Best CSGO Spinwheel Sites – Top CSGO Wheel Online Sites List

Here at CSGORadar, we’ve compiled the best CSGO spinwheel sites currently available from around the internet; we’ve found the best ways to establish yourself in CSGO spin wheels. Spinwheel has become incredibly popular over the last couple of months, and we’ve been actively monitoring the CSGO gambling sites and which ones adapted these newfound CSGO games.

Below you can find a list of the best CSGO Spinwheel Sites in 2021:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • Gamdom
  • WTFSkins
  • Hellcase
  • SkinBet
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The above list provides you with the best CSGO gambling sites that support CSGO spinwheel, and also other similar games like roulette or blackjack, which the number 1 spot, CSGOEmpire, is listed on the best CSGO blackjack sites, which signals another fantastic CSGO gambling site.

How We Choose The Best CSGO Spinwheel Sites

Obviously, you may be curious to see how we’ve determined each brand and their rating. We take a large number of factors and criteria to establish how good a certain site is. You can easily assess each site individually, but we’d always recommend easily looking at our list, which we’ve deeply researched.

Best CSGO Spinwheel Sites 2021

Below you can see our review criteria used to determine this list of CSGO spinwheel sites:

Fantastic Welcome Bonuses

Any of the sites we look at do not offer a bonus; we’re often sceptical. Not because it applies anything malicious but towards the dedication towards its players, and a platform will rarely take off if they’re not offering a promotion. Adding to this, CSGO bonuses allow you to easily test out a website before fully committing your money to it.

Customer Service

The platforms we’ve listed on CSGORadar are always checked in terms of customer service and support. Interacting with the platform you’re using is always incredibly important to players and sites such as CSGOEmpire have some fantastic customer support and are always here to hand.

Those who are new to CSGO gambling will definitely need a helping hand from pros in the chat channels and in the customer support tab. To make it into our list of CSGO spinwheel sites, the site must offer great customer service.

Banking Options & Payment Methods

Both payment methods and banking options aren’t always the biggest factors when it comes to rating platforms, but it’s always an easy feature that all sites should have to make things easier for players. There is a long list of CSGO gambling payment methods from PayPal to depositing your cash for virtual cash.

When making a deposit, it should be straightforward and easily withdraw winning from all games, even spinwheel winnings, without any types of fees.

Game Variety

Obviously, CSGO spinwheels are incredibly fun, but you’re going to want to differ your gameplay no matter what. The more options available, the better your experience at any of these CSGO bookmakers. Some of the best games include roulette, blackjack, slots and unique games like minesweeper.

Ongoing Promotions

From free spins, to free daily cases and massive CSGO giveaways and raffles, which are by far always ongoing for existing customers. The very best CSGO platforms offer all sorts of promotions to customers, which are rewarded to ongoing loyal customers.

One of the most notable things when joining and committing to a platform is only grabbing a bonus when joining and never see another bonus again, so having daily bonuses are often a fantastic way to continue your CSGO spinwheel gameplay.

Getting Started On CSGO Spinwheel Sites

As with most modern websites getting started is fairly self-explanatory, with easy navigation and clear guidelines. All you need to do is register with personal details and enter a promo code, or one will be instantly added to your account. Looking for a bonus is a high recommendation from us, you’ll be able to easily test out a site and establish yourself without committing your money to the platform.

A decent amount of CSGO spinwheel sites offers some fantastic bonuses for players without needing a deposit which means you’ll just need to register to any of the platforms in the list above.

CSGO Spinwheel Bonuses

All of the CSGO gambling & casino sites we’ve listed on offer and feature some form of an offer to new players. However, they aren’t directly for Spinwheel games, but, can be used as such. And with that, CSGO bonuses are becoming more and more popular and are now introducing different types of ongoing promotions to existing customers too.

You can take advantage of various bonuses which are provided by the casinos. Deposit matches or bonuses, as well as free coins and cases, are common.

You’ll see the following types of popular bonuses given by various sites:

  • Bonuses for signing up
    • Free Cases
    • Free Coins
    • Deposit Matches
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Giveaway skins
  • Cashback

Remember that wagering requirements are always an important factor to consider when claiming a bonus at any point on spinwheel. You may be required to place various bets on CSGO spinwheels prior to receiving your bonus.

What is CSGO Spinwheel/Lucky Wheel

There are two forms of CSGO spinwheel, with the two categories of PVE and PVP. In PVE known as ‘Player vs Environment’ you play against the algorithm of the website whereas in PVP ‘Player vs Player’ you fight against other online players on the platform. Both PVP and PVE have their advantages and disadvantages, however, PVP is the most commonly played.

With PVE, you’ll have two variations of multiplier wheels or fixed prizes, which both are very fun to play on. You can place bets at as little as $0.25 and get multipliers up to 10x the amount. The way that PVE spinwheel works are similar to that of early-stage live casinos.

And for PVP, you’ll see a slightly different version compared to PVE. Players will firstly place a bet on the spinwheel, and once enough players have joined the game the wheel will begin to spin. Similar to CSGO jackpot sites, the amount of the multiplier is defined by how many bets are placed. And also like jackpot games, you’ll find that the more coins/bets placed, the higher the chance of you winning is.