CSGOKingdom Promo Code

The CSGOKingdom promo code is "CR100" and can be used across the entire site to open CSGO cases. This code is valid for both new and existing players in all available countries.

The CSGOKingdom promo code is "CR100" and can be used across the entire site to open CSGO cases. This code is valid for both new and existing players in all available countries.

Since the “Arms Trade” update was introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players can open in-game cases to drop skins. 

Still, waiting for random in-game drops to get a case and then buying the keys to open it on Steam is not the best option for most players.

CSGOKingdom is a case-opening site where users can choose between thousands of options of cases and open them to drop amazing skin prizes. All cases were crafted in-house, which means the website created crates with exclusive drops. 

To claim even more benefits, here’s a list of promo codes available for CSGOKingdom:

[Promo Codes]

Without further ado, let’s find out how to redeem these exclusive bonuses and make the best use of them on CSGOKingdom.

How to Redeem the CSGOKingdom Affiliate Code

Founded in 2017, CSGOKingdom regularly offers several promo codes and seasonal special offers. All promo codes listed above were properly tested, which means they’re 100% redeemable. Just follow these straightforward steps to redeem it today:

  1. Visit csgokingdom.com
  2. Click on “Sign in through Steam”
  3. Use your Steam account to register 
  4. Once you’re properly registered, click on “Rewards”
  5. Find the appropriate promo code box
  6. Enter the chosen promo code from our list
  7. Claim it and enjoy!

There’s no better way to start wagering on a top case opening site than claiming a nice free cases bonus. You just read it right – without paying a dime, you can use our promo codes to claim CS:GO cases and open them to drop exquisite skins.

How to Enjoy the CSGOKingdom Code Bonuses

CSGOKingdom is exclusively focused on CS:GO case openings. Hence, the website offers no game modes like CSGO Coinflip, Roulette, Crash, Dice, or whatever other forms of CSGO gambling you would like. 

Still, it is much better to focus on one activity and deliver the best user experience than to boast a large catalog of low-quality games. In terms of case variety, CSGOKingdom has thousands of options available.

Once you scroll down and find a case you are interested in, you can click on the item and check the estimated drop percentage displayed right beside it. This feature is a great advantage, as users can assess whether a particular case offers a real cost-benefit.

The website has also incorporated other unique features to make the whole case experience more fulfilling. You can hover the mouse pointer over items when exploring the drop list displayed for each specific crate.

Keep the mouse pointer on a particular item, and the website will display the updated market value of that item. This way, even before opening the crate, you can use these tools to make calculations and determine whether it’s a good option.

Many players tend to complain about the house edge in case opening sites. On CSGOKingdom, the house edge is set at around 10%, which makes it a reasonable mark compared to most platforms in this segment.

Are There Additional Bonuses on CSGOKingdom?

If you want to indulge in different bonuses and our promo code list is not enough to satisfy your craving, CSGOKingdom allows you to participate in highly sought-after giveaways.

Regularly held on Twitter, these giveaways randomly select a lucky player to receive neat skins, including AWPs, knives, and gloves as well. Another interesting bonus feature available on CSGOKingdom is the “Daily Free Case.”

This feature makes the platform stand out from competitors, as all users who have deposited over $2 to replenish their account balances can claim daily cases for free. With these cases, you can drop rewards worth between $0.01 and $20.

What Are the Payment Methods Available on CSGOKingdom?

CSGOKingdom also has a minimalistic approach to payment methods, as users can only deposit funds using CS:GO skins or G2A Pay. Please note that G2A Pay has several payment options embedded in their instant solution, allowing you to have other options.

The processing speed for deposits is rapid, as you can instantly get credits on your balance a few seconds after depositing a skin from your Steam inventory. The minimum deposit amount is $2, which allows users to deposit several cheap CSGO skins at once.

Regarding efficiency and processing speed, there is nothing to complain about the withdrawal options available. Many users ask themselves what makes CSGOKingdom different from other standard case opening sites, and that’s their withdrawal system.

For example, suppose a user desires to withdraw a particular skin that is currently not in stock. In that case, CSGOKingdom has a solid partnership with OPSkins and will automatically buy the skin from its stock and bring it to its own catalog. Similar to deposits, the minimum withdrawal amount is $2. 

Is CSGOKingdom a Solid Case Opening Site? – Pros & Cons

Historically, CSGOKingdom was never involved in hacker attacks, scams, or other similar situations. Focused solely on CS:GO cases, their website offers intuitive navigation and advanced tools that make the case-opening process more profitable.

A rapid withdrawal service and a unique swap function in cooperation with OPSkins make CSGOKingdom a must for case-opening fans. While players feel the price of some cases could be a bit more accessible, the price range is not super expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read this much, congratulations! Pick one of the promo codes from our list, visit CSGOKingdom, and redeem it today to claim lavish bonuses. 

To close this short guide, here are the most frequently asked questions about CSGOKingdom and its promo code.

Do I Need to Make a Deposit to Redeem the CSGOKingdom Promo Code?

Not necessarily. Different promo codes grant a range of different rewards, such as free cases, percentage bonuses, free credits, etc.

Can I Use the CSGOKingdom Promo Code to Play Game Modes? 

CSGOKingdom is exclusively dedicated to CS:GO cases. Case opening is also a form of online gambling, as your estimated drop percentage depends on chance and luck.