PUBG Roulette Sites

We've compiled a list of the top PUBG roulette sites using our criteria which all PUBG gambling sites need to meet in order to be added to this list of the best PUBG roulette sites. Be confident that all sites listed here are trustworthy and can be trusted with your skins, money and information.

PUBG Roulette

We've compiled a list of the top PUBG roulette sites using our criteria which all PUBG gambling sites need to meet in order to be added to this list of the best PUBG roulette sites. Be confident that all sites listed here are trustworthy and can be trusted with your skins, money and information.

Best PUBG Roulette Sites 2022

Owing to its dramatic and glamorous reputation, Roulette tends to attract a lot of rogue casino operators looking to grab a share of the pie. PUBG Roulette is not an exception. So, if you wish to join the game, read through our reviews for the best and most reputable institutions. Here you will find tried and tested, 100% safe and secure PUBG Roulette sites.

Here is a list of the best PUBG roulette sites available:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGORoll
  • CSGO500
  • Gamdom
  • PUBGBets.net

PUBG Roulette Gambling Explained

The key selling point of PUBG Roulette is the ability to sell, buy, or trade rare and valuable skins. Cosmetic items serve as the primary currency over real banknotes. Built to add a challenging effect to the standard variation, the game is perfect for anyone looking to bask in an immersive gaming experience. While the basic European Roulette rules remain unchanged, PUBG Roulette provides a peerless opportunity to stand out from the crowd and embellish yourself with cosmetic skins that speak to your persona.

To access these skins, visit the Official PUBG Steam Store or a reputable Steam Marketplace. Our list of the best PUBG Roulette sites includes platforms known to award free cosmetic items on their social media pages. You can also win skins during an online match. During our time on the site, we were taken aback by the generosity of the company. On-a-budget punters are allowed the opportunity to grab their favorite skins at the company’s expense and high rollers can trade in lavish cosmetic items at convenience.

Be sure to read up on our list of CSGO skin roulette platforms.

How We Assess PUBG Roulette Sites

This guide is not just about listing the best PUBG Roulette sites, our team of experts went to great lengths to deliver an honest and comprehensive account of each operator. This meant taking a microscopic view of various aspects that make up top-notch dealers. The following benchmarks were used to determine the leading PUBG Roulette sites from the rest.


Boasting superior security protocols, leading operators are known to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of punters. They hold valid and reputable licenses issued by trustworthy regulatory authorities. You’ll find the license number proudly displayed at the bottom of the website. Another feature that sets them apart from measly operators is the latest SSL encryption software that guarantees full proof protection from fraudsters.


Real money gaming calls for secure and seamless transactions. Hence the need for an authoritative banking institution. Being fully aware of this, leading operators tend to provide multiple crypto payment gateways. You’ll also find deposit and withdrawal options that have been custom-made to suit every punter’s gaming desires and needs.

Bonuses and Promotions

are the new normal when it comes to PUBG gaming. As such, the best PUBG Roulette platforms make it a point to welcome new players with handsome packages. To ensure a comfortable stay, punters are awarded a series of weekly/monthly freebies in form of skins or virtual coins. More coupons are distributed on social media, so it’s a great idea to connect with leading enterprises across all social channels.

Customer Support

is, unfortunately, often overlooked by both established and new enterprises. With virtual games being susceptible to technical problems, a speedy and reliable support system can never be overemphasized. Top-rated institutions make it a point to provide 24/7/365 customer support through multiple channels, including Live Chat, email, phone, social media, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Choosing Your Own PUBG Roulette Site

When it comes to PUBG gaming, a one-size-fits-all Roulette institution does not exist. Each operator has its own strength and area of expertise. As such, the best PUBG Roulette site differs with individual needs and preferences. Here we equip you with the necessary tools to ascertain a website that best suits your needs.

  • Are you a recreational player?

Look for a less demanding operator. Make sure the transactional limits are low enough to fit within your budget. Take advantage of the bonuses and promotions. Also, connect with the operator on Twitter as it’s the best social platform to get hold of rare skins and virtual coins.

  • Are you a nighttime gambler?

You need a PUBG Roulette with 24/7 customer support. While detailed FAQs are essential in getting a speedy resolution, some problems are not listed on the site. So, it’s always a great idea to ensure there is speedy phone service and Live Chat support.

  • Do you have a busy schedule?

You need a site that allows gaming on the move. Have a look at the mobile gaming options available on the website. Some operators have applications, while some have mobile browser-friendly sites. Still, others boast both options. Choose one that is most convenient for your schedule and device specifications.

PUBG Roulette Sites Bonuses Explained

When it comes down to packing the ultimate punch and delivering a peerless gaming experience, the best Roulette sites shine brightest. From the moment you pull up a chair on the virtual table, there is no deposit bonus of $0.50. Upon making the first deposit, you’ll be treated to a match-up bonus.

On a good day, leading operators are known to offer up to 500% match-up bonuses. After becoming a regular member, you can qualify for the loyalty program which handouts rare skins and virtual coins. For more freebies, visit the operator’s social media platforms. You might be lucky enough to walk away with high-value cosmetic items. Note that while this is the standard, the exact number of bonuses differs with every operator. The following is a summary of bonuses to look forward to.

  • $0.50 no deposit offer
  • 100% to 500% match up bonus
  • Free skins
  • Virtual coins
  • Loyalty program
  • Social media giveaways

Claiming PUBG Roulette Sites Bonuses

Claiming the PUBG Roulette sites bonuses is a walk in the park. Simply click any of the following tabs – Free cases, Bonus, or +. Then enter the correct promo code and click “Claim Reward”. The bonus will immediately be deposited into your account. Below are some of the best promo codes.

  • CR100
  • ES100
  • Top100list

PUBG Roulette Sites Summary

In less than a decade, PUBG has become arguably the most popular battle royale game online. As PUBG skins became popular and valuable, gambling on these in-game features soon followed. PUBG Roulette sites allow gamers to easily sell, buy and exchange cosmetic items and arm themselves with the best skins. Being available on mobile devices and all day long, it’s easy for gamblers to choose a PUBG Roulette site that caters to their specific needs. We’ve taken a step further to document everything about PUBG sites, including bonuses, customer support, and banking. For more details about PUBG gaming sites, browse through our expert reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PUBG Roulette?

PUBG Roulette closely resembles its standard European or American variant. The only difference lies in the wagering of skins instead of real money. In PUBG Roulette, punters can buy, sell, and exchange cosmetic skins without using real money. Skins serve as a primary currency and can be accessed using the Official PUBG Steam Store or at any reputable Steam Marketplace.

What are the best PUBG Roulette sites?

With lackluster gaming platforms flooding the virtual world, coming up with the best PUBG Roulette sites is a demanding task. Using our time-tested criteria, we sought to uncover the best and most reliable PUBG Roulette sites. Below is a list of top-tier institutions that are well above board and fully secure.

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGORoll
  • CSGO500
  • Gamdom
  • FarmSkins
  • CSGOPolygon