Best CSGORoll Cases to Open

Boasting a well-established reputation and solid gambling experience, CSGORoll is one of the best websites to have fun wagering on CSGO-themed games like Coinflip, Roulette, and Dice. While many sites offer either games or case openings, CSGORoll combines the best of both worlds. 

In this article, you will discover the best cases to open on CSGORoll, and if you want to know more about the skins casino, you can always check our CSGORoll review which covers all aspects of the casino.

Opening Cases on CSGORoll – What You Need to Know 

CSGORoll allows users to open cases on the “Unboxing” section. This section offers different options to filter cases based on price, popularity, and other aspects. It is also possible to filter certain cases by odds, such as 50/50 cases, 10% cases, or 5% cases. The layout is straightforward, which facilitates the whole experience. 

Different cases have prices ranging from 50 coins to 100 coins. The cases with better cost-benefit are not necessarily the most expensive ones, but the price is super relevant in choosing an ideal CSGO case.


The “Shockwave” case costs 92.89 coins, which means it is an expensive choice. However, this little beauty can be considered an investment, not an expense. Potential drops coming from this case include rare CSGO skins like:

  • Karambit Shappire Knife
  • Crimson Kimono Specialist Gloves
  • Cool Mint Motto Gloves
  • Slaughter Hand Wraps Gloves

The Chickens 

A fun and unique crate of goods, “The Chickens” case cost 57.82 coins. Inspired by the most beloved pets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this crate has a humorous approach but gives users the chance to drop serious skins like:

  • Ruby Butterfly Knife
  • Case Hardened Hydra Gloves
  • Gungnir AWP Rifle
  • Disco Tech StatTrak MAC-10
  • Bullet Queen StatTrak Glock 18
  • Fade MP7
  • Ghost Crusader SSG 08
  • Decimator Tec 9
  • Emerald Dual Berettas


Nothing better than beautiful bright sunshine gleaming up in the sky to make anyone’s day much better. The “Sunshine” case can also make you feel good with excellent drop probabilities in a crate costing only 52 coins. You can open this one and have a chance to drop:

  • Omega Sports Gloves
  • Bronze Bloodhound Gloves
  • Sunset Storm Desert Eagle
  • Red Filigree Mac 10
  • Candy Apple Glock 18
  • Firestarter Mag 17
  • Desert Storm M4A4
  • Cold Blooded P90

10% Doppler 

Costing 62 coins, the “10% Doppler” case gives users the chance to drop 100% cool items. Passionate knife fans may look at it with a particular interest, considering the fixed odds of dropping a high-value blade. If you are willing to take a chance, you can drop items like:

  • Doppler Phase 2 Karambit Knife
  • Doppler Phase 4 Gut Knife
  • Doppler Phase 2 Stiletto Knife


The “Trance” case can make you feel like dancing with the possibility of dropping solid CSGO skins. Colorful in neon and featuring a “vaporwave” design, this crate may be all you need to make your day better. Give it a chance to drop neat skins like:

  • Fade Skeleton Knife
  • Slaughter Survival Knife
  • Asiimov AWP Rifle
  • Cardiac Scar-20
  • Bloodshot SSG 8
  • Hyper Beast Five Seven Pistol


Stealth and precision are two of the most essential abilities of an actual combatant, especially if you are talking about secret operations. 

Both counter-terrorists and terrorists need to master this ability to survive in CSGO’s harsh environment, so the “Backstab” case gives lucky gamblers the chance to get the tools to practice this deadly art. Costing 60.63 coins, this crate gives you the chance to drop:

  • Crimson Web Skeleton Knife
  • Crimson Web Survival Knife
  • Stained Flip Knife
  • Slaughter StatTrak M9 Bayonet
  • Gamma Doppler Phase 4
  • Cobalt Skull Gloves
  • Case Hardened StatTrak AK47

Loaded Case 

As its name suggests, the “Loaded Case” is filled with excellent drops. The luckier you are, the better chances you have to get a neat gift for 89 coins. Possible drops coming from this unique crate include:

  • Sapphire Butterfly Knife
  • Dragon Lore AWP Rifle
  • Pandora’s Box Gloves
  • Howl StatTrak M4A4
  • Emerald M9 Bayonet

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the following topics, you will find concise answers to the most frequent questions about CSGORoll’s cases:

Can I Trust the Results of CSGORoll’s Cases? 

The results of all cases are proven, as CSGORoll is 100% Provably Fair. This system is based on advanced encryption, allowing gamblers to check the results of cases through a hash system. With this system in place, no one can interfere in the outcome of cases.

Is it Possible to Enjoy Case Battles on CSGORoll?

Gamblers can also put their luck to prove at exciting “Case Battles,” going against other players face-to-face to determine who opens the most valuable cases.