Best CSGO Stickers 2022

Are you looking to win the best CS:GO stickers? Then, this article is what you need to read. We are going to show you the rarest and most valuable CS:GO stickers in 2022, as well as the factors that come into play at the hour of pricing them. Let’s go!

An Intro to CS:GO Stickers – Why Are They a Must-Have for your Inventory?

Since February 2014, Valve Corp. has introduced thousands of stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although these additional features are purely aesthetic and do not affect the players’ performance, they are valuable resources to customize weapons and give them a distinctive touch.

It is not hard to understand how CS:GO stickers work within the game. First, you must obtain a sticker, and once it is part of your inventory, you can apply it to any of your guns or gun skins.

Each sticker can be applied only once to an item, after which the sticker is no longer part of the player’s inventory. The weapon on which the sticker was placed carries the sticker as a part of it.

Hence, if you apply a sticker to a weapon and decide to trade it, the new owner will receive this specific weapon customized with the sticker. Please note that stickers applied to stock weapon skins cannot be traded, since vanilla skins are not tradable.

For each weapon, players can apply a maximum of four stickers. The only exemptions to this rule are the G3SG1 rifle and the R8 Revolver, to which players can choose up to five stickers to apply.

Stickers do not feature a fixed quality when received, such as Factory New or Battle-Scarred. Also, stickers do not degrade, no matter how much you use them applied to a weapon.

How Can You Obtain CS:GO Stickers?

There are diverse ways to acquire CSGO stickers. The first and most common way is by opening sticker capsules. Since 2014, CS:GO capsules have been dropped containing random stickers that players can apply on different weapons.

Valve Corp. offers two types of capsules – regular/community capsules and tournament capsules. Regular or community capsules are dropped during gameplay, as players are required to purchase or trade a capsule key to open one.

For example, the most recent community capsule was the Boardroom Sticker Capsule, issued with the February 1, 2022, update.

As its name suggests, tournament capsules are dropped during major CS:GO events and tournaments. This type of sticker can be purchased from the in-game store, not requiring players to buy keys to open them. 

You can also enjoy souvenir stickers, which are special stickers found exclusively on souvenir weapons. It is also possible to purchase or trade CS:GO stickers, which can be done in three different forms:

  • Acquiring stickers through the in-game store using a special coupon 
  • Trading with other CS:GO players
  • Purchasing from the Steam Market platform or third-party websites

Valuing CSGO Stickers – Understanding the Types of Stickers 

Similar to other CS:GO items, stickers are ranked differently in terms of value. The first characteristic to value a sticker is its rarity. Five grades are used to classify stickers by their rarity, divided into:

  • High Grade (Blue)
  • Remarkable (Purple)
  • Exotic (Pink)
  • Extraordinary (Red)
  • Contraband (Gold)

Souvenir weapons have their exclusive stickers, which cannot be applied to any other weapon.

The second characteristic is the variant. The same type of sticker can have different variants that change its appearance and the way they look when applied to weapons. You find stickers in six variants – Paper, Glossy, Glitter, Holo, Foil, and Gold.

The Different Types of CS:GO Stickers

Paper stickers are standard stickers with solid backing. If you decide to scrap this variant, it will show the paper backing until the sticker is fully removed.

Glossy stickers are standard stickers with no backing. Removing this variant will reveal nothing more than the weapon finish underneath it. Glitter stickers are paper-backed stickers with a different texture that creates a holographic effect.

Holo stickers are also paper-backed stickers but feature an extra layer of texture that creates different patterns of holographic effects on the same surface. Foil stickers mimic a metallic appearance and Gold stickers feature a gold foil effect.

Unlike CS:GO skins, stickers do not degrade over time. However, you can change their appearance to create a wear-and-tear effect by scraping them. 

If a sticker has been heavily scraped, it may not be visible on a weapon. Scraped stickers lose their effect over time and eventually become invisible, leaving only an outline of the original sticker.

Can Stickers Increase the Value of a CS:GO Skin? 

