CSGO Scout Guide

When it comes to powerful scoping and one-shot kill, the AWP is the most sought-after weapon on CS:GO. Nonetheless, the price players need to pay for this rifle is always hefty, which leads many die-hard CS:GO fans to look for equivalent alternatives.

Despite not being the king of one-shot skills, the Scout SSG 08 can be a deadly weapon in trained hands. Read on for a concise guide on the Scout SSG 08.

The Basics of CSGO Scout

No matter if you like to play CS:GO as a Terrorist or CT, buying an AWP might not be a budget-friendly option. Alternatively, you can rely on the good old SSG 08 for equivalent results. 

The Scout costs $1,700, which is three times less than you would pay for a standard AWP. With a fire rate of 48 rounds per minute, each SSG 08 shot does 88 damage on a well-placed spot.

Each magazine has a capacity for 10 bullets, with a reserve ammo limit of 90 bullets. For each kill made with this little beauty,  you can get $300 in competitive matches. Sounds just right, does not it? 

While the reloading time is not the best in the world (3.7 seconds), the Scout compensates with one of the best movement speeds compared to all firearms in the game. 

A knife allows you to move 250 UPS (units per second), while the Scout is close to 230 UPS – you can fire while running, strafing, or even jumping!  

CSGO Scout Deadly Deeds – Tactics & Strategies

Remember that you will not drop your opponent dead with one single SSG 08 shot unless it is a straight headshot. 

You cannot properly use the Scout without mastering the ability to “peek and shoot.” With chiseled peeking skills, you can waive the constant need for strafing and do accurate shots with superior precision.

Another great possibility many other CS:GO weapons do not grant you on CS:GO is the ability to jump and shoot. You can even fire with an SSG 08 at the peak of a jump, which means you can open your scope jump and fire when you reach the highest spot. 

CSGO Scout Guide Summary

Using a CSGO Scout is perfect for surprising enemies and wreaking havoc among the enemy lines. With solid teamwork and skills, you will become a killing machine with your Scout SSG 08 in your hands.