CSGORoll Announces $100K easter Giveaway

You can expect an Easter unlike any other from CSGORoll this year! To name a few of the things to come, there will be freebies. To top it all off, we’ve created a page just for this event. Are you giddy with excitement yet?

What Giveaways are on The Table


You can win skins worth $100,000! 100,000 is the correct answer! In order to distribute the coins, they will be divided into weekly jackpots. Every week, the jackpot will rise by an additional five grand until it reaches a maximum of thirty grand on April 4th. With so much to choose from, there’s no shortage of excitement for everyone.

You can play plenty more games on CSGORoll, extremely popular for the CSGO roulette games they offer and even unique games like Dice.

Easter Egg Prizes

There’s no Easter without at least one egg! It is possible to win Eggs by betting on any of our current offerings. Using these Eggs, you’ll be able to purchase unique cases that will provide you with skins and tickets to our jackpot event. To increase your chances of winning, have a stash of these tickets on hand.

In order to spice things up, even more, teams may now compete to get access to an egg booster that will assist their other colleagues. After collecting enough eggs, a booster will be triggered for a short period of time, allowing everyone to earn more eggs.


Each week until April 4th, the team that collects the most Eggs will reap the bonanza benefits! The teams will reset each week, and will continuously re-balance to give everyone a fair chance to win.

And as the top prize will always be awarded to the winning team, you best be ready to fight for it. You’ll be playing as the ultimate CSGO trio – T, Chickens and CT once again!

What Are The Prizes?

Below is the CSGORoll egg hunters leaderboard prizes, you’ll win up to 50,000 coins in first place:

  1. 50,000 coins
  2. 22,500 coins
  3. 12,500 coins
  4. 6,000 coins
  5. 3,500 coins
  6. 2,500 coins
  7. 1,500 coins
  8. 750 coins
  9. 500 coins
  10. 250 coins

Tournaments and In-Game Events

This Easter, it’s the CSGORoll team vs the community once more! CSGORoll will be live every Sunday during the payout stream for 5 vs 5 games, the winning team gets a Navaja – Marble Fade (Factory New) and we have 15 knives up to grab every week. CSGORoll have the horns blaring!

To guarantee your place in the in-game events, you must be Level 20+ on CSGORoll and be part of the Discord group. On Discord, request the tag ‘CSGORoll LVL 20’ in the #event-tag-request channel to be in with the chance of getting picked. All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account, downloading the client, and installing the Anti-Cheat System.