Best CSGO Knives 2023

You are here because you want to know what the best CS:GO knives are, and this is exactly what our guide will let you know. From the rarest and most expensive knives to top-notch yet affordable CSGO knives, we are going to help you to stock up your inventory with the best the market has to offer.

How Important Are Knives for CSGO Players?

Knives are the foundational melee weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Generally, knives cannot be dropped by other players even if one of the players in a match dies. AS combat weapons, they offer multiple benefits like:

  • Highest speed movement when compared to all other CS:GO weapons and utilities 
  • Efficient short-range attacks
  • A combination of fast primary attacks (low damage) and slower secondary attacks (high damage)
  • Attack multipliers (e.g., headshot multiplier, backstab multiplier)

Several situations may require the strategic use of a knife in CS:GO. For instance, you may need the extra speed to run from a planted C4 bombsite about to explode or outrun other players for good positions in a new match.

Another classic situation involving a knife is close-combat shootings that end up with all players involved trying to see who is the fastest one to reload their guns and continue to fight. In such cases, using a knife for a one-hit kill may be the difference between victory and defeat.

How to Select the Best CSGO Knives in 2023 

Considered the most sought-after CS:GO commodity in 2023, CS:GO knives come in different shapes, sizes, and draw animations. Although it is possible to obtain a skin for a knife by opening an in-game case, the drop chances are extremely low. 

While many players prefer to spend significantly more to get a customized knife, hefty costs tend to limit the preferences of many players in terms of cost-benefit and funds available.

Since CS:GO was launched, Valve Corp. has released more than 15 types of knife skins. To determine how a knife is priced, you need to look at its rarity, finish, and wear condition.

For example, knives featuring lower-grade finishes (e.g., Scorched) in the worst wear can cost just a few bucks, while others featuring higher-grade finishes (e.g., Fade) in the best wear can cost several hundreds of dollars.

For the sake of simplicity, we compiled a tier list with CS:GO knives organized from the lowest tier (F) to the highest tier (S). Please note that this list is based on each type’s draw, overall looks, equip animations, and inspect animations.

  • S-Tier = Bayonet, M9 Bayonet, Karambit, Butterfly Knife
  • A-Tier = Talon Knife, Huntsman Knife, Flip Knife, Stiletto Knife
  • B-Tier = Skeleton Knife, Paracord Knife, Classic Knife
  • C-Tier = Ursus Knife, Bowie Knife, Nomad Knife, Survival Knife
  • F-Tier = Gut Knife, Navaja Knife, Falchion Knife, Shadow Daggers

The patterns applied to a knife’s skin can also increase or decrease its value, depending on how it is presented. The position of the pattern is another important aspect:

  • Skins featuring patterns on the Playside are generally more valuable than skins with patterns on the Backside
  • Skins with centered patterns are generally more valuable than skins with edged patterns 

The cooler a knife looks, the higher it is ranked on our tier list. Two of the main aspects assessed here are how they looked when attacking a player and whether it features unique or even secret animations.

If you want your knife to look cool, you must be willing to take a step further and get a neat-looking skin for it according to your budget.

Why Are CSGO Knives’ Prices Discrepant?

Currently, the biggest obstacle for players who want to own a new knife is the price rate. In most cases, a well-drawn knife skin may cost a few hundred dollars, which is not affordable for many players.

Several factors influenced the current price of CS:GO knives, such as:

  • The increase in demand for particular draws, colors, finishes, or patterns 
  • The game’s growing popularity around the world
  • The massive influx of Chinese players boosting the demand for high-value skins and knives
  • The option of many crypto miners to liquidate digital assets in exchange for CS:GO items

If you are concerned with price and simply want a knife appearance different from the game’s default look, you can buy one of the cheapest models available in the market – Gut Knives, Navaja Knives, and Shadow Daggers. 

Combined with a standard finishing style like Safari Mesh or Scorched, one of these knife types may cost around $60 to $80 per item. You must be ready to scratch your pockets a bit more if you want something more exclusive. 

The price range for a nice middle-tier CS:GO knife costs around $200 to $500. High-value knives with exclusive features and unique animations usually cost over $500, going up to $1500 and more.

The top-notch CS:GO knives are not always available in the market due to their rarity, costing thousands of dollars per piece (over $1800).

Are There Good CSGO Knives At Affordable Prices? 

Everyone wants an excellent CS:GO skin for a knife, but not anyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars for the rarest CSGO knife skins on the market. Regardless, there are alternative options to get good-looking knife skins without disrupting your finances.

It is possible to find standard-looking knives for less than $100 in mid-2023, with average prices starting at around $70. If you have a tight budget, you can find Navaja or Shadow Daggers featuring “not-bad” animations priced around $80.

However, if you want something a bit above the average-looking knife, the starting price is $100. The $100-$200 price range gives us more variety between mid-tier skins.

Considering the ideal options for an average CS:GO player looking for reasonable prices,  our assessment does not list any options over $200 – although the price of some of the skins featured here may vary on different websites. 

Best CSGO Knives Below $100 

Bowie Knife – Boreal Forest FT 

Considered a C-Tier skin, this knife features nice Commando-like draw and inspect animations. This is not a melee weapon for those who want a sleek-looking knife, as the Bowie’s blade is almost as long as its handle.

If you want a badass-looking knife with a larger-than-life-size, you can find this one available in several CSGO marketplaces for around $85. 

Falchion Knife – Vanilla 

Introduced by Valve Corp. in 2015, the Falchion knife is not considered a high-tier item at our rank. However, it features two distinct inspect animations and an exclusive draw animation.

Balancing a standard appearance with rare animations, the Falchion Vanilla is available at around $99 in most marketplaces.

Best CSGO Knives Below $200 

Flip Knife Ultraviolet FT

Considered an A-Tier knife in our ranking, the Flip knife was introduced in 2015. Available in a multitude of finishes and patterns, it is possible to find the Flip Knife Ultraviolet FT priced at $130 on different websites. 

This sleek-structured weapon features a unique combination of purple and black and offers you great cost-benefit in terms of investment and looks.

Huntsman Knife Vanilla 

Another A-Tier item, the Huntsman knife is a modern tactical weapon well-suited for multiple needs. Similar to a Japanese Tantō blade, it is a helpful combat tool for deep penetration.

If you are interested in a badass-looking knife with a spray-painted pattern with tones of grey, you can find this drop available for $129.00 to $150 on various trading websites.

Huntsman Knife Tiger Tooth FN 

If you like to show your wildest side in combat, the Huntsman Tiger Tooth is an excellent choice. An A-Tier knife with a yellowish orange, almost-golden color, this skin features a tiger’s striped-skin blade and a nice black handle.

Although prices may go over $200 for players who do not like in-depth research, wiser players may find this skin available for prices ranging between $159.00 to $197.00 after good research. 

Talon Knife Night Stripe FT 

Considered one of the most stylish-looking knifes available at a reasonable price, the Talon Night Stripe features a Persian-styled curved blade with opaque metal rivets and acute ridges. 

The saw-tooth appearance of the blade combined with its sleek shape gives it a piercing aspect, as each cut would tear anything on the way as fiercely as possible. 

Spray-painted in different tones of black and grey to achieve a nocturnal color scheme, the price of a Talon Night Stripe FT ranges from $125 (Battle Scarred) to $177 (Field-tested), with higher-float items featuring higher prices.

Bayonet Blue Steel WW 

Introduced by Valve Corp. in 2013, the Bayonet Blue Steel is largely available in different markets. Widely considered an S-Tier knife for multiple players, traders, and reviewers, the Bayonet standard is synonymous with high-value items.

This knife is painted in “Patina-style,” a term that refers to a chemical reaction “on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.” The blade’s design can be described as pragmatic, all blue steel with a nice ivory blade. 

Depending on the item’s float, the price range is around $168 to $184 (ranging from Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn to Field-Tested pieces). Newer skins may cost above $200, depending on the website.

What Are the Rarest CSGO Knives in 2023? 

If you want to know what the highest-ranked CSGO knives are, then this section is for you. Let’s check what are the most luxurious CSGO knives right now.

M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

Considered an S-Tier piece in any possible ranking, the M9 Bayonet is considered one of the best-looking knives in CS:GO. Its classic appearance combines the traditional military gaze with a Rambo-like blade and an all-black handle.

In terms of rarity, the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web is the clear winner. This special model features a unique spider web pattern on a crimson surface. At a glance, it looks all about combat – bloody, acute, and ready for action.

Although it is hard to calculate an exact price for this knife, the price range would certainly exceed $ 3,500. Not quite ago, the StatTrak version of the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web was acquired by Crocodile Dundee for a sum of $6,368. 

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade

Colorful, shiny, and dangerous – that’s how a Butterfly Knife Marble Fade looks. One of the rarest knives in CS:GO, this knife has a fan-like opening of a sharp blade covered in a unique marble-tinted pattern.

The blade features several colors, ranging from tones of red, blue, yellow, and metallic silver. The handle is compact, featuring black tones with details in red. A Minimal Wear version of this knife may cost at least $1,459, with Factory New versions ranging from $1,490 to $1,900. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best CSGO Knives 

To finish our short guide adequately, we answer the most frequent questions about the best CS:GO knives. If you need further guidance, feel free to contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide more information.

What is the most expensive CSGO knife skin?

In 2023, the most expensive CS:GO knife skin is the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web. This knife features a classic shaped bayonet design with a mix of bloody-red and metallic grey colors. On a good day, the base price for this item is $3,500.

What are the cheapest CSGO knives?

The cheapest blades available in the market are generally low-tier knives featuring standard-looking blades. For less than $100, you can get a Gut Knife, Navaja Knife, or Shadow Daggers.

What is the rarest CSGO knife?

Although the rarity of a CS:GO item is not the only factor that influences its price, rarer items tend to have overwhelming prices. Coincidentally or not, the rarest CSGO knife is also the most expensive knife in 2023, the  M9 Bayonet Crimson Web.