CSGOEmpire vs CSGO500 2023: Complete Analysis

There is no better way to find the best skin gambling options on the internet than by comparing different sites. Both CSGO500 and CSGOEmpire are well-established platforms with more than half of a decade operating in one of the world’s most competitive industries.

In this article, you will find a full comparison of these two juggernauts of CSGO gambling with their respective pros and cons.

CSGOEmpire vs. CSGO500 – All You Need to Know

Here’s a full comparison between CSGOEmpire and CSGO500 with everything you need to know to decide what option is the best for you. Check it out:

History & Stats 

Both websites were founded in 2016 as part of the first wave of skin gambling sites that started to pop out after Valve’s traumatic 7-day trade lock. 

CSGOEmpire was founded by CSGO influencer Monarch but now operates as an affiliated company with Curaçao-registered Moonrail Limited. On the other side, CSGO500 operates as an associated business of the Cyprus- based Nine Yards Limited. 

In terms of background, the two platforms are well-established sites with an immense number of loyal customers and a growing number of new players craving the gambling fuzz every other day. 

Provably Fair

When a gambling site offers provably fair games and cases, it means the platform works on top of an encrypted system that allows players to verify the outcome of all rolls using a hash attached to each of them.

In the past, it was hard to find websites with provably fair games but it changed rapidly with the growing demand for transparent wagers. CSGOEmpire and CSGO500 followed this trend and have already adapted their systems to offer customers the best in terms of transparency and legitimacy.


Currently, CSGOEmpire has more than one million views per week. The platform also has an active account on Twitter to interact with users and communicate with their audience in the best possible way.

Considering the website’s performance throughout the years, some experts consider it the best CSGO skin gambling site. In operation for more than five years, CSGO500 also boasts a good reputation both from an expert viewpoint as well as the general user opinion.

Game Modes & Cases

CSGOEmpire offers a trio of gambling options – Roulette, Coinflip, and Match Betting. The first two game modes are absolute classics and are considered a must for those who enjoy exciting bets. 

Even though the website’s Match betting section is decent, it cannot be compared to the world’s best-ranked sportsbooks. Veteran gamblers or people who prefer quality over quantity surely will not have problems.

Conversely, CSGO500 offers more gambling options. As of 2023, players can indulge in Match Betting, Coinflip (Duels), Crash, Slots, Roulette, and Fortune Wheel. Besides case opening and dice, the platform offers pretty much everything a gambler needs to make it. 

Payment Methods & Coin Exchange Rate 

When it is time to deposit funds on CSGOEmpire, players are free to use CSGO skins and cryptocurrencies. The availability of fiat deposit methods depends on the user’s location. The list of supported crypto includes:

Withdrawals are available only in the form of CSGO skins through the platform’s P2P marketplace. Many traders and collectors rely on CSGOEmpire’s marketplace without necessarily gambling, given the variety of skins available. 

CSGOEmpire has a simple exchange rate for its virtual currency. One coin is equivalent to one US dollar, so players do not need to waste time calculating how much they need to deposit to receive a certain number of coins. 

Similarly, players have an extensive list of payment methods to choose from when depositing or withdrawing on CSGO500. The list includes CSGO skins, Visa/Mastercard cards, e-wallets, and crypto.

If you like to deposit or cash out with crypto, CSGO500 offers a particularly large selection of options. 

CSGO500’s system is a bit more complex, as the website allows players to wager on games using real money or BUX (virtual currency). While users are free to use real money, the best option is using BUX, as CSGO500’s exchange system can be confusing sometimes.

CSGOEmpire vs CSGO500 – Final Thoughts

Ultimately, both platforms are traditional gambling sites with their reputations solidified after years of efficient performance. 

If you like a bigger catalog of games and more options for crypto payments, CSGO500 may be the platform of choice. Conversely, for those who believe in the “less is more” approach to gambling modes and have a more purist view on skins payments, CSGOEmpire is the way to go.