CSGO Movement Guide

In essence, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about movement. Hence, you must know how to maneuver on different terrains with the required level of dexterity. Read on for a concise guide on the importance of clean movements on CS:GO and how to develop these skills to become a better player.

What Are the Elementary Movements on CSGO?

As any other FSP game, CS:GO requires players to master different abilities that allow them to interact properly with the scenarios, other players from the same team, and opponents. 

Moving fluidly and efficiently through different CS:GO maps in competitive matches is almost an art. Not only it make you look way cooler, but it will also drastically improve your position on the rankings.

The faster you can move, the more efficient you are to surprise the enemy and prey opponents with rapid fire. Here’s a list of the skills you must practice before you can consider yourself a decent CS:GO player:

  • Proper mouse control
  • Mouse and keyboard combination
  • Proper control of jumps 
  • Proper control of transition between weapons
  • Fluid in-game communication

Once you’ve mastered this basic set of skills, it is possible to go a step further and get to the level of mastering skills like advanced mechanics and a solid game sense.

How to Improve CS:GO Movement – Updated Training Map Overview

If you visit the Steam Community, you will find several training maps that you can rely on to develop your skills and improve weak points. Different maps have distinct supportive tools, so it’s important to go through a training program with a combination of several maps.

To improve your overall movements, you can go through training maps like whiskeyo’s “Jumps Training” or yolokas’ “Fast Aim / Reflex Training.” If you have already mastered the art of CS:GO jumping, go straight to the second option.

You can also further improve your Grenade throws using our guide.

If you still need to improve the combination of cross-hair, aiming, and general movements, you can go through Yprac’s training maps or get a little bit of every aspect out of ZooL’s “Training Center 1.5c” map. 

Becoming a Mouse & Keyboard Warrior

Attaining competitive goals on CS:GO is far from simply “pointing and clicking” when you see an opponent racing past your PC screen. The foundation of a good CS:GO player is dominating the art of controlling the mouse and keyboard as efficiently as it can get.

It is easy to spot the difference when you watch players with extremely different levels of skill battling on CS:GO. Veteran players simply flow through it, while newbies always have that “clunkier” aspect in every movement.

Once you have gone through the basics of the basics like controlling shakiness, cross-hair awareness, and learning the difference between tapping, bursting, and spraying, you can start diving deeper with:

  • Proficient cross-hair aim maintenance
  • Repetition to increase muscle memory
  • Instinctive adjustment of distance while shooting
  • Getting a proficient level of tapping
  • Mastering tight angles and complex maneuvering 

The next step requires long hours of exposure to CS:GO, as it will take the player to have an intuitive sense of the game. This set of advanced to pro-level movements include:

  • Accurate spray patterns with different weapons
  • Ability to flick, tap, and spray with full proficiency
  • Consistent spray transfers
  • Increasing range of shooting
  • Reflexive movements with superior accuracy
  • Dominance of complex angles
  • Resourceful “toolbox” of strategies to go from one place to another 

Playing as a Team Member

CS:GO is mostly focused on team matches, which means you cannot play for yourself. No matter how good your shots are or how you are making great plays, you will not attain that special level as a CS:GO player without good teamwork skills.

If you are aspiring to compete in CS:GO competitive leagues, here’s an overview of the basic skills you must exercise as a team worker:

  • Providing active support to teammates when necessary
  • Understanding the importance of angles and taking advantage of spots left open
  • Avoiding or strategically advancing into watched spots
  • Providing efficient coverage to teammates
  • Demonstrating a solid knowledge of CS:GO economy (efficient drops for teammates)
  • Not quarreling with teammates, camping excessively, or acting passively 
  • Supportive role as a trade killer
  • Fluency in different positions and strategies 

Improving CSGO Movement Summary

At the end of the day, you must realize that CS:GO was never an individual game. Competitive players need superior coordination, usage of tactics, and coherent play-by-play performance to climb up the CS:GO ranks – and it’s all about movement!