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CSGOFly is a CSGO skin gambling site focused on Crash games. An increasingly popular form of online gambling, crash games feature a multiplier system in which players must either leave with profits (many times huge prizes over x200!) or lose it all if the multiplier crashes.

CSGOFly is a CSGO skin gambling site focused on Crash games. An increasingly popular form of online gambling, crash games feature a multiplier system in which players must either leave with profits (many times huge prizes over x200!) or lose it all if the multiplier crashes.

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Code: "CSGORAD1"

At CSGORadar, our team has tested all the codes available, and CSGORoll’s promo code is by far the best.

At a glance, the website is generous and entertaining, offering cool promotions, neat animations, and a provably fair system to ensure fairness. Join today and use the promo code “CSGOR1” to claim a generous welcome bonus.

How to Enter and Use the CSGOFly Promo Code

It is not hard to activate the promo code {CODE HERE} on CSGOFly. The first step is to go through the registration process and create an account. Once you have an account set up, the process goes as follows:

  1. Go to the CSGOFly website
  2. Sign up and verify your account
  3. Click on the “Free Coins” tab in the dashboard’s top menu
  4. Enter the code CSGOR1 in the appropriate space
  5. Redeem it to enjoy an exclusive bonus!

CSGOFly Promo Codes & Offers

The {CODE HERE} code is not the only promo code available on CSGOFly. We have a list of promo codes that you are free to activate and claim extra bonuses. 

The following selection is a compilation of the best CSGOFly promo codes. Use each code wisely to leverage your winnings chances on CS:GO crash gambling and other games.

Referral codes offer one of the largest bulk bonuses. With some various bonus codes, you can get between $0.25 – $50.00 for free. Here are the codes available for CSGOFly: 

  • CSGOR1

Ongoing Free Case and Free Coins Promotions

One of the unique promotions available at CSGOFly is the “Faucet” feature, in which you can claim $0,02 every 3 minutes. Considering the minimum bet on CSGOFly Double is $0.01, this promo is a good opportunity to up your gambling experience.

CSGOFly also grants gift cards and seasonal promo codes by posting them on their social media channels. Make sure to have a Steam account at least level 5 to claim these exclusive benefits.

How Can You Spend Your Free Skins, Cases and Coins at CSGOFly?

The site features an intuitive dashboard screen with clear option tabs. You can enjoy two different types of games – standard Crash and Double. CSGOFly’s crash experience is similar to other CS:GO gambling sites. First, you bet a given amount and watch the multiplier increase after starting at 1.

The multiplier may crash at any time, so you have two options – cash out what you have or risk facing a loss before getting more money. At the end of the day, luck favors the bold.

Double games are the same as CS:GO roulette sites. Following the classic standard featured on other websites, the wheel is divided into 15 slots – 7 slots for Terrorists, 7 slots for Counter-Terrorists, and 1 “Fly” slot. 

After placing your bet, the game starts rolling, and you can either double it if the wheel stops on “Terrorists” or “Counter-Terrorist.” If you are lucky enough to drop the “Fly” slot, you can get up to 17x the amount you put into the game. 

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

The whole gambling experience at CSGOFly can be described as simple and funny. Minimalistic by nature, the website does not feature complex promotions or VIP clubs. 

Despite this fact, CSGOFly offers generous affiliate code promotion that permits you to invite other CS:GO enthusiasts to enjoy the site. Once one of the invitation codes is activated, CSGOFly will credit your account with $0.25.

For each new player invited, you can get $0.25 for free. To create your affiliate code, click on the “Username” tab and select the “Affiliates” option.

How Legit Are CSGOFly Promo Codes?

Overall, CSGOFly is a legit website. All games feature a provably fair system by which you can check the randomness of gambling results. It is widely known amid the community that the website is co-owned by CS:GO YouTuber JuicyCSGO, a popular face in this segment.

The website runs SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. One of the advantages of CSGOFly is the ease to deposit and withdraw funds.

Deposit methods include more than 20 options, including CS:GO skins (WaxPeer, Skinpay, P2P), Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, UnionPay, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards. 

After a win, you can only withdraw CS:GO skins through WaxPeer or P2P transactions. Pay attention when funding a bet, as they are not refunded in any case (even if your password is stolen). 

The website’s policy alerts that users are entirely “responsible for who has access to your account. If you are worried about security, make sure you enable two-factor authentication and set a strong account password.”

Frequently Asked Questions

This short guide provides a full overview of CSGOFly’s games, promo codes, bonuses, and security. Before leaving to enjoy a nice crash game on this site, make sure to activate the promo code {CODE HERE} to boost your winning chances.

Now, you will find a summary with the most frequent questions about CSGOFly answered adequately. 

Are CSGOFly promo codes safe?

Yes, this article exclusively consists of redeemable promo codes that you can activate on CSGOFly to claim exclusive benefits. The website features provably fair games, where you can check fairness and randomness.

Can you get free money and coins with the CSGOFly promo code?

Yes, there are different ways to obtain free coins and bet without spending a dime. The first way is to activate the “Faucet” feature by which you can claim $0.02 every 3 minutes.

There is also the possibility to create an affiliated code and distribute it to friends through social media. For each affiliated code activated on the website, you can get $0.25 for free. 

The minimum bet is $0.01, which gives you generous betting chances with these bonuses.

Do CSGOFly promo codes expire?

Similar to other CS:GO gambling websites, CSGOFly offers seasonal promotions and bonuses. Despite the website’s minimalist approach, they’re constantly posting new promo codes on their social media. 

If you have a promo code in hand, it is crucial to seize the opportunity and activate it as soon as possible.
Code: "CSGORAD1"