As stickers cannot be taken out of CS:GO skins once they are applied, they are the trickiest part of the pricing process. 

If you decide to customize a low-tier or standard skin with a rare sticker, it may not be good. At the same time, customizing a high-tier skin with a non-valuable sticker is not good either.

Ideally, you should only apply high-tier stickers to top-tier skins. However, this process involves a high level of subjectivity, as CS:GO traders often use rare stickers to add value to standard skins.

If you are planning to sell skins featuring stickers on CS:GO marketplaces, the first step is to identify the current market trend. If there’s a growing demand for a specific type of sticker, it will add value to most skins.

Another important factor is to use stickers consistent with the skin’s color scheme, which is a process called “crafting.” If you add stickers that match a skin, it will contribute to its value.

A good example of a “crafted” skin is the AK-47: Case Hardened Blue Gem with Titan Katowice 2014 Holos.

The Rarest CS:GO Stickers in 2022 – Ranking the World’s Most Valuable Stickers 

As you can see, there’s a reason why people want to win CS:GO stickers – because they are valuable. And here you have the most valuable CS:GO stickers right now, which you can win by CSGO gambling at our recommended CS:GO sites.

Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014

Released at the 2014 EMS One tournament as part of the EMS Katowice 2014 Legends capsule, the Titan (Holo) sticker is one of the world’s most valuable CS:GO items.

It is not easy to find this sticker, as offers are extremely rare. Currently, the minimum average price for this item is $30,000, ranging up to $45,626.00 depending on the transaction. 

For those patient enough and willing to pay a good sum of money for the Titan (Holo) sticker, it is possible to create a “Buy Order” on the Steam Market and wait for an interested seller to accept it.

iBUYPOWER (Holo) Katowice 2014

Also released at the 2014 EMS One tournament with no capsule involved, the iBUYPOWER (Holo) is one of the most expensive CS:GO items in history. The sticker features a roaring shadow-tiger all painted in red with greyish tones.

Like other stickers from the same tournament, it is not easy to find. The average minimum price per piece is $15,297.50, but there were transactions for $41,108.36. Considering it has not been on sale for a long time, the value might be even higher nowadays.

Reason Gaming (Holo) Katowice (2014) 

Another drop from the 2014 EMS One tournament, the Reason Gaming sticker was part of the EMS Katowice 2014 Challengers capsule. The average minimum value paid for this piece was $10,160.86, but it might cost between $21,000.00 and $27,000.00 these days.

Vox Eminor (Holo) Katowice (2014) 

The Vox Eminor team is one of the most popular CS:GO teams ever, as the demand for their exclusive team stickers shows. Another part of the EMS Katowice 2014 Challengers’ capsule, the rarity of this piece heavily affects its value.

In the next event (Katowice 2015 tournament), the team launched another version of the same sticker. Nowadays, both are rare bids worth multiple thousands of dollars. Currently, the average minimum price for this sticker is around $17,500, ranging up to $19,666.67. 

Please note that the orange appearance of the preview is not what is shown in the actual game, as the sticker features a multi-color unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGO Stickers 

If you still have questions abouts the best CS:GO stickers, then this section is exactly what you need. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the rarest CS:GO sticker?

The rarest CS:GO stickers are the stickers launched at the EMS Katowice 2014 tournament. Currently, the world’s most valuable sticker trio consists of the Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014 sticker, the iBUYPOWER (Holo) Katowice 2014 sticker, and the Reason Gaming (Holo) Katowice 2014 sticker.

Do stickers in CS:GO wear out?

Unlike CS:GO skins, stickers neither wear out nor suffer the “float” effect. If you want to give stickers a wear-and-tear effect, you can use the “Scraping” effect to change their appearance. 

Do stickers add value CS:GO?

Technically, yes. Nonetheless, whether a sticker will add value to a CS:GO skin depends on the sticker’s rarity, value, pattern, and whether there is a demand for a  combination between the sticker and a specific skin.