CSGOPrime Promo Code

As one of our favourite new CSGO gambling sites, CSGOPrime has established itself with a fantastic promo code. The free case code listed below can get you $1 free upon your first registration and can be used to further place CSGO bets.

As one of our favourite new CSGO gambling sites, CSGOPrime has established itself with a fantastic promo code. The free case code listed below can get you $1 free upon your first registration and can be used to further place CSGO bets.

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Get Up 5 Free Cases Daily

Want free coins? You can use the promo code ‘CR100’ and grab $1 free upon registration and then enter the above free code. You can easily claim this promo code by heading over to the CSGOPrime website and click ‘Affiliate’

Generally, you’ll find that a lot of CSGO gambling sites provide more than one promo code for an alternative promotion for specific uses such as roulette, coinflip or blackjack, which CSGOPrime has already been listed on the best CSGO blackjack sites. Down below we’ve listed other codes on CSGOPrime, of which we regularly update:

  • CR100
  • ES100
  • TOP100CSGO

With any of these you can get $1, and sometimes even more and specific CSGO skins which can be fairly rare. You’ll also be able to win various rewards on accounts.

We’d also recommend following the CSGOPrime Twitter account, which regularly provides unique one-time promo codes to their Twitter users.

? Ongoing Free Case Promotions

As we’ve said above there are plenty of free codes for when you’ve signed up, however, ongoing promotions for free cases and coins is unfortunately not seen on CSGOPrime. This is generally not great in terms of player retention, however, we have seen some tweets from the CSGOPrime Twitter page giving away free codes for certain games totally free to existing customers.

Overall, CSGOPrime has not the best ongoing promotions, compared to other codes like CSGOPolygon or WTFskins.

⭐ Is The CSGOPrime Code Legit and Safe?

Being a fairly new CSGO gambling site, you’ll have a slight suspicion of CSGOPrime, and you’d be right to think that due to famous scams such as CSGOWild, which scammed hundreds of users out of pocket.

We’ve tested CSGOPrime and deposited our own funds, and as far as we can tell, CSGOPrime isn’t using a malicious algorithm to scam you out of your own CSGO skins.

In conclusion, we believe that CSGOPrime is completely legitimate and is safe to deposit funds using the CSGO gambling payment methods listed on their website.

? Activating The CSGOPrime Promo Code

As always, CSGO codes are easy to activate and claim as a new user. All you need to do is copy and paste one of the codes listed above into the box. Firstly you’ll need to register as a new user, head over to the ‘Affiliate’ section and enter the promo code ‘CR100’ for example.

Easily scroll up and select one of our promo codes listed for CSGOPrime.

⭐ CSGOPrime Code Alternatives

Finding alternative CSGO gambling sites aren’t hard and especially ones that offer great promotional codes. However, we’d recommend you give CSGOPrime a go as they’re not only new but have a well-designed platform and are offering a fairly standard promo code.

Compared to other platforms such as CSGOEmpire or even WTFSkins which both offer much more in terms of promotional content. All of the sites listed on CSGORadar provide fantastic welcome bonuses for daily use.

? Promo Code Conditions on CSGOPrime

The majority of CSGO gambling sites do not include any wagering requirements or terms and conditions due to the logistics of free cases and promo codes listed on CSGOPrime.

If CSGOPrime ever updates their terms and conditions to include their promotional code you’ll find it listed here.

⭐ CSGOPrime Promo Code Final Thoughts

In conclusion, CSGOPrime is a fantastic online CSGO gambling site and provides a great experience to both experienced and inexperienced CSGO gamblers. Don’t expect anything but quality from this platform.

As this platform hasn’t been around a long time, we need to consider the mark they’ve made with their promo codes, bonus codes and free cases. The CSGOPrime brand has an overall success and we’d expect this to increase within the next years.

They have some of the best casino game software in the business focus on fun and entertaining gameplay.

CSGOPrime Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns CSGOPrime?

Upon research, we’ve found that CSGOPrime is owned by ‘Decko’ among 2 other investors.

How CSGOPrime have a free code?

Yes, for both new and existing customers can use the CSGOPrime code, which can get up $1 instantly and often gets you plenty of rewards. Use the code ‘CR100’ to easily gain this advantage when playing.

Full Star Icon Rating: 7.0/10