CSGO Bunny Hop Guide

When you combine side-to-side air strafing with inch-perfect jumps, the result is the perfect "B-Hop" movement. A classic movement in FPS games, bunny hopping allows you to move with superior speed by air strafing and seize advantage of the momentum.

Read on for a concise guide on CS:GO bunny hops.

How To Bunny Hop

Before you start to practice your bunny hopping skills on CS:GO, you need to enable the developer console where you can input commands and modify several aspects of the game.

After binding the console to a specific key (typically the “~” key), you can go through the next steps. To achieve the perfect b-hop on CS:GO, you need to jump and jump again as soon as you land. 

Competitive CS:GO players use the scroll wheel on the mouse to jump for more effective bunny hops. This way, you can focus on your target while not missing the time between consecutive jumps. 

There are two useful console commands you can use to achieve this goal – just choose the option that fits your preferences:

  • Use “bind mrwheelup + jump” for scrolling up b-hops
  • Use “bind mrwheeldown + jump” for scrolling down b-hops

Even though it might sound simplistic, it is easier said than done.

Practice, Practice, Practice – The Journey for Perfect B-Hops

First of all, you need to practice pure jumping while your CS:GO character is standing alone to get the exact timing right. Once you feel ready, you can run forward, release the forward key, and leave yourself b-hop in the air.

To move faster when bunny hopping, you need to master the art of strafing. All you need to do is run, jump, and release the “W” key while moving your mouse left. To b-hop backward, you can use run backward, and release the “S” key while strafing left and right.

Comparing the velocity stats from a b-hop coming from a straight run with a b-hop going from strafing, you’ll clearly see the superior speed the combination of B-hops and strafing will get you.

CSGO Bunny Hop Summary

What are you waiting for? Get your precise jumping right today! B-Hops are super useful to cut corners, access specific places faster than normal, get to certain heights surprisingly fast, and use guns that slow you down to give enemies deadly surprising shots.