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Traditionally, CSGOLounge is a skin trading platform, where gamesters can buy and sell their item, acting as an intermediary between Steam and the internet. However, in 2016, the site got registered properly as an esports betting site and included the esports section. Thus, it provided punters the extra thrill of trading skins and wagering.Players can easily take advantage of the free promo code which will give you access to free coins and giveaways by using the promo code "CSGOR1" which is totally free for all players new joining CSGOLounge.

Claim Bonus
$1447 Skins & Coins
Code: "ES100"

The only downside to this was that being a platform primarily offering trading services to users, CSGOLounge thus rarely offers players the opportunity to promotions and bonuses. Although, every once in a while, users get offered some promotions and bonus codes. 

We have garnered some vital information concerning these promos, where they can be found, and how to activate them. 

More CSGOLounge Promo Codes Listed

As mentioned earlier, CSGOLounge is a platform built essentially for trade and gambling so it rarely ever gives its users any sort of promos. This issue isn’t unique to CSGOLounge, many recommended CSGO gambling sites will offer plenty of bonuses, however, CSGOLounge offers little bonuses to players and sometimes a range of giveaways.

as many other CSGO gambling sites don’t prioritize giving out incentives to players, especially when such a site also offers trading options.  

List of CSGOLounge promo codes:

  • CSGOR1
  • EP100
  • CL500

All of the above work on CSGOLounge, and give you access to 100 free coins; however, chances are that they may have already been used by other readers. You can very easily use ‘CSGOR1’ for free coins and bets, which of course can be used to purchase more skins. With more coins comes the ability to purchase even rarer skins. 

🕹️ Brand CSGOLounge
🎁 Bonus No Bonus (CSGOEmpire Rec)
✅ Licensed No
🧑 Provably Fair No
🎲 Game Modes Skin Trading & Match Betting
📍 Website csgo500.com
📅 Founded 2014
🤝 Similar Sites Dota2Lounge
💰 Deposit Methods CSGO Skins & Dota2 Skins (P2P & Instant)

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

Upon becoming a member of CSGOLounge, you will receive 100 coins free of charge once you’ve entered the promo code. Players can use these coins to gain their first glimpse into the world of CSGO gambling. Alternatively, the coins can also come in handy if you choose not to bet right away, but to engage them in getting more skins from the stores. 

The website also allows for referral codes; it offers discounts on every bet made once you have the promo code from an affiliated stream, or the platform’s Twitter, VK, or Discord. these codes are however only available to new users who haven’t made any deposits in their wallets.

We would recommend that you join communities and regularly check for weekly, monthly, and seasonal promotions. For instance, a summer promo is currently ongoing which you can take advantage of.

How Secure and Legit is CSGOLounge?

On the hltv.org forum, many have raised issues that tend to question the integrity and customer support of CSGOLounge. We have searched other popular forums for a scam, or anything that suggests that CSGOLounge may be in on some fraudulent practices. The platform has managed to rectify some of these uncertainties. However, there is still a need to improve Customer Support.

With regards to safety, CSGOLounge is not only a registered esports betting site, it has one of the highest security measures that protect your privacy from misuse, alteration, or loss. The site also takes to communities and popular forums to warn the public against scammers used to defraud users of the platform by peddling fake promo codes. 

The website is however lacking, and in need of an overhaul in terms of its customer support. A majority of the complaints raised against CSGOLounge borders around this. Before anything can be reported to the admins, it takes about 3 working days, and you must possess a ticket with regards to your issue. You are also expected to explain in detail the nature of your issue, else it won’t be treated.

Is The CSGOLounge Promo Code Daily?

CSGOLounge updates its promo codes for players weekly on Discords, Twitter, and other forums. However, these codes are only for first-time users, who are yet to make any deposits. This invariably means that one can only redeem these codes once, granted you are yet to make your first deposit. 

Activating the CSGOEmpire Promo Code

We have mentioned earlier above that Lounge promo codes can only be activated by newcomers to the site. If you are a newbie and are unfamiliar with the terrain you need not fear, we would put you through a step-by-step analysis on how to activate your code.

  • Register: Needless to say, that an account with CSGOLounge is a must-have before a code can be activated. Register on Steam and use your Steam details to log in to CSGOLounge. 
  • Copy the code you want to use on your clipboard
  • Enter the code and enjoy the bonus.

Alternatives to CSGOLounge

CSGOLounge is one of the earliest skin trading marketplaces and gambling platforms in the game, and it was also one of the largest. Although, the number of users has since dropped as many users have migrated to other third-party CSGO wagering platforms. 

CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast, CSGO500, Gamdom are all great platforms that can serve as an alternative to Lounge. They also possess similar features and give more promos to users. 

Our Views on CSGOLounge Promo Codes

 CSGOLounge codes are a perfect welcome gift to the platform. CSGOLounge has shown that it highly esteems its newcomers and would love for them to have seamless assimilation into the skin betting and trading community.

The website has a very easy user interface; thus, newcomers would not have a hard time figuring out how to use the site.

It may, however, need to pay more attention to its old-timers, as some of these are migrating to other platforms where they can easily get promotional codes and discounts as well.

 Frequently Asked Questions about CSGOLounge

Is CSGOLounge Legit?

Yes! We have previously explained this in this article. This has been a major concern for many because, in times past, CSGOLounge had experienced some security breaches and had been the object of some underhanded practices by some individuals. However, that was in the formative years of skin betting. The platform has been able to move past these, and has now launched a more secure operation.

Legal Measure CSGOLounge has in place?

So long as you agree to the terms and conditions on the site, one of which refers to age and legality, CSGOLounge reserves the right to suspend an account and investigate such accounts. Also, CSGOLounge is registered, as earlier mentioned, they, therefore, are licensed to conduct online gambling.

Code: "ES100"