CSGORoll Adds new Plinko Gamemode

CSGRoll.com have released their latest new game mode, Plinko which is based on the popular pricing game mode which was introduced by Master Key. The new game has no minimum bet and no maximum bet, so this game is simple.

Not only does CSGORoll now offer this unique game mode, but also CSGO roulette among other popular game modes.

To start simply select the number of coins you wish to deposit on the game and “Place bet”, once you’ve placed your bet a coin will fall down the slots and if they land on a higher percentage, the higher the number of coins double.

Over recent years, the trustworthiness of these types of sites has become under scrutiny while YouTubers such as FaZe Banks have produced “Fake” and “Scamming” versions of these websites which con players out of their hard-earned skins.

What is CSGORoll? CSGORoll has been dubbed one of the most legitimate and fair skin gambling platforms on the internet. The skin gambling site, CSGORoll offers promotions and codes all throughout the year, spanning all sections of the sites and even has seasonal promotions for Christmas and other popular holidays.