Bitskins Promo Code

Active since 2015, Bitskins is one of the most respected CS:GO marketplaces in the segment. Although it is mostly focused on CS:GO items, it also offers you the possibility to buy and sell items from Dota2 and Team Fortress 2. 

And here we have the exclusive Bitskins promo code that you’ve been looking for: {CR100}. Use it to claim a nice bonus that will super-charge your trading, buying and selling at Bitskins!

How to Enter and Use the Bitskins Promo Code

Even though Bitskins is an excellent CS:GO marketplace, the website’s design looks a bit outdated. Whether it is purposeful or not, you will learn how to activate the {CR100} code to claim an exclusive bonus on Bitskins. It is quite simple:

  1. First, you must sign up on Bitskins or log in through your Steam account
  2. Once you are logged in, access the “Deposit” section
  3. Find the promo code section
  4. In the appropriate box, enter {CR100}
  5. Confirm it and finish the deposit process to claim the welcome bonus.

Please note that some promo codes for free skins require a bit more time to be redeemed, as you must wait for the prizes to clear. If you need further assistance, Bitskins offers 24/7 support via a ticket system. 

Bitskins Promo Codes & Promotions

Bitskins is an online marketplace focused on CS:GO and other iGaming items, especially weapon skins. Hence, finding tens of promo codes for this type of website is a challenging experience.

Regardless, it does not mean you can only use the {CR100} code, as we’ve gone through in-depth research to compile the following promo code options for Bitskins:

  • CR100
  • Top100List

Additional Promos and Benefits You Can Get at Bitskins

Bitskins is neither a CS:GO gambling platform nor an online casino – it is all about buying and selling items. If you want to buy or sell CS:GO skins, Bitskins offer various options with different rarities, floats, and prices. 

Regular Bonuses

While not being a casino is not necessarily bad, it results in the lack of ongoing promotions and bonuses. Nonetheless, Bitskins regularly offer promotions that permit players to profit more.

Considered one of the most active CS:GO marketplaces on social media, Bitskins uses different channels to advertise its ongoing promotions. 

In terms of price, Bitskins offers a standard experience – it is neither the best nor the worst place to find good deals. If you want something better than the Steam market, you can rely on this website to find genuine offers.

Suggested Prices and Other Useful Features

A particularly helpful feature is the “Suggested Prices,” which shows the ideal price for each item below the price of all products. Like any other marketplace, Bitskins earns a commission for each transaction. 

Currently, sellers owe a 10% fee on each transaction made through the platform. The more your trading volume increases, the more your seller fee rate decreases (with a few exceptions, of course).

Even though the quantity of promotions available on Bitskins is not impressive, the variability of CS:GO items is overwhelming. You can filter down the rarest option by selecting the “Rarities” tab on the top menu. 

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

Once again, Bitskins is not a CS:GO casino or a gambling platform, which means there are no VIP clubs or coin rewards. If you are consistently buying or selling skins successfully, the website rewards you with better trading conditions, as higher-tier accounts have lower fees.

Meanwhile, you can immediately enjoy a bonus by claiming the {CR100} promo code and other codes listed in this short guide. 

How Legit Are Bitskins Promo Codes?

If you are concerned about whether Bitskins’ promo codes are legit, you can rest assured that using the {CR100} code is a safe option. Indeed, it is not easy to find promo codes for CS:GO marketplaces, which may raise concerns about their legitimacy.

Bitskins is a traditional CS:GO marketplace with years of activity in the segment. Once you are registered on the platform, you do not need to worry about payment fraud, identity theft, or malicious attempts to sneak into your Steam inventory.

The website has been validated by millions of users over the years. In terms of cybersecurity, it features DDoS protection and SSL encryption. Two-factor authentication and a solid trading policy complete the package to make it one of the safest CS:GO marketplaces available in 2022.

Although you can claim the {CR100} code no matter where you are located, it is worth noting that certain countries have withdrawal restrictions on debit/credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, Bitskins is a good marketplace for CS:GO enthusiasts. It is important to understand that the website is not a CS:GO casino or case opening site, which results in a lack of lavish promotions. 

Read on to find the answers to the frequently asked questions about Bitskins promo codes. Feel free to reach out to us for further guidance. 

Are Bitskins’ promo codes safe?

Yes, all promo codes listed in this article are legit. Bitskins have been active since 2015, boasting a colossal number of well-succeed transactions and satisfied customers. Use the {CR100} code to boost your CS:GO trading experience.

Can you get free money and coins with the Bitskins promo code?

Unfortunately, Bitskins does not offer free money promotions to reward users. The website is entirely focused on providing the best CS:GO marketplace for users to buy and sell items. 

Similarly, it does not offer free coins, as Bitskins is not a CS:GO casino or gambling website.

Do Bitskins’ promo codes expire?

It is rare to find Bitskins promo codes, which means you need to activate them as soon as possible. Claim a nice bonus today by entering the promo code {CR100} and make your CS:GO deals even more advantageous.