Best CSGO Aim Training Maps

The most important skill you must develop to be a world-ranked player on Counter-Striker: Global Offensive is shooting accurately in any situation. No matter how much pressure is involved in the situation, you must be able to concentrate and put a bullet right into your opponent's skin.

With the overwhelming level of competition involved in CS:GO matches, even non-competitive players rely on training maps to chisel their skills. Read on for a full guide on the best CS:GO Aim Training maps.

Where Can I Find CSGO Aim Training Maps?

Aim Training maps are special maps created by CS:GO players available on the Steam Community workshop. The community curates these modes, meaning players can test the maps and share their opinion with other users on Steam.

All you need to do to download one of these maps is visit the Steam webpage, sign in using your account, and open the “Community” section. Scroll down this section, select the “CSGO” option, and then click on the “Workshop” tab.

Use the search engine available in the section to search for the desired map. After finding the map, click on it, and select the “Subscribe” option to download it. If you are not properly logged into the Steam website, you will not be able to complete the download.

Once you have subscribed to a map, you just need to run the game normally and select the game mode on the “Workshop Maps” section.

Which CSGO Aim Training Maps Should I Use to Become a Straightshooter?

CS:GO is overwhelmingly competitive, so you must always act precisely and be the first to give your opponents a clean headshot. 

The most efficient way to make your CS:GO marksmanship skill shine brighter is by practicing long hours on Aim Training maps. Here’s a selection of highly-recommended options for all levels of players:


Considered a legendary training map in the CS:GO community, training_aim_csgo2 is the primary mode used by players who want to improve their shooting skills. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, this map must be part of your training routine.

A wise man once said that the simpler and more consistent a training program is, the greater its effect. Training_aim_csgo2 is all about simplicity – you must shoot targets and hit them as precisely as possible with fewer shots. Simple, right?

Some of the training modes available on this map include the Classic mode (a.k.a Fast Aiming mode), the Angles and Sliding mode, and the Reflex Training mode.

This map allows you to shoot on different targets with distinct sizes and other variants like motions and positions. It is possible to modify the diameter of the targets and work from different distances, getting farther away or closer as you find necessary.

If you want to improve your reactive instincts and flicking skills, training_aim_csgo2 must be on the first part of your training schedule. 

Yprac’s Maps

Developed by a famous user known as Yesber, the famous collection of Yprac maps has been used for years by standard and pro-level players who want to improve a wide range of skills on CS:GO. This list of maps is extensive and covers several training modes, such as:

  • Aim training
  • Peek training
  • Pre-fire training
  • Attacking or defensive position training
  • Reactive/ reflexive drills
  • Grenade-focused drills (e.g., Smoke, Flashbang, Molotov, etc.)
  • Mastering rifles, pistols, and shotguns

If you want a superior version of the classic training_aim_csgo2, the way to go is Yprac’s Aim Trainer map. This special mode offers all the advantages of the most famous aim training map in the community, but with the possibility to insert personal adjustments and chisel specific aspects of your shooting skills.

For players who like to practice with bots, Yprac’s Bots Trainer map must be on their list. This mode allows you to customize different behavior of bots, which means you can make them stand still, rush, or move in several ways.

Besides bot customization, you can also place them at different heights, training your skills on both horizontal and vertical viewpoints.

Another fundamental map for aspiring CS:GO weapons masters is Yprac’s Recoil Trainer. Mostly focused on improving the player’s recoil pattern, you will be put to work following patterns that will test your reaction and spraying accuracy.

uLLeticaL’s Maps 

If you are looking for a brilliant sequence of training maps that include not only Aim Training but other skills, uLLeticaL’s map collection is a must for you. 

From aim courses for different levels of players to jump training and even hearing training, CS:GO players can train every skill required on competitive matches with uLLeticaL’s maps.

A great example is the Aim Botz map, which features a wide 360-degree scenario with multiple bots spread around the training area. As expected, you can modify the behavior of the bots to fit your training needs and customize the available training options to improve your shooting/positioning skills.

Another essential map published by uLLeticaL is the Recoil Master map, which is focused on recoil controlling for all levels of players. Depending on the weapon you choose to practice with, the map will automatically adjust for distinct recoil patterns.

Additionally, you can use a variety of options available on the training wall and control elements like Multi-Target, Bullet Time, or Infinite Ammo, making each drilling session as unique as possible.

Best CSGO Aim Training Maps Summary

No matter how newbie or advanced you are as a CS:GO player, you must keep on improving your shooting skills. The better your accuracy is, the more competitive you become, and follow better movement in CSGO and so fourth. 

This collection of CS:GO Aim Training maps is a curated selection of maps that must be on your training list. Whether you have only 10 minutes to practice or long hours to dedicate to CS:GO drills, all you need to do is follow the program and the results will naturally follow it.