CSGO Jump Shot Guide

If you use your favorite search engine to look for the best gameplays on CS:GO tournaments throughout the years, a significant percentage of these plays are jump shots.

A skilled jump shooter can be the difference between winning a million-dollar match or having your team's score kicked in the butt. Read on for a concise guide on CS:GO jump shooting.

How to Jumpshot in CSGO?

As its name suggests, a jump shot is a movement in which a Terrorist or CT player opens the scope of his gun, jumps, and hits a straight shot after reaching the highest spot.

Another variation of this highly-respected movement is referred to as the “flying and stopping” technique, which requires the player to jump and head over in the opposite direction to fake the jump and shoot mid-air.

Assuming you are using the classic “A+D” key combo to move left and right, you would basically jump and press the button in the opposite direction. 

With long hours of practice and watching tutorial videos, it is perfectly possible to master all the variations of jump shooting and use them in combat to climb up the CS:GO ranks.

AWP vs. Scout – Which is the Best Choice for Jump Shooters?

You will certainly need a scoped gun to become a jump shooter, so you can either get an AWP or a Scout SSG 08. The AWP offers a clear advantage in terms of deadly power, especially as you can kill opponents one-shot-style.

An AWP rifle also requires superior reload time, which means a single missed shot can get your position identified and expose you to ghastly risks.

However, jump shooting is all about movement, which is something the Scout allows you to master. A little lighter than CS:GO knives, the SSG 08 is the best for agile players despite lacking the immediate-kill power of an AWP.

Another factor to consider is that an SSG 08 costs three times less than a standard AWP, which can largely contribute to a more budget-friendly experience. 

CSGO Jump Shot Summary

Undoubtedly, the jump shooter’s rule of thumb is that this movement is easier said than done. Still, if you are willing to invest the time and effort to master this technique, you will be rewarded with efficient kills and a solid reputation every time you join a CS:GO match.