CSGOFly Review

CSGOFly does not promise too much but delivers a simple-but-solid gambling experience. If you like old-school skin gambling with entertaining games, good animations, and Provably Fair results, this website is a good option for your case.

Read on for a full review of CSGOFly

CSGOFly does not promise too much but delivers a simple-but-solid gambling experience. If you like old-school skin gambling with entertaining games, good animations, and Provably Fair results, this website is a good option for your case.

Read on for a full review of CSGOFly

Is CSGOFly Legit?

Licensed in Curaçao, CSGOFly is considered a trustworthy website. After a few complaints involving the platform, CSGOFly worked hard to review its image in the community and took all the necessary steps to clean its reputation.

Currently, players can freely deposit their funds using one of the multiple payment methods available without fear of getting hacked, scammed, or stolen. Since the introduction of a Provably Fair system, the website’s legitimacy was also shielded. 

Is CSGOFly a Reputable Site?

As one of the oldest CS:GO gambling sites, CSGOFly managed to spawn a huge crowd of followers since its establishment. The platform was one of the pioneer gambling sites allowing players to deposit and withdraw funds in CS:GO skins.

Currently, the platform is not as popular as it used to be, especially due to the rise of competitors with more complex features and countless game modes and eSports betting options. Still, if you like the old-school feeling of playing a session of Crash or Double wagering exclusively with skins, CSGOFly is a good option. 

Is CSGOFly Fair?

CSGOFly is a Provably Fair site, which automatically curbs any interference on the outcome of all games. This incredible mechanism makes the whole process fully transparent in the eyes of gamblers, guaranteeing gambling integrity with solid encryption technology.

In the past, it would be impossible to think of a real-time monitoring tool for gambling results. On a Provably Fair system, each bet has a unique hash (encrypted number ID) attached to it.

Once the outcome of a game round is revealed, players can pick this hash and verify whether the result was random using the “Fairness” tab. Neither users nor CSGOFly can change the outcome of any wager, which ensures no precludes attempts of counterfeiting. 

CSGOFly Casino Games

When you visit CSGOFly, you will first find an intuitive dashboard with a top menu featuring two gambling options – Crash and Double. 

Die-hard fans of CS:GO Crash will not have a problem adapting to the website’s dynamics. As expected, players need to wager a certain amount and let the multiplier start rolling.

The multiplier starts rising at 1x and keeps rising further and further until it finally crashes. If you fail to cash out before the crash moment, you will lose the wagered amount in its entirety.

Similar to the classic CS:GO Roulette, Double is a high-hazard game based on a wheel featuring 15 spots inspired by the world’s most famous eSports league – 7 spots feature the Terrorists’ symbol, 7 spots feature the Counter-Terrorists’ symbol and the platform’s Fly single spot. 

Both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist spots pay double the wagered amount by players, while the Fly spot pays up to 17x the wagered amount.

CSGOFly Promotions

If you are the type of gambler who only plays with generous bonuses as a primary condition, CSGOFly might not be the best of the worlds for you. Still, it is possible to seize advantage of a few bonus offers available on the site.

The first opportunity to get free stuff is by redeeming promo codes regularly distributed on social media. CSGOFly also allows players to create their own affiliate codes and share them with friends to get exclusive rewards.

For each affiliate code activated on the site, CSGOFly credits the code’s creator with a $0.25 credit on the balance account. Similarly, players can indulge in the Faucet bonus. 

Players must insert “CSGOFly” on one’s Steam name with a profile at least level 5 and have a balance under $0.02. Every 3 minutes, gamblers who meet these conditions can win $0.02 for free.  

Does CSGOFly Offer a Good User Experience?

At first glance, CSGOFly has a simplistic layout and displays all the functionalities as clearly as possible. There’s zero percent chance of any player getting lost while trying to find anything on the website.

There’s not much to talk about the website design and navigation, as it’s all utterly clean. The games are straightforward, the registration process is seamless, and the deposit/withdrawal system has no processing delays.

One of the best features available on CSGOFly is its P2P skin marketplace. A long list of skins is available for withdrawals, from $5 low-tier skins (minimal withdrawal cap) to rare pieces like the exquisite $8,000 M4A4 Howl. 

Coin Exchange Rate at CSGOFly

The coin exchange rate used on CSGOFly follows a 1:1 standard. Hence, for every US dollar deposited on the website, you have one coin. The same applies to the deposited skins, as each  US dollar worth of skins deposited follows the same logic. 

CSGOFly Payment Methods?

One of the most impressive aspects of CSGOFly is the extensive list of payment methods available for users. Please note that the availability of some methods might vary from country to country, but overall the list remains the same. 

First, players can deposit CS:GO skins via P2P (Steam), WaxPeer, or SkinPay. CSGOFly is a gambling haven for e-wallet fans, as they can freely choose between numerous options that include:

Visa/Mastercard cards and gift cards from several banners are also available. For gamblers who prefer crypto deposits and withdrawals, the available options include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • ChainLink (LINK)
  • Serum (SRM) 
  • Tether (USDT)

The only payment methods available for withdrawals are CS:GO skins via P2P or WaxPeer.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table of CSGOFly’s advantages and disadvantages:

Seamless website Limited number of game modes  
Responsive customer support Lack of updates 
Good skin inventory (P2P withdrawals)
Provably Fair results 
Decent bonuses 

CSGOFly offers a duo of game modes. While some users might complain the website gambling options are too limited, both are quite fun and can keep you entertained for hours straight. Still, if compared with modern gambling sites, CSGOFly urgently needs updates to make it look cooler and more interesting. 

Overall, suppose you do not care about the old-school feeling or purposefully want a bit of nostalgia. In that case, CSGOFly offers a 100% Provably Fair skin gambling platform with fluid navigation, an extensive list of skins available for withdrawals (P2P), and some decent bonus offers. 

One of the major advantages of CSGOFly is the customer support service, which is responsive and makes customers feel respected. Many skin gambling sites considered world-class references in the segment fail in this aspect, which gives CSGOFly an extra point in this aspect. 

CSGOFly Customer Support

Customer support is often neglected in many CS:GO casino sites, which fortunately is not CSGOFly’s case. Whenever customers need more information, they can submit a message to the support team.

CSGOFly’s live chat support is always available and the team usually answers support requests within 5 minutes. Willingly to help and responsive to solve most issues in less than an hour, the team responsible for the support deserves a score of 5 out of 5.