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eSports are increasingly becoming popular as players around the world converge online. CSGO is by far the most loved game with several tournaments taking place on different sites. The great thing about CSGO is that it builds lots of thrills for the players. Launched in 2015, Bitskins is an online CSGO marketplace where you can buy or sell game skins for CSGO and other eSports like Dota 2.

Although Bitskins does not have a sign-up bonus, the bonus code “CR100” will get you access to occasional giveaways. In these promotions, customers stand a chance to walk away with exceptional prizes such as the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore. The transactions attract a small fee, whether you are buying or selling skins on the website. The payment platforms are convenient, with various cryptocurrencies available to buy or sell. Bitskins also offers thousands of skins and eSports products at competitive prices.

Bitskins Codes & Promotions

Unlike online casinos or one of the top CSGO blackjack sites that have definite promotions and bonuses, Bitskins is a trading platform and bonus codes are a bit on the erratic side. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to get a boost on your account and save. This website will still, from time to time, offer exciting bonuses and promotions.

Bitskins advertises its promotions on social media and through its affiliates. We have already mentioned the promo code that will get you access to special giveaways on Bitskins but if you’re looking for more, we are recommending another two. We ran a check on these codes and found them to work on Bitskins.

  • ES100
  • Top100List

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

As we alluded to earlier, Bitskins is different from online casinos which have a dedicated promotions page with a selection of regular bonuses. At Bitskins, you’ll have to play it by the ear if you want to find a giveaway or a deposit bonus code. eSports websites usually offer a free case promotion giving the player a much-needed boost.  We didn’t come across any free case promo code on Bitskins while we were working on this article.

However, the site does offer a variety of other exciting giveaways and if you’re a regular customer there, you may receive notifications on the latest special offers. Although the promotions are not as lucrative as most CSGO players would expect, Bitskins does a great job of keeping customers happy with some pretty cool free skins that it releases occasionally.

VIP Promotions & Player Coin Rewards

Online casinos and related websites roll out specially crafted VIP programs to acknowledge and appreciate particular clients – high rollers. Most sites will also offer a loyalty rewards program for long-time customers. The longer you stay at the site, the more points you will earn. VIP members and long-time customers receive preferential treatment. At Bitskins, when a player spends exceptionally high amounts or sells high-value skins through the platform, their accounts move up to an upper tier. This earns the customer plenty of specific perks such as lower transaction fees. For example, the normal fee for selling skins on the website is 10% but with a top tier account, a customer will pay just 5%.

How Legit are Bitskins Promo Codes?

The internet these days is full of scammers waiting to prey on unsuspecting victims. It is therefore vital for CSGO players to evaluate a skins trading website before making any sort of commitment. So, are these promo codes legit? Well, Bitskins is a reputed CSGO skins trading website launched in 2015 and registered under the laws of the Polish Government. There are no incriminating claims against the website or its affiliates. However, the site has faced some challenges in recent years and removed PayPal from its list of payment platforms. This has led to some negative customer reviews. Otherwise, Bitskins codes work like a charm and you can cash out with cryptos.

How to Activate Bitskins Code

Bitskins navigation may seem a bit daunting to newbies but once you get acquainted with the site, you will realize that it’s pretty simple. To redeem the Bitskins code, just signup or log in using your Steam account. You then head to the deposit section and enter the code “CR100” in the promo code section. Complete the transaction, and the bonus is all yours. If the promo code is for free skins, you might have to wait for your prize to clear. You can contact the support team for assistance and further clarification.

Bitskins Free Code Summary

Bitskins is a reputable CSGO trading platform founded in 2015. The promotions and bonuses on this portal may not be as lavish as those on casino sites and other CSGO case-opening websites, but Bitskins provides reliable services at competitive fees. The site has faced a bit of negativity in recent years for removing other payment options. But after all, has been said and done, this is a legit business and serves as an excellent arsenal for CSGO fanatics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitskins Codes

What banking options are available at Bitskins?

Bitskins recently removed PayPal from its payment platforms. However, you may use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. Some jurisdictions will also be able to access Visa and MasterCard.

What kind of promotions can we expect from Bitskins?

Bitskins usually has great giveaways. You can expect some super cool free skins. If you spend significant amounts on the site and upgrade to top-tier status, you will be able to save in the long run because you will pay a much lower fee.

Can I trust Bitskins?

Bitskins is a registered trading website with more than 5 years of experience. The website employs critical security measures to protect client privacy and prevent internet fraud. The products you order are always delivered as promised. However, make sure you read the terms of service so that you avoid misunderstandings. Overall, you can rely on Bitskins.