Best CS:GO Weapon Skins 2023

Do you want to upgrade your inventory? Then you better get to know what the best CSGO weapon skins are, so you can build a plan to get them, be it via case opening, case battles, CSGO gambling or simply by trading skins. 

This guide will let you know what the best CSGO weapon skins are in 2023, in addition to tips that will turn you into a savvier CSGO player. Here’s what you need to know.

Best CS:GO Weapon Skins Listed

If you want to know our opinion about what are the best CS:GO weapons skins in the market right now, then here you have our top picks.

AK-47 The Empress + M4A4 The Emperor

This unique pair of skins are inspired by Tarot cards and classic graphic effects. While both work around the same concept, the M4A4 Emperor skin is centered around the royal figure in predominantly tones of blue with white, black, and gold designs. 

Conversely, the AK-47 Empress skin is heavily bent on dark blue tones with golden, white, and crimson details. 

This combo was released with the Prisma Collection in March 2019. The price range paid for the Empress skin (Factory New) is between $72 and $100. On the other hand, the Emperor skin (Factory New) is priced up to $150. 

M4A4 Poseidon

Released as part of the Gods and Monsters Collection, this special rifle skin is a perfect choice if you like epic thematic and high-tier graphics. Sea-themed and inspired by Greek mythology, this skin features a unique design with several blue tones.

In terms of price, the average minimum price for an M4A4 Poseidon (Factory New) skin is $1,0213. If you are willing to pay for a Field-Tested piece, you must be willing to pay at least $750 on a good day.

Bayonet Lore Knife

The knife is the basic melee weapon on CS:GO and the Bayonet knife is the classiest of the classiest. If you want to replace your default knife with a cool-looking skin, the Bayonet Lore features a shiny golden blade with swamp-green handles.

However, the details make this knife skin stand out, as it features a uniquely crafted Nordic pattern on the blade’s edge with an epic-themed pattern all over the razor. The average minimum price paid for this skin is $750, going up to $900 depending on the website. 

AK-47 Neon Rider 

Launched as part of the Horizon Collection in 2018, the AK-47 Neon Rider is a Blade Runner-styled skin for cyberpunk enthusiasts. Mixing tones of blue, purple, and pink, it has a vibrant neon aspect that makes it one of the most stylish skins available in CS:GO. 

The good part is that this skin is not so expensive. If you are willing to pay between $84 and $120, it is possible to find a Factory New unit. For a StatTrak™ one, pricing increases up to $450.

AWP Dragon Wisdom (Dragon Lore) 

If you are an expert marksman that wants to up your sniper rifle’s style, the AWP Dragon Lore skin is an excellent choice. Launched as part of the Cobblestone collection, this skin features a beautiful design that reminisces of a Celtic tapestry with a big dragon blazing all around.

The skin is black toned featuring golden, greenish, and red tones. The average minimum price of the Battle-Scarred version is $2,600, while Factory New items are sold for less than $9,700.

CS:GO Weapon Skins: Customize Your Arsenal

Originally released as part of the Arms Deal update in August 2013, weapon skins are exclusive features to CS:GO. Also known as “finishes,” these skins give guns a different look.

Currently, there are thousands of weapon skins divided into different CS:GO collections available to players. Please note that not all these options can still drop in standard in-game crates.

In terms of appearance, these skins feature distinct colors, additional graphic effects, or unique patterns and paints. When you apply a skin to a weapon, you can look distinctive among other players and create a reputation as a unique player.

It is fundamental to note that weapons skins grant no competitive advantage whatsoever. Even though these are purely cosmetic features, they make the whole CS:GO experience funnier and more entertaining.

For example, weapon skins will not automatically improve your aim or any other technical aspect. 

How Are CS:GO Weapon Skins Obtained? 

There are several ways to acquire skins to CS:GO weapons. The first option is earning them through random in-game drops or opening containers, such as cases or souvenir packages.

Case-opening websites became exponentially popular in recent years due to the increasing demand for more and more CS:GO skins. Some websites offer you the opportunity to trade up several low-tier skins for one of a higher tier with “Trade-Up Contracts.” 

If you want to acquire a good mid-tier or high-quality skin, it is possible to do it through the Steam Market, P2P (peer-to-peer) trading, skin marketplaces, and skin trading websites.

With the growing popularity of esports, the CS:GO economy changed dramatically, affecting skin prices around the globe. Some skins are dirt cheap, while others are considered “Holy-grail” tiers that cost thousands of dollars.

Regardless of your budget, you can find different ways to obtain a neat-looking skin that pleases your personal taste.

How to Value CSGO Weapon Skins – Understanding the Pricing Factors

If you want to know how the best CSGO weapon skins are priced, then this guide is everything you need to get started.

Float (Wear Rating)

The term “float” refers to a number attached to certain skins that determine a randomized condition. The float measurement ranges from 0 to 1. The closer the number is to 0, the newer and cleaner is the skin’s looks. The closer the number is to 1, the more worn its appearance is.

In terms of rarity, the float may affect the price of skins similar to a bell curve chart- items with floats closer to 1 or 0 are the rarest to find in-game or drop in case openings. Please note that the float chart is not affected over time and cannot be changed. 

From the best to worst simulated condition, the float chart goes as follows: 

  • Factory New (0.00-0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (0.07-0.15)
  • Field-Tested (0.15-0.37)
  • Well Worn (0.37-0.44)
  • Battle-Scarred (0.44-1.00)


Also referred to as skin grade, the rarity of a given skin is determined by Valve Corp. itself. The game’s developers decided to limit the number of items to impact the statistical chances of dropping or uncasing them.

Hence, high-tier skins are rarer than lower-tier skins, which can be easily dropped in in-game cases. As of 2023, there are eight rarity grades in CS:GO:

  • Consumer-grade (Common)
  • Industrial grade (Uncommon)
  • Mil-spec (Rare)
  • Restricted (Mythical)
  • Classified (Legendary)
  • Covert (Ancient)
  • Extraordinary (Exceedingly Rare)
  • Contraband (Immortal)

Now, let’s dive into the details of each factor from this list:

  • Consumer Grade: Indicated in white, Consumer Grade items are the most common type of CS:GO skin. These skins tend to cost just a few cents, which you can leverage by trading up several of them for a skin with a higher value.
  • Industrial Grade: Indicated in light blue, these skins are still common but not as easy to find as Consumer Grade. The price range varies from a few cents to tens of dollars
  • Mil-Spec: Indicated in blue, this is the first grade dropped from cases. Most mid-tier skins available in the market are blue skins. The price range for this type of skin increases a bit, as you can pay up to $100 for one of them
  • Restricted: Indicated in purple, this type is a bit rarer than the previous variants. Usually, most players can only get skins of this tier by opening cases or trading up tens of lower-tier skins. The price range increases significantly, easily surpassing the  $100 mark
  • Classified: Indicated in pink, these skins are rare and expensive. A sweet spot for profitable trade and investment strategies, smart CS:GO enthusiasts can use classified skins to earn lucrative amounts of money
  • Covert: Indicated in red, these are the rarest weapon skins. Depending on the style and quality of a covert skin, it may be worth over a thousand dollars
  • Extraordinary: Indicated in golden yellow, all items classified as extraordinary are considered “exceedingly rare.” Generally, this is the most expensive type of weapon skins
  • Contraband: Indicated in orange, these skins were removed from the CS:GO roster. 

What Are StatTrak™ Weapons in CS:GO? 

StatTrak™ is a unique skin technology applied to CS:GO weapons that track the number of kills achieved by the player. All kills tracked through StatTrak™ can be converted to another StatTrak™ weapon of the same class with the “Swap Tool.”

Currently, it is only possible to drop StatTrak™ weapons by opening CS:GO cases. It is worth noting that this skin variant is not available for vanilla (bearing no skin) weapons, except for vanilla knives outside the default knife. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

This guide was prepared to help you navigate the world of CS:GO weapon skins without hardships or stressful disappointments. For further guidance, reach out to us and let us your questions. We answered the most frequent questions about CSGO weapon skins in the following topics.

What is the most expensive CSGO weapon skin?

Considering skin prices tend to fluctuate, they may change eventually. As of December 2023, the most expensive CSGO weapon skin is the Karambit (Factory New) Case Hardened Blue Gem. 

Surprisingly, this sleek-looking knife can be worth over $100,000, the price paid in 2016 by its current owner named Newb Rage. For the sake of curiosity, he reportedly received an offer of over $1.4M for the item but eventually turned it down.

What is the rarest weapon skin in CSGO?

Unsurprisingly, the rarest CSGO weapon skin title also goes to the Karambit (Factory New) Case Hardened Blue Gem. Other overwhelmingly rare CS:GO weapon skins include:

M4A4 Howl StatTrak™ version (the only remaining Contraband grade skin in CS:GO)
Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore 
Crimson Web Knives StatTrak™ version

What is the most beautiful CSGO weapon skin?

Determining the most beautiful CSGO weapon skin is a subjective task, as the concept of beauty is heavily based on or influenced by someone’s personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

In terms of popularity, the most sought-after CSGO weapon skins feature unique, distinctive designs, colors, and patterns. Depending on the combination of a skin’s design, float, stickers, and unique features, it may be more appealing than others.