attain a certain level.

The growing interest in CSGORoll’s level system led some players to create independent apps and browser extensions to calculate the number of coins one needs to wager to level up. When it comes to obtaining coins, players will eventually need to deposit money in their respective balances.

CSGORoll offers different payment methods for deposits, including Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT). As expected, players are free to deposit CSGO skins and exchange them for coins as well. 

Another alternative to get coins for free is through the occasional promotions offered by CSGORoll. Smarter players will soon learn how to strategize efficiently and seize advantage of promotions to get as many coins for free as possible.

CSGORoll Levels vs. Gems – Explaining the Difference

It is not hard to find players confused with CSGORoll’s level system and Gems. Gems are a special type of currency offered to users based on a percentage of the amount wagered on the platform.

The more Gems you have, the more chances you have to get legendary skins. The proportion of Gems per coin wagered follows this probability rate: 

  • 0.05% chance of winning 1 Gem when you bet 0.01 Coins
  • 5% chance of winning 1 Gem when you bet 1 Coin
  • 50% chance of winning 1 Gem when you bet 10 Coins
  • 50% chance of winning 2 Gems when you bet 20 Coins
  • 50% chance of winning 1000 Gems when you bet 1000 Coins

Gems cannot be fractioned in any situation. Consequently, if a player decides to bet only 9 coins, he will have a 5% chance of winning 1 Gem. The mechanism was created to round the number of Gems down, as players cannot receive fractioned amounts (e.g., 1.2 Gems).


This in-depth guide will surely help you plan your bankroll and use good strategies to level up on CSGORoll and enjoy generous daily rewards in the form of free cases, free coins, and many more. Read on to find concise answers to frequently asked questions about CSGORoll:

Can I Claim CSGORoll Free Cases on Level 1? 

The “Daily Rewards” system only unlocks the first free cases at level 2. From this point on, the number of free cases unlocked varies according to a decimal system, from level 10 to 20, 30,40, and increasing until reaching level 100.

Is CSGORoll’s Levels System Trustworthy? 

CSGORoll has had a solid reputation since its creation in 2016. So far, no player failed to receive the promised rewards after wagering the required number of coins to level up on the platform.

Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Daniel Norris
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