CSGOChicken Referral Code

The CSGOChicken promo code for 2022 is "CR100" and can be used on all sections of the site. The code is valid for all available countries on CSGOChicken.

The CSGOChicken promo code for 2022 is "CR100" and can be used on all sections of the site. The code is valid for all available countries on CSGOChicken.

Chickens are one of the funniest easter eggs on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since the game’s first version, they’ve reached the spotlight and can freely move around maps making squawking noises when ran over by players in combat. 

To pay a well-deserved homage to these fantastic CS:GO characters, CSGOChicken created a skin gambling website where users from all over the world can wager in-game items and have loads of fun.

If you want to start out today, here’s a list consisting of selected referral codes that you can claim on CSGOChicken:

  • “CR100”

In addition to these fantastic bonuses, the website combines seamless functionality, additional bonuses for users who sign up for social networks, and a solid referral system that allows you to earn real money.

Are you ready? Let’s start walking through this guide, learn how CSGOChicken’s referral code system works, and how to best use these benefits.

How to Activate the CSGOChicken Promo

In the past, chickens were available only on Italy’s Market map. Once they ascended to become AI-powered characters spread around different maps, these little fellows can influence the outcome of matches.

For example, if you move too close and they make a noise, an enemy can immediately identify your position and rain fire over you. After this curious introduction, here’s how you can claim the CSGOChicken:

  1. Visit csgochicken.com
  2. Click on “Sign In”
  3. Register using your Steam account
  4. Click on “Add Funds”
  5. In the appropriate box, enter the referral code
  6. Confirm it and enjoy!

The website is available in Russian with automatic translations available in English, so one term or another may vary in the process. Still, activating the referral code and claiming free cases is super easy.  

Other Promotions on CSGOChicken

In addition to claiming referral codes from other people, you can also create your own referral codes and distribute them to your friends. For every referral code activated by your friends on the website, CSGOChicken will pay you a small percentage of the amount wagered by them.

All you need to do is to click on the “Partners” tab and go through a simple process to create your referral code. Then, you can use the link provided below the same dashboard and share it with the maximum number of friends to maximize your chances. 

Remember that CSGOChicken prohibits players from sharing their referral codes in the website’s live chat room. Otherwise, it might result in a ban.

Other promotional offers on CSGOChicken include Jackpot prize pools, regular skin giveaways, and free credits.

Why Should I Activate the CSGOChicken Referral Code?

CSGOChicken is a Slavic version of simplistic-but-solid skin gambling sites like CSGOEmpire. Three gambling options are available: Double (Roulette), Coinflip, and Crash.

Focused on their local public, most players are Russian. However, it does not preclude anyone from anywhere in the world from connecting with them and have a ball. Here’s a brief description of the game modes available on CSGOChicken: 


Inspired by the classic CSGO Roulette, the Double game features a horizontal line with several spots featuring different symbols. Feel free to choose between three options – Terrorists (T), Counter-Terrorists (CT), and Chicken. 

After choosing the spot that you think will fall out after the wheel spins, you must place a bet on it and cross your fingers. If you choose a T or CT spot and you win, the house will pay double the wagered amount.

If you bet on the single Chicken spot and win, the house will pay the wagered amount multiplied by 14. The game is based on fast 20-second rounds, which is an advantage for gamblers who like to roll faster.


Another classic of the CS:GO gambling industry, Coinflip is a game mode for gamblers who like higher-but-fixed odds. Always played between a duo, this game allows you to join an existing face-off or create a new one.

When you join an existing coinflip dispute on CSGOChicken, the minimum deposit to guarantee realistic winning chances is at least 55% of the amount wagered by the creator of that duel. 

Still, the best approach is to deposit more skins and test your luck without the fear of risk.


Crash is a must in any good CSGO skin gambling site. If there are CS:GO skins involved in some sort of online gambling, the website’s catalog must feature Crash. 

This game mode is experiencing an exponential boost in popularity, which makes it an absolute fan favorite on CSGOChicken. 

Instead of showing a standard graph with a boring multiplier rising, this game mode features a chicken riding a skateboard with a bomb attached to it. The higher the multiplier rises, the higher the chances of gain and hazard. 

As smartly as possible, gamblers must manage to withdraw the amount wagered on the game before the chicken’s ascension ends up in a massive explosion (literally a big crash!). 

F.A.Q. About the CSGOChicken Referral Code

If you want to get a nice free case bonus on CSGOChicken, check our referral code list and activate one of them to claim this amazing welcome offer today! In the following section, check the most frequent questions about CSGOChicken and its referral codes.

Are CSGOChicken Referral Codes Valid?

Yes, you can rest assured that our list of recommended referral codes consists exclusively of 100% tested and redeemable codes. Pick one of the recommended referral codes from our list and activate it to claim cases for free.

Am I Allowed to Create My Own Referral Codes on CSGOChicken?

Yes, CSGOChicken offers a solid referral code system where players can set up their own referral codes and share them with the maximum number of individuals. For each of these codes activated on the site, you can earn a percentage of the amount wagered.