CSGOCock.gg Promo Code

The CSGOCock.gg promo code in 2023 is "ivbal" and can be sued when playing their special CSGO crash game, both new and existing players can use this promo code to benefit their gameplay. The code is valid for all available countries.

The CSGOCock.gg promo code in 2023 is "ivbal" and can be sued when playing their special CSGO crash game, both new and existing players can use this promo code to benefit their gameplay. The code is valid for all available countries.

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Code: "CR100"

While many CSGO gambling sites boast large catalogs of game modes and cases, some platforms prefer a more minimalistic approach. Focused solely on CS:GO Crash, CSGOCock allows you to win amazing skins and enjoy a thrilling gambling experience.

To make things even better, we’ve got some exclusive promo codes from CSGOCock, all of them 100% redeemable. Here’s the promo code list you need in hand:

  • “CR100”

Unlike gambling sites that distribute generous bonuses but fail to fulfill their promises at the end of the day, CSGOCock allows you to drop sick skins and get additional items for free with regular offers. 

Read on to learn how to activate the CSGOCock promo codes and everything you need to know about the website.

How to Redeem the CSGOCock.gg Code

The process required to redeem a promo code on CSGOCock could not be simpler. All you need to do is to follow these seamless steps:

  1. Visit csgocock.gg
  2. Click on “Sign in through Steam”
  3. Use your Steam account to register
  4. Once you’re properly logged into the site, click on “Replenish” at the top menu 
  5. Choose a payment method to replenish your account with credits
  6. Find the appropriate promo code box
  7. Enter the chosen promo code from our list
  8. Complete the process and enjoy!

From free credits to percentage bonuses, our list of amazing promo codes has your back when it comes to ensuring the best Crash experience on CSGOCock.

How Can I Enjoy The Bonuses on CSGOCock.gg?

While the game of CSGOCock’s version of Crash follows the same standard as other gambling sites, the website offers two distinct modes – “Normal Mode” and “Extreme Mode.”

As its name suggests, the “Normal Mode” follows a standard multiplier ascension, while the “Extreme Mode” features multipliers 1x to 4x higher than the average rate. 

One of the best aspects of CSGOCock is the website’s unique design. All inspired by the most celebrated mascot of CS:GO, which are the chickens that rung through different maps, the Crash graph could not look funnier.

Instead of a standard multiplier line, the CSGOCock version of Crash features a chicken with a terrorist bomb attached to its neck. Once the game starts rolling, the chicken starts running frantically as the multiplier increases exponentially.

The poor bird runs upwards a “hill” represented by a line on the graph, which will eventually crash and detonate the bomb and the chicken altogether. 

There are also animations in which the chicken suddenly stops, points a gun at its own head, and shoots it mercilessly. What a fun game to watch and play!

Other Available Bonuses on CSGOCock.gg

Right after registering on CSGOCock, you can visit the “Bonus” section to check the platform’s ongoing bonuses. The website bonus system is based on three levels – “Quests,” Giveaways,” and “Crash Sets.”

In the “Quest” level, you have several chicken quests that you can complete to collect rewards. As all these quests are one-time tasks, you can only complete them once.

At the first moment, you must complete the “Newbie” tasks to unlock the subsequent levels and also the “Giveaways” and “Crash Sets” categories. All you need to do is watch a short tutorial video, follow CSGOCock on several social media channels, and play 3 rounds of normal mode Crash.

Once you’ve completed these simple tasks, you’ve already unlocked the “Expert” tasks, which will eventually lead to “Daily,” Weekly,” and “Monthly” quests. 

Another great possibility to drop amazing skins is the “Top” feature. Visit the website and click on the “Top” tab in the superior menu to give it a check. This feature features a leaderboard for daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, which rewards the most notable winners on CSGOCock.

The more you wager on Crash and win, the higher your position in the leaderboard is. When the top ranking resets, the current leaders receive free skins according to their accomplishments.

As expected, the most valuable prizes are reserved for players who managed to stand at the top of the monthly ranking. The best element of this ongoing bonus is the quality of the skins.

As of the time of writing, daily leaders receive an AWP Man o’ War, Weekly leaders get an M4A1-S Master Piece, and monthly leaders are rewarded with nothing less than a pair of Snakebite Bloodhound Gloves.

The monthly leaderboard rewards the top 8 players, the weekly leaderboard rewards only the top 5 and the daily leaderboard is exclusively focused on the top 3 players of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

CSGOCock offers a thrilling CSGO Crash experience for die-hard fans who like to wager and win skins. The mechanism is simple – you need to visit the website, register with your Steam account, deposit funds, and start playing right after.

In the following section, we’ve answered the most frequent questions about CSGOCock and its promo codes. 

Is CSGOCock.gg a Legit Crash Site? 

Registered in Cyprus, CSGOCock is a Provably Fair site. Hence, feel free to click on the “Provably Fair” tab at the top menu to check the results of all Crash rounds and determine whether the outcome was solely dependent on chance.

Are the CSGOCock.gg Promo Codes Featured on this Guide Valid?

Yes, each CSGOCock promo code recommended in our list was carefully selected and tested to ensure they are 100% redeemable. Feel free to visit csgocock.gg, activate one of our promo codes, and have fun with thrilling Crash rounds! 

Are Promo Codes the Only Bonus Available on CSGOCock.gg?

In addition to our list of selected promo codes, you can get rewarded upon the completion of quests, participate in giveaways, or get free skins by ranking on the higher position of the “Top” leaderboard. 

Code: "CR100"