CSGO Crosshair Placement Guide

If you go through a thousand CS:GO guides available online, you will always read something about crosshair placement and how important it is for improved gameplay.

A crucial part of the player's mechanics, the ability to place the crosshair fluidly and efficiently in-between movements allows you to make easier kills and position yourself better on the terrain before a new threat comes up.

Read on for a concise guide on cross-hair placement.

Explaining Crosshair Placement on CSGO

As its name suggests, cross-hair placement refers to where and how you place the small visual aid that remains at the center of the screen when you are playing CS:GO.

This small-but-vital element is fundamental for accuracy, as you can use it to your advantage while approaching enemies, covering different angles, and walking through the terrain with a safer approach. The basics of efficient cross-hair placement include: 

  • Pre-visualization of where an opponent will move to 
  • Taking advantage of positions to peek and get peeked
  • Efficiently placing the cross-hair without flicking around randomly 
  • Manage to get efficient kills with minimal effort as possible

Once you have mastered these primary elements, you can focus on advanced spraying technics, coverage of odd angles, and the strategic usage of grenades. From that point on, your gameplay mechanics will improve dramatically.

Peek or Get Peeked РImproving CSGO Crosshair Placement 

The first element of cross-hair placement is placing the aim at the right height and width. Cross-hair placement has a lot to do with peeking. Once your skills are properly developed, you can peek around corners to engage in combat or set up on a specific angle where you expect an enemy to be.

It is impossible to peek without a good level of dexterity on cross-hair placements. The only way to get a fluid placement of cross hair is by practicing in different scenarios and weapons.

Additionally, you need to take time to develop your intuitive gaming skills. Several factors can suddenly change how you should react to win, such as:

  • Is my opponent shift walking or Ferrari-peaking?
  • What weapon am I using? (e.g., AWP, Rifle, Pistol etc.)
  • Is my opponent aware of where I’m positioned?
  • Did my opponent suffer heavy damage or has low HP?

An excellent way to get your skills chiseled is to practice on Yprac’s maps. To start off, you can go to the Steam community and download Yprac’s “Practice and Warmup” map.

This map will help you improve your cross-hair placement with different drills involving flicking, speed, accuracy, tracking, and bursting. If you want to improve your cross-hair placement at angles and overall pre-firing skills, Yprac’s “Mirage Guide” will certainly do the job.

CSGO Crosshair Placement Summary

Cross-hair placement cannot be taken for granted on CS:GO. Depending on how you are moving, a good crosshair placement will help you to instantly go from a body shot to a headshot (and vice-versa, make good use of a grenade and kill or (at least inflict severe damage) to opponents with maximum efficiency.