When looking through our selection of recommended CSGO gambling sites you’ll know that player experience is a big part of the selection. If you’re enjoying hours or even minutes at a time on the site, the site’s payment options and security is incredibly important. Not all csgo gambling sites accept the same payment methods and as a player, you’ll have your favourite options when depositing and withdrawing funds.

As we’ve always mentioned, banking is one of the most important factors of a trustworthy betting site, and when it comes to real money CSGO gambling, you’ll know that safety is paramount with your funds and details. Players want to quickly deposit and withdraw funds from their favourite CSGO gambling sites, without any hassle and have the ability to move those funds securely.

Below you can find a list of the best deposit and withdrawal methods for CSGO gambling, and the benefits of each:


If you’ve ever played CSGO you’ll know that skins are an in-game cosmetic that can be found in a variety of different rarities and colours. These skins have different classes to distinguish how valuable they are.

Below is a list of the classes:

  • White [Common]
  • Light Blue [Uncomm]
  • Dark blue [Rare]
  • Purple Restricted
  • Pink [Legendary]
  • Red [Ancient]
  • Yellow/Gold [Expectionally rare]

The majority of the CSGO community use these platforms to gain more skins using games such as CSGO dice or coinflip. All deposits and withdraws are made by the Steam wallet, simply deposit a skin and the value of that skin to transferred into virtual-currency.

Valve has various rules and regulations for transferring your skins to CSGO gambling sites and you’ll need to follow them. This method is fairly safe and secure, and you can easily transfer them back into your wallet after placing bets.


Known as one of the most secure and safe payment options currently available due to their ‘blockchain’ model it’s an easy option for those concerned about safety of their funds. An all time popular option on many CSGO gambling sites Bitcoin can be fund across pretty much every single platform.

Firstly create a wallet and easily set up a payment gateway and follow the instructions and payment details and you’ll deposit the required funds.


One of the most secure and easy to use payment gateways is PayPal and using your account to deposit at any of the CSGO gambling sites we’ve listed can be a convenient way to fund your account. But always remember, be sure to only use your account on one of the trusted websites and always activate 2FA.

We’ve put together a list of CSGO gambling sites that accept PayPal this method to help you decide which platform you’d like to sign up to.


Paysafecard is one of the most popular ‘anonymous’ eWallets and can be used to purchase virtual CSGO coins from popular CSGO gambling sites. If you’re wanting high deposit and withdrawal limits, fast withdrawals and a set of fantastic security-based features Paysafecard is one of the top options for you to use on your account.


Etherum is another fantastic cryptocurrency used across the majority of CSGO gambling sites and can be used to easily deposit and withdraw from your account. There’s a selection of sites that accept Etherum such as CSGO500 among others.


Litecoin is an up and coming cryptocurrency and uses peer-to-peer technology to safely secure payments and is one of Bitcoin’s largest competitors. There’s a list of CSGO gambling sites that accept Litecoin and you can easily deposit or withdraw funds using Litecoin.

Visa Card

A selection of countries is unable to process Visa card payments to betting sites due to existing laws. However, there is a selection of countries that allow direct Visa card payments. However, you can make deposits using either pre-paid Visa cards or Visa Electron.


The majority of CSGO gambling sites that provide Mastercard options will have a range of great features such as larger jackpots and even point’s systems. You can often grab bigger bonuses when using Mastercard so definitely take a look at this option when choosing.