CSGOEmpire Roulette Guide

As of 2022, CSGOEmpire is the largest gambling platform focused solely on CS:GO-themed games in operation. Despite offering only three games in its catalog, the website became a fan favorite for die-hard CS:GO fans.

Nicknamed by fans as “Empire,” the platform is considered one of the pioneers of this segment in gambling. Do not let the simple layout and straightforward navigation deceive you – CSGOEmpire offers much more than it seemingly does. 

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How to Play Roulette on CSGOEmpire – All You Need to Know to Start Gambling 

There is no complexity involved in CSGOEmpire Roulette. Instead of a traditional casino roulette with reds, greens, and whites, CSGOEmpire features a single-lined roulette with three different symbols.

The first symbol features a winged nipper in a dark background (CT), the second features two knives crossed with a star in the middle (T), and the third shows a couple of dice rolling in the background in yellow and white (Empire). 

In terms of odds, the rarest of the trio is the two-diced symbol. The roulette features 15 slots, distribute in the following manner – 7 slots for Terrorists (T), 7 slots for Counter-Terrorists (CT), and one slot for Empire. 

If you decide to wager on one of the teams, you can double the wagered amount in the event of a victory. If you bet on the Empire logo, the payout for a winged victory is 14 times the wagered amount.

Playing CSGOEmpire’s Roulette – Step-by-Step

As long as you have a Steam account with no restrictions, you are free to start enjoying Roulette games on CSGOEmpire. To start wagering immediately, all you need to do is:

  • Visit csgoempire.com using our special link
  • Sign in using one’s Steam account
  • Click on the “Roulette” tab beside the website’s logo 
  • Enter the amount you want to wager
  • Click on “Place Bet” besides the symbol you want to wager on
  • Place your bet and wait for the roulette to spin 

Once the wheel stops, the symbol at which it stopped is the winner’s symbol. As a reward, winners receive the amount wagered times the multiplier attained in the game. 

If the wheel does not stop in the right spot, you can either withdraw or try again until you win the game.

As expected, the Empire symbol appears less frequently due to its higher multiplier. Players can start wagering 0.01 coins, while the maximum bet is 100,000 coins. If you are a high roller, you can contact the platform’s support team to request a higher wagering limit.

Did you sign up for CSGOEmpire? If you did not, make sure to do it as soon as possible to start enjoying the best CS:GO gambling experience available online. 

CSGOEmpire Roulette: Spin to Win

Different from the traditional roulette game with more than 30 slots, CSGOEmpire’s Roulette features only half of this number. The wheel is represented in a straight line that does not show all the 15 slots simultaneously, as players can only see around nine slots per time.

Once the roulette starts spinning, the odds of the game depend on the player’s chosen symbol. Betting on Terrorist (T) or Counter-Terrorist (CT) gives you a 7/15 chance to win. If you win in such circumstances, the payout is 2:1.

Betting on the Empire (dice) symbol gives you a probability of 1/15, with a payout of 14:1 for successful gamblers.

The Math Does Not Lie 

While calculating the probabilities of the game is not the hardest task in the world, the real numbers are not that generous. All games featured on CSGOEmpire are Provably Fair, which means players can check the randomness of all results with a unique hash.

An algorithm is responsible for determining who the winner is by selecting a certain symbol after the wheel stops spinning. After observing subsequent rounds in the platform, it is possible to identify the real probabilities for roulette results.

On a standard day, the results of one hundred games would be 61 wins for CT, 33 wins for T, and 6 wins featuring the Empire symbol.

Are There Winning Strategies to Win Roulette on CSGOEmpire? 

Similar to CSGO roulette games available in provably fair gambling sites, the results on CSGOEmpire depend on chance and luck. Still, several players like to use certain strategies to boost their chances.

Is it valid? Yes, confidence is a fundamental aspect of gambling. However, it is crucial to understand that a solid gambling strategy must always focus on minimizing hazards and ensuring a continued flow of bets.

Why would you put everything on the line in one shot when you can play longer and maximize your winning chances? Emotional control and patience are two core aspects of gambling. Hence, you must act wisely to keep playing and eventually enjoy a big win.

In the following topics, we provide you with a realistic overview of the most popular strategies used by roulette players on CSGOEmpire.

Going Martingale Style 

The Martingale strategy requires you to double your stake every time you lose and return to the original stake if you win. Playing CSGOEmpire Roulette Martingale style would look like:

  • You bet $1 and lose, you double the bet
  • You bet $2 and lose, you double the best
  • You bet $4 and lose, you double the bet
  • You bet $8 and lose, you double the bet
  • You bet $16 and win, you bet $1 on the next round

This strategy has been used for a long time in physical and digital casinos, with mixed results in both scenarios.

The idea behind this method is that you can recover the original stake if you keep raising the bet. Not only recover the original amount, but the Martingale system promises to allow you to win a surplus.

Do players win using the Martingale strategy? Yes, but the problem with this strategy is the possibility to get stuck in a losing streak. Depending on the number of consecutive losses, the amount wagered may easily exceed the player’s total bankroll.

Playing Paroli Style 

The Paroli system is also one of the most well-known strategies used in physical and digital casinos. The method is focused on riding on winning streaks and cooling down on losses. 

Basically, you must double your stake every time you win and keep doing it as long as the winning streak is on. In the event of a loss, you must immediately return the stake to its original amount. An example of a Paroli-style game would be: 

  • You bet $1 and lose, you bet $1 once again
  • You bet $1 and win, you bet $2
  • You bet $2 and win, you bet $4
  • You bet $4 and win, you bet $8
  • You bet $8 and lose, you bet $1 once again

The only problem with the Paroli strategy is that going on a winning streak for too long would eventually end up in a big loss after doubling the bets consecutively. However, experienced players tend to cash out moderate wins after 3 wins to prevent it.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGOEmpire Roulette

Winning on CSGOEmpire Roulette depends on luck and chance. Whether you are a new gambler or a seasoned roulette player, make sure to plan your total bankroll and wager focused on sustainability. The more you play, the more winning chances you have.

We answered the most frequent questions about CSGOEmpire Roulette in the following topics. 

Is CSGOEmpire Legit?

Considered one of the pioneers of CSGO gambling, CSGOEmpire is one of the favorite websites of the segment. All games are Provably Fair, which means you can check the results of all bets by yourself.

Can I Wager CSGO Skins on CSGOEmpire’s Roulette?

Yes, the website offers distinct methods for deposits and withdrawals. You are free to deposit skins and exchange them for coins to wager on Roulette, Match Betting, or Coinflip. Please note that each 1 dollar deposited in skins equals one hundred coins. 

Is the Martingale Strategy the Best Strategy to Wager on CSGOEmpire’s Roulette?

Not necessarily. Despite its massive popularity, the Martingale strategy focuses on recovering losses and taking advantage of eventual victories, which is not the best approach. 

Depending on how much you wager and how long a losing streak may last, the Martingale system may result in bankruptcy.