CSGORoll 300k Halloween Event Is Here

CSGORoll has planned a full set of events for this Halloween… in the sought-after 300k Halloween Event. All you need to do is claim your CSGORoll promo code, claim the bonus, and enjoy the exciting benefits this season will bring you.

CSGRoll Gone Full Halloween!

The platform has been completely redesigned to fit the Halloween theme. Even though we still gotta wait 13 days until Halloween, it’s time to start celebrating and CSGORoll makes it easy, be it that you play CSGO Roulette, Crash, or PVP – the orange and gooey vibe will follow you!


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Deposit Bonus


Free Cases

  • Plethora of Games
  • Payment Methods Options
  • 3 Free Cases + 5% Deposit

Get Your Spot in the Candy Leaderboard

We love CSGORoll events because there’s always a leaderboard, where the higher you rank, the better your prizes will be. It will start at 6pm UTC on October 18th and run until November 1st… the award? A hell lot of coins for the users at the top positions!

All you need to do is to play games at CSGORoll to accumulate candies. The more you play, the more candies you will get.

Here’s how many coins you could win if you make it to the top of the Candy Leaderboard:

Ranking PositionPrize
#125,000 coins
#211,500 coins
#36,000 coins
#43,000 coins
#51,500 coins
#61,000 coins
#71,000 coins
#8500 coins
#9250 coins
#10250 coins

So you better start playing a lot more these days, mainly if you use our CSGORoll Promo Code to increase your wagers and accumulate more candies!

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Win the Halloween 150K Jackpot!

Even though the Candy Leaderboard is awesome on its own – with a huge prize of 25,000 coins for the NO. 1 position – the 150K Jackpot also sounds like a lot of fun.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Play your favorite games at CSGORoll to win Candies
  2. Spend the Candies in the shop to win Jackpot Tickets
  3. Accumulate as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

The winners will be randomly selected during a livestream on CSGORoll’s Twitch Channel. Here you have the schedule:

  • Week 1: 50k coins – Oct 25th at 8 pm CET
  • Week 2: 100k coins – Nov 1st at 8 pm CET

So you have two chances to win the jackpot. Focus on playing as much as possible during the next 13 days, so you can increase your chances of winning!

Trick or Treat? – Find the Golden Candies for a Quick Boost in the Leaderboard

Not only will Golden Candies give you access to exclusive, premium cases, but they’re also worth 500 regular candies. So, you can see why it should be your priority to find as many Golden Candies as possible.

So… where can you obtain Golden Candies? Here’s what you can do to accumulate as many as possible:

  • Participate in the chat parties for surprise drops of Golden Candies
  • Join the live streams for weekly giveaways
  • Spend candies to stand a chance at winning weekly jackpot prizes.

That’s all you have got to do – just be more active in CSGORoll’s activities, and you’re sure to earn a fair loot of special candies!

Watch out the Progress Bar for the Drop of Shiny Gems

Every big bet placed on CSGORoll will stand a chance at dropping an extra candy into the pot of shiny gems. When the pot is completely full, it will drop Shiny Gems to 10 members in the chat… so there you have another reason to be active for the drops!

You can watch how the pot is filling by checking out the Progress Bar. Monitor it frequently to know when it’s the right time to be active in the chat.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Halloween Season is in full motion at CSGORoll, with fantastic prizes for you. So, what’s holding you back? Start playing to stand a chance at filling your pockets with lots of coins and candies!