CSGOEmpire XP & Rewards: Exclusive Benefits and Bonuses

A well-known website in the skin gambling industry, CSGOEmpire offers a trio of solid gambling options, diverse payment methods, and provably fair results. What else could you skin gamblers ask for? Generous bonuses! 

Bonuses are never too much, but CSGOEmpire took it to another level. Read on to understand CSGOEmpire’s XP system and rewards. 

CSGOEmpire XP Points – How Do I Get Them? 

CSGOEmpire has three gambling options players can indulge in: Coinflip, Roulette, and Match Betting. All bets placed on Coinflip and Roulette automatically grant users XP points, which accrue over time and later result in bonuses. 

It is worth noting that CSGOEmpire does not give XP points via Match Betting. The website’s FAQ clarifies that it would worsen the odds for users.

To keep multipliers better for users, they decided not to offer XP bonuses on Match betting. Another way to earn more XP points is by adding “csgoempire.com” to one’s username on Steam. This method automatically grants 10% bonus XP points. 

Accruing XP on CSGOEmpire – What Are the Benefits of Level Up? 

The more XP points a player has on CSGOEmpire, the higher his level is. At random intervals, a bonus feature called “Coin Rain” appears in the live chat on the left side of the screen. Only users participating in the chat can claim free coins.

If you want to save precious resources on deposits or simply get a percentage of your losses back, it is vital to pay attention to your XP levels and stay active in the website’s chat.  

This cashback-like promotion gives players the chance to get free coins from time to time. The number of coins claimable by each player depends on one’s level, which automatically reminds us of the importance of getting as many XP points as possible.