CSGORoll Case Battles Betting Guide

Do you feel like betting against the house is not giving you the results you expected? Then you should try a peer-to-peer gambling game, CSGORoll Case Battles. You can win amazing skins and lots of coins, if you’re lucky enough to claim victory.

If you want to start playing CSGORoll Case Battles the right way, then this guide will bring you all the tips you need to master this PVP gambling game.

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How to Play CSGORoll Case Battles

If you’re new to CS:GO gambling, then you might not have an idea about how to play Case Battles on CSGORoll. But this guide will show you how easy it is in only 5 steps:

  1. Click on “Create Duel”
  2. Select “Case Battle”
  3. Click on “Add Box” to add cases to the battle
  4. Find the settings on the upper right corner to personalize your experience
  5. Click on “Create duel for…” and let the battle begin!

Basically, the player that unboxes the most valuable skins wins the duel. Every skin has a fixed value in coins, so you need to get the most coins to win and take everything home.

If you don’t want to create your own duel, you can always join an existing duel. Simply click the “Join for…” button, pay the entry free and that’s it. Nonetheless, we recommend creating the majority of your duels, so you can have more control right off the bat.

As opposed to games like CS:GO poker, blackjack or baccarat where you have to follow a bunch of rules, this one is pretty straight to the point: choose the cases, wait for a rival to join the duel, let the game begin and wait for the results.

Unlike other CS:GO gambing games, this one brings you a 50/50 chance of winning the duel. If you put things into perspective, it means that this game is more suitable for long-term gambling because it’s safer, especially if you use a proper gambling plan.

Now, let’s check the best strategies and tactics you can use to conquer the Case Battles at CSGORoll.

Best Strategies for CSGORoll Case Battles

Unlike other CSGO gambling games on CSGORoll, here you need to focus on proper bankroll management because that’s practically all you can do. Therefore, make sure to follow all the tips you will find under this section.

Create Your Bankroll

You need to define how many coins you are going to spend on Case Battles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Your goal must be to increase the bankroll over time (based on your profit goals), but it shouldn’t be so big that if lost, it could affect your personal finances or the funds you use for other CS:GO gambling games.

Let’s say that you spend 1,000 coins a month on CS:GO gambling games, then you should use 200 to 400 coins for Case Battles, because the odds are much better than in other games. 

Therefore, to come up with the ideal bankroll for case battles sites, factor in how much you’re able to spend without affecting your finances. 

Define Profit Goals and Loss Limits

Profit goals and loss limits will allow you to administer your bankroll professionally. You will be able to know when to quit with good profits, and when to call it a day in order to cut a bad streak. 

You should set up daily, weekly and monthly profit goals and loss limits, so that you know when to call it a day, a week or if you’re done for the month. This way you can collect profits, make your bankroll grow and protect it from losses.

Furthermore, having clear limits allows you to reduce the stress and mental pressure of gambling, especially if you’ve selected a bankroll that won’t affect your personal finances.

Consider the Cost of the Case Battle

The cost of the case battle is also going to be the size of your bet. Therefore, you must select it in function to the following factors:

  • Risk level
  • Profit goal
  • Current streak.

If you’re on a good streak, then it makes sense to increase your bet size a little bit. On the contrary, if you are losing, then it’s better to keep your bet size the same, to get out of the gambling session if you hit your loss limit.

Also, keep in mind that selecting an expensive box does not guarantee that you will win a valuable skin. We’ve seen times when users unboxed an “Indestructible”, “Smoke”, or “Timebomb” cases only to get a pretty cheap skin value at 0.01 coins. It can happen, so remember that this is a matter of luck.

Take it Easy with the Selection of Cases

Although it seems like a lot of gamblers try to select as many cases as they can, it’s not a really good approach to case battles. The longer you gamble, the more chances you will give your adversary to get a lucky shot. Therefore, we recommend you to stick to 5-10 cases per duel.

You’re free to create duels with lots of cases, but in our experience and based on what we’ve seen, it’s better to stick to 5-10 cases. However, if you want to spice things up, you can add more boxes from time to time, so you can test your luck.

Try the Crazy Mode When Luck is Against You

If you still haven’t hit your loss limit of the day and luck seems to be against you, you should try the Crazy Mode, where the user who unboxes the least valuable skins wins. As simple as that. It’s a good strategy when things aren’t in your favor and you want to give it a last try before calling it a day.

Make sure to follow all the other tips we’ve given you, because this mode is just another variation, but the principles of responsible CS:GO gambling stay the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about CSGORoll case battles, then this section will bring you the answers you need. For more assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – our team is always ready to help.

Can you win rare skins playing case battles on CSGORoll?

Yes, but it depends on the cases you choose. If you go for something rare like “Doom”, “Smoke”, “Indestructible”, “Timebomb”, or any other premium box, then you will have higher chances of getting a valuable skin. Also, remember that if you win the battle, you will take all of your opponent’s unboxed skins.

Are there welcome bonuses for CSGORoll case battles?

Yes, you only have to use our CSGORoll promo code to win free coins and/or a bonus on your deposits, so you can get more funds to use on case battles.

Are CSGORoll case battles legit and fair?

Yes, CSGORoll Case Battles are Provably Fair, which means that all the events and results are 100% random. Therefore, you can play case battles with total confidence